6 Different Types of Wraps for Cars

Different Types of Wraps for Cars

Surprisingly, many individuals aren’t using car coverings. Changing the color of your vehicle, whether completely or partially, is a rather simple process.


It’s also a great method to add a variety of designs without having to hand-paint them. Or you can also pay a professional to do it for you.

Aside from the obvious cosmetic advantages, different types of wraps for cars offer a great deal of flexibility.

The majority of car wraps are constructed of PVC or vinyl. The use of a vehicle wrapping service is beneficial.

Different types of wraps for cars can provide a variety of advantages, regardless of the sort of wrap you choose.

This service comes at a reasonable price. The wrap is simple to remove and lasts a long time. It can also be used to protect the original enamel of a vehicle.

As a result, there are numerous alternatives. Let’s take a look at some of the most common types of car wraps available these days.

1. Commercial Wraps

A complete or partial wrap in a commercial context is more certain to be a printed wrap. That is, it will be done on a scrap of paper that has been printed with various graphics linked to that company.

Many businesses have “logo vehicles,” which can be extremely beneficial for business purposes. Simply driving such a car around town is a form of very low-cost advertising.

Commercial wraps might be full or partial, depending on the requirements of the parties concerned.

2. Full Wraps

The name tells you all you need to know about the product. A full wrap drastically transforms the color and style of a car.

In the majority of cases, a solid color looks good. It’s not only less expensive than a full paint job, but it’s also changeable.

Some people even go as far as to apply a full wrap that matches the color of the automobile underneath.

This is to protect the car’s true finish from small bumps and damages. This is referred to as a “protective wrap.”

Among different types of wraps for cars, full wraps are more expensive than partial wraps. But they are the most cost-effective approach to modify a vehicle’s complete exterior.

Some customers may not wish to change the color or appearance of their automobile permanently.

For some, the possibility to easily change your mind and return to the previous color is incredibly enticing.

3. Partial Wraps

Partially wrapped vehicles, as the name suggests, only cover a portion of the vehicle. This isn’t as eye-catching as a full wrap. But not everyone wants to do that.

A partial wrap can be a wonderful way to go if you want a more subtle impact. Also, if you simply don’t want to modify the look of your car too much.

A half wrap could work just as well. It will be good to employ a partial wrap if the car itself is noteworthy in a certain way.

Anything that draws attention will ultimately have the same aim. The bonnet, top, trunk, and doors are frequently covered with partial covers.

All of these different types of wraps for cars provide good surfaces for emblazoning something special.

4. Chrome Wraps

The next wisest choice would be a chrome automobile wrap.

The most evident advantage of this wrap is the chrome’s dazzling and spectacular appeal. This type of wrap is thicker and more difficult to implement.

You should not attempt this without professional assistance. Chrome covers offer another great advantage.

They reflect sunlight, which means your car won’t collect as much heat. As a result, your car won’t get as hot in the summer.

That alone almost justifies the cost of a chrome cover.

5. Carbon Fiber Wraps

Vinyl is used for the majority of car wraps. However, there are a few outliers. Some wraps, for example, are made up of carbon fibers.

The car has a matte greyish-black color and an unusual texture as a result of this. Not just that, but it’s also extremely durable and damage-resistant.

As a result, a carbon fiber wrap is great for a weatherproof wrap. This is especially if you enjoy the way it looks.

Carbon fiber wraps, by all accounts, are more difficult to install. Especially if you want a full wrap. Most people advise that you get professional assistance before attempting one of these.

The fact that it won’t seem exactly like a genuine item on scrutiny is a minor drawback.

6. Calendared or Cast Vinyl?

Vinyl makes up the vast bulk of different types of wraps for cars. Even those constructed of different materials are almost always composites.

As a result, you should be aware that vinyl comes in two varieties: calendared and cast.

Cast vinyl is exactly what it says on the tin. Manufacturers mold and print cast with the right design or color.

Cast vinyl vehicle wraps can achieve the same durability with less material. Also, this sort of plastic appears to be a little bit stronger and stiffer.

As a result, they are typically thinner than calendared vinyl. This characteristic allows them to be much more flexible, which can be extremely useful when covering small or curved places.

Heat and pressure are useful in creating calendared vinyl. They are substantially less expensive than casting. It is, however, bulkier because it is not as strong.

Despite this issue, calendared vinyl is the more common option. It’s simply more cost-effective than the other solutions.

Bottom Line

You may believe that all vehicle wraps are the same, but this is not the case. These are the most prevalent different types of wraps for cars. Now the decision is yours. You must select one of these based on your particular preferences. When it comes to car wrapping, however, still choose a known and reliable service.

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  1. I like how you said that commercial wraps on cars (logo vehicles) are a very low-cost way of advertising. We just started a new business and we don’t have enough in our funds to do much advertising. My husband thinks if we can get a wrap that refers to our company, then we should do this. We will call a professional advertising vehicle wrap service tomorrow.

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