6 Different Types of Tow Trucks and Their Uses

Different Types of Tow Trucks

There are different types of tow trucks available. And depending on your demands or situation, it is critical to select one compatible with your vehicle.  

Towing is a vast business that doesn’t just haul specific sorts of vehicles. However, instead, it’s been used to tow autos, trailers, and other trucks for a long time.  

Additionally, Haul trucks must have varying levels of power, capacity, and strength to tow practically any type of vehicle.

Some of the different types of toll trucks available are; 

1. Wheel-Lift Tow Truck

Wheel-lift tow trucks are descended from hook and chain tow trucks, although they operate somewhat differently.

Furthermore, these trucks use a metal yoke instead of a pin and chain, which only touches the wheels.  

The yoke connects to the vehicle’s driving wheels, which may be in the front or back, depending on the car.

A hydraulic or pneumatic hoist then lifts the vehicle’s front end into the air, ready to be towed.  

Additionally, while this truck does not provide the same level of protection as a flatbed truck, it does protect the bumper, and there are no chains to scratch the vehicle’s body. 

2. Hook And Chain Tow Truck

This is the vehicle you will most likely be thinking about and pondering when your automobile is being towed down the road. It is also one of the different types of tow trucks.  

However, A hook can be found on the back end of a turn and chain tow vehicle. The hook will be attached to the axle or bumper of the car.  

In addition, the chains will then be wrapped around the car’s frame. Furthermore, a boom will lift the automobile off the ground while keeping the back wheels in place when everything is in place. 

3. Boom Truck

A boom truck features a hydraulic arm, known as a boom, that extends out past the car, and it is often the simplest way to retrieve a vehicle. It is one of the different types of tow trucks.  

In addition, the heavy-duty boom trucks are essentially smaller versions of mobile cranes, with some booms fixed in place and others pivoting about.  

Moreover, Boom trucks used to hoist automobiles utilizing a hook and chain approach, but nowadays, trucks are fitted with slings or belt lifts, which are a little safer to handle.  

Furthermore, the boom is connected to a winch, and the two together, along with the strapping, can lift vehicles out of tight spots and tow them to safety.

All-wheel-drive cars cannot be towed with this vehicle, as it may cause damage. 

4. Integrated Tow Truck

If you have a massive vehicle, you will require an integrated tow truck, a massive and powerful truck. Most people don’t realize it, but trucks and buses have a high rate of breakdowns.  

In addition, A standard tow truck would struggle to pull something like this, but an integrated tow truck is designed specifically for this purpose.  

Meanwhile, these tow trucks include an extra axle, which gives them significantly more power and stability.

They’re built to carry enormous, heavy loads and can help vehicles get out of tight spots. 

5. Flatbed Tow Truck

Because of how it works, the flatbed tow truck is sometimes called a “slide” or “rollback” truck.

However, the most prominent feature is a long hydraulic flatbed that inclines and lowers to the ground.  

Additionally, before the truck’s bed is reduced back to a level position, the car that needs to be towed will be driven or hauled onto the truck’s bed and secured. 

Additionally, the most common form of tow truck is the flatbed, which can be utilized for various tasks.

Furthermore, Flatbeds are convenient since they secure the towed car and raise it off the ground.

Flatbed trucks have a winch that pulls the vehicle onto the bed when it is immovable. 

6. Oversized Towing

These are towing and hauling vehicles for large-scale operations. It is one of the different types of tow trucks.

In addition, these tow trucks may be seen dragging enormous boats or automobiles along the road, but they are not your typical tow truck.  

Although most small towing companies do not have these in their fleet, they are accessible to transport some large automobiles or construction equipment.  

Conclusively The sheer quantity of tow trucks available on the market has astonished some individuals. However, another aspect of life that is not as straightforward as it appears.  

Additionally, because you never know when you’ll need a tow truck, all drivers should have an essential awareness of the different types of tow trucks.

Furthermore, you’re probably going to pay for a specific sort of truck, so choose the one that will safeguard your automobile and transport it safely to your future destination. 

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  1. A flatbed tow truck sounds really helpful in case your car becomes immovable due to a car crash or any other incident that may damage its wheels. The fact that it carries your car instead of just pulling it along will be really helpful for that. In case I ever run into a car accident or anything similar, it’s good to know the different types of tow trucks so I can coordinate with the towing company what I may need. I’ll call for a hook and chain tow truck for less serious accidents, and god forbid, if my car is ever totaled I’ll be sure to ask them for a flatbed tow truck.

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