5 Different Types of Motorcycles

Different Types of Motorcycles

Understanding different types of motorcycles are somehow confusing. Do you know the divergence between a cruiser and a chopper?


Moreover, what, exactly, a naked bike is? If you are new to the world of motorcycles and want to get information about different types of motorbikes, then you have landed in the perfect place.

Here we brief you about the different types of motorcycles along with their features and specifications.

Stay tuned with us till the end to acknowledge yourself with all the facts about motorcycles and their types.

A Rundown to Different Types of Motorcycles

There are loads of categories of motorbikes and it is important to know what kind of motorbike you are purchasing.

There are some of the terminologies that we use to demonstrate the types of motorcycles.

They include Adventurous bikes, sportbikes, cruisers, dual sports, dirt bikes as well as Supermotos.

Here is the summary of different types of motorcycles, their features, designs, and how you can use them commonly.

1. Sports Bike

Sports Bike

The sports bike is one of the most popular types of motorcycles. The only objective of a sports bike is to move as fast as possible.

These bikes are introduced to go faster on racetracks as well. They are mainly built to provide power and speed. These bikes are manufactured with a strong, fast, and effective engine.

Along with the compelling design and streamlined fairings. Its unique squat riding position helps in protecting the rider from the high frequency of wind.

The bike features clip-on bars which are placed on the front fork. The bike provides high footbags which will help you to bend more clearly while taking a turn.

Getting more into sports bikes, they provide you with the motors along with an incline four-cylinder configuration.

Sports bikes present two major categories i.e., bikes with 1000cc class and 600cc class.

For Instance

The examples of some of the 1000cc and 600cc bikes that you can have for the phenomenal experience are as follows:

  • BMW 1000 RR
  • Aprilia RSV4
  • Ducati Panigale V4
  • Honda CBR600 RR
  • Yamaha YZF – R1
  • Kawasaki ZX – 10R
  • Suzuki GSX – R1000

2. Naked Motorcycles

Naked Motorcycles

The Naked Motorcycles are considered street fighters.

They are termed as the unfaired interpretation of the sports bikes as they feature a more convenient and comfortable functional design.

Although these bikes feature fast and furious motors, the latest technology along with the sport suspension and brakes, are more useful in daily bike riding rather than on racetracks.

Generally, the term “Naked” refers to road bikes that have no allowance to cover up the engine and frame.

The exceptional naked bikes involve custom bikes, off-road motorcycles, and an adventure sports bike.

The power models are termed muscle bikes, streetfighters, and hyper-naked motorcycles respectively.

For Example

  • Ducati Monster 1200 R
  • KTM 1290 Super Duke R
  • Triumph Speed Triple R
  • Kawasaki Z 1000

3. Touring Motorcycles

Touring Motorcycles

If you want to go for a long trip on your bike, then Tourer is the best choice for you. These are large and heavy motorcycles with a big engine.

These motorcycles also feature protection from wind. Moreover, there is also the luggage capacity in tourer bikes.

These bikes are specially designed for long-distance rides. Commonly these bikes are known as the large, convenient mile-munching monsters.

These bikes are very comfortable for riders as well as packsaddle with the continuous-travel ability.

Most touring motorcycles have a big widescreen, plush seats, intercommunication between rider and passenger as well as exceptional handlebar grips.

These absolutely sleek motorbikes have a dashboard full of the latest technology.

Due to its popularity among travelers, many sports and adventurous bike manufacturers offer a variation of them with tourer bikes and called them sports-tourers or adventurous-tourers respectively.

Because of their large size, luggage capacity, and powerful engines, the touring bikes are among the heaviest types of motorcycles on the road.

The latest bikes have reverse gear for parking purposes.

Some of the popular touring bikes are:

  • BMW K 1600GTL
  • Harley-Davidson Road Glide Ultra
  • Yamaha Tracer 900 GT

4. Adventure Motorcycles

Adventure Motorcycles

One of the most convenient and outstanding ways to demonstrate the adventure motorcycles is to say that they are similar to the giant dirt bikes.

They are specifically designed to cover long distances in a relatively short time while staying in the easy stuff on and off the road.

These bikes contain projections because projections are trendy nowadays.

Moreover, they feature long-travel suspension along with protection from accidents. The dual support tires and luggage capacity are also available.

The vertical riding position makes them a comfortable choice for long-distance riding.  All in all, this bike can be called “jack of all trades”.

Here, we want to share a tip about riding adventure motorbikes. As they have the capability to ride off-road.

But you have to be very conscious of this as handling a heavier bike off-road is a difficult task even for expert riders.

King Classes of Adventure Motorcycles

Some of the most popular adventure types of motorcycles are as follows:

  • BMW R 1250 GS Adventure
  • Ducati Multistrada Enduro
  • KTM 1290 Super A adventure
  • Yamaha Tenere700
  • Honda Africa Twin
  • Suzuki’s V-Strom 1000

5. Cruiser & Power Cruiser Motorcycles

Power Cruiser Motorcycles

If you are a beginner or an easy rider, Cruisers will work best for you. However, they are heavy motorbikes but provide a relaxed and comfortable sitting position.

Along with a classy style, these bikes have mid to forward foot control. The cruisers are available with large as well as mid-sized engines.

The cruisers provide relatively good power and speed.

They can cover miles of distance with ease. In the United States of America, cruisers are considered to be the most stylish motorcycles to ride.

Many people say that riding a cruiser is so comfortable that it feels like sitting on the couch.

If you want the torquey motor pull that enforces you to go down with every stretch of the road whenever you hang on the bike, you must go for the power cruisers.

It is the most suitable bike for you if you love adventures.

  • Massive Kawasaki VN 2000
  • Triumph Rocket 3R
  • Harley-Davidson
  • Ducati Diavel 1260
  • Yamaha VMAX
  • Harley-Davidson FXDR 114

6. Standard Motorcycles

Standard Motorcycles

The standard bikes represent the latest styles. They contain mellow motor engines as well as enough brakes and suspensions.

These bikes are considered uncompromising for beginners. However, these bikes are fun for the legendary and experts.

They usually have middle-size double engines.


Some of the most popular standard motorcycles are:

Which type of motorcycle you should buy?

Different Types of Motorcycles

All in all, the best type of motorcycles is the one which suits your lifestyle and meets your needs.

The bike that works best for racing or casual use is the one for you. This guide doesn’t cover all the types of motorcycles but the most popular bikes that are in trend.

When it comes to motorcycles, you are provided with several choices so you should choose wisely.

Moreover, if you are a beginner, you should start with the mid engines. Jumping over heavy bikes might cause difficulties for you. Safety first!

So, people! If you are searching for good luxurious motorcycles for traveling, this comprehensive guide may be helpful for you.

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