9 Different Types of Dirt Bikes

Different Types of Dirt Bikes

Off-road motorcycles are commonly referred to as dirt bikes. However, there are several different types of dirt bikes.


This post will go over all of the different dirt-bike classifications and what each one is used for.  

Furthermore, there are eight different types of dirt bikes, each of which is built for a distinct riding style. Read each name and description before deciding which bike is right for you.   

Some titles accurately describe what they are used for, but others are closely connected and require more information on where to ride them for the best experience!

Well, the different types of Dirt Bikes are listed below.  

1. Trail Dirt Bike

A trail bike is an inexpensive dirt bike designed to be used on trails. Beginners will enjoy the trail bike because it is simple to maintain. It’s also less expensive because the technology and functionality are minimal.  

Furthermore, they usually have a lower seat height so that riders can quickly put their feet on the ground. Because they are not designed for extended excursions, the fuel tank is usually tiny, around 1-2 gallons.  

The engine might be two or four-stroke, depending on the manufacturer and model. Because these bikes aren’t designed for city use, you’ll need a vehicle or trailer to get them to the path.

Trail bikes are often reasonably economical, starting at about $4,000, with limited amenities and more essential components. 

2. Motorcross Motorcycles

Motocross motorcycles are one of the most popular as different types of dirt bikes. Because they have the most powerful motors and the most advanced suspension technology, they are commonly referred to as “top tier” dirt bikes.  

Additionally, MX bikes (short for Motocross) are designed to compete on closed-course competition circuits with dirt obstacles like jumps and whoops.

Lightweight motocross bikes are available. Furthermore, there are no additional features like a headlight, taillight, or speedometer.  

Its engine produces horsepower at mid-to-high RPM (peaky and more challenging to ride). It has a transmission with a close-ratio (easy to keep in the meat of the powerband but requires shifting more often). It also has a firmer/stiffer suspension to absorb significant impacts and landings. 

3. Dual Sport Bike

Dual sports motorbikes are versatile motorcycles that may be used on asphalt and dirt or gravel trails. They ride like regular street bikes but with better off-road performance, making them ideal for both weekday commutes and weekend adventures.  

Additionally, they often have longer maintenance intervals and can travel thousands of miles between oil changes because they are designed to be used on flat roads and trails.  

They are often more reliable than other dirt bikes, allowing them to be driven on public roads.

Furthermore, Dual sport motorcycles are suitable for riders of various ability levels since they are lightweight, have good balance, and are not overly powerful. Its seat is higher than that of a trial bike. 

4. Enduro Bike

An Enduro bike is one of the different dirt bikes mainly used for competitions. An enduro bike is a trail bike that has been modified for racing in enduros and hare scramble competitions.  

An enduro bike is more expensive than a trail bike, but it includes much of the technology found on motocross motorcycles. Furthermore, several enduro bikes use the same engine as their motocross bike counterparts for a starting point.  

Take, for example, the Yamaha YZ250FX. It’s a new enduro bike designed for speed, whether you’re racing across a desert course or tearing through the woods in a hare scramble.

Additionally, it shares the same engine design as the YZ250F MX bike, but Yamaha adjusted it slightly to make it more rideable. 

5. Adventure Bike

An adventure bike is a large category of motorbikes designed primarily for long-distance street rides with some off-roading thrown in. They blend the best features of dirt bikes and sportbikes to create a motorcycle that can be used on both asphalt and dirt.  

Because they come with many amenities for comfortable road riding, adventure bikes are often heavier than the other dirt motorcycles on this list.  

They can feature a more comfortable seat, more storage, and a larger fuel tank for longer excursions. They also include additional electronics and advanced functions, such as cruise control, for road riding.  

Additionally, the word “adventure bike” is a marketing term that refers to a wide range of appropriate bikes for many types of adventures—ranging from traveling hundreds of miles across the country to mountain biking. 

6. Supermoto Bike

Have you yet to discover the ideal bicycle for you? Unlike any other dirt bike on our list, a Supermoto is unique. Despite its off-road origins, a supermoto features complete street wheels and tires and is street legal to ride on the road.  

However, you can purchase a Yamaha YZ450F and convert it into a street-legal supermoto. Compared to any other motorcycle on the road, it is incredibly light and agile.  

7. Child Dirt Bike

The Child Dirt bike is also one of the different dirt bikes for short riders. The majority of dirt bike manufacturers now have smaller models for smaller riders.

Small engines and low seat heights on these child dirt bikes allow young riders to put their feet on the ground.  

Furthermore, Dirt bikes are regularly used by even very young children (with sufficient safety precautions and instruction. The Honda CRF110F and Yamaha PW50 are popular options that cost roughly $2,500 or less, brand new for youthful riders. 

8. Electric Dirt Bike

Electric dirt motorcycles are a new category, and as businesses build more electric-powered models, we’ll undoubtedly see more possibilities in the future.

Additionally, the Zero FX is a fully electric dual sport bike by Zero Motorcycles with a city range of 46 miles and a top speed of 85 mph.  

Another possibility is the Stark Varg, an electric motocross bike with performance equivalent to or greater than standard gas-powered motocross bikes.

It has an impressive 80 horsepower, much more than the Honda CRF450R, which only has roughly 55.

Meanwhile, electric vehicles are simple to maintain with fewer moving components and no need to replace the oil. They are less expensive to operate because of decreased fuel and maintenance costs. 

9. Trails Bike

Last on our list of different dirt bikes is the Trails bike. A trails bike (not to be confused with a trail bike) is designed for competitions in which the rider must demonstrate their ability to control the bike around obstacles without touching the ground with their feet.  

Additionally, a trail event features natural barriers such as stones, creeks, and even waterfalls that riders must navigate through. 

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