11 Different Types of Car Doors Explained

different types of car doors

Firstly, A car is a means of transportation commonly used or owned by almost everyone in today’s world.


The different types of car doors allow you access to the vehicle’s inner parts. Similarly, there are different types of car doors.

Many individuals are unaware of the variety of automobile door types available or the rationale behind their creation. 

Car doors can open outward or backward and range from conventional to unique. Some are connected by tracks, while others are via hinges.

We’ve compiled a top 11 list of these various car door kinds and an explanation of how and why they were formed. 

Some of you might wish to try one of these glitzy vehicle door styles, even if most car owners will choose the standard and conventional doors we are all familiar with. 

You will undoubtedly be noticed among the crowd! Some of the different types of car doors are listed below: 

1. Butterfly Doors

The butterfly door, which opens at the top front corner of the door frame, is less well-known than its cousin, the scissor door. 

But it tackles some of the problems that the latter provides. The hinge also fanned the door outward rather than opening in a straight line. 

Therefore, they offer better interior access than a scissor door while requiring less clearance than a standard door. 

Furthermore, the concept, mainly used on high-performance cars, can be modified to replace standard doors like scissor doors. 

Automatic door glides allow the door to open and close on its own. Sadly, it also has the same limitations as other vertical doors, requiring a higher ceiling to open properly indoors and making it more challenging to escape from a flipping automobile. 

2. Scissor Doors

Scissor Doors are also one of the different types of car doors. The scissor door is the most eye-catching car door style regarding a car’s appearance and admittance. 

These doors are standard on high-end vehicles like Ferrari, Lamborghini, and McLaren. There are numerous names for scissor doors, including wing doors, beetle-wing doors, switchblade doors, turtle doors, swing-up doors, Lambo doors, and Lamborghini doors. 

These car doors swing vertically instead of as regular car doors do. Scissor doors get their name because the front of the door is fixed to a frontal hinge, which causes the car door to open like a pair of scissors. 

3. Regular or Conventional Doors

Regular or conventional doors are the most popular type of car door. They are usually made of metal and have a large rectangular shape. Most people use them to enter and exit their automobiles. The door swings are wide open. 

Additionally, the front-facing edge of the car door is where the doors are hinged. As a result, there is space for the door to open from the body of the automobile outward. 

These doors are considered safe because it is rare for them to unlock while the car is moving. Additionally, if the door is left open, any rapid forward motion will cause the wind resistance to keep the door closed. 

4. Canopy Doors

The cockpits of jet fighters served as inspiration for this odd door. The top, side windows, and windshield are all a single piece. 

Furthermore, this complete canopy is joined by one of several potential hinge points rather than conventional doors, allowing it to raise vertically, slide to the side, or advance. 

Canopy doors can have a single continuous encircling window providing unrestricted visibility and a great aesthetic. Sadly, they have a greenhouse effect and can be challenging to enter and exit. 

There is no way to keep the cabin dry during bad weather without breaking the canopy when getting out of an overturned car. 

5. Dihedral Doors

Next on our list of different types of car doors is Dihedral Door. Dihedral doors are similar to canopy doors but with two separate pieces. 

One half of the door slides down into the vehicle while the other remains stationary. Furthermore, this allows the driver to see through the entire door simultaneously. Unfortunately, dihedral doors require more room and are less aesthetically pleasing than canopy doors. 

The Koenigsegg Agera, Agera R, and Agera RS, McLaren F1, Koenigsegg CC8S, CCR, CCX, One:1, and Regera are a few popular automobile models that use this door style. 

Dihedral doors, so named because of concepts from geometry, are a more recent design in the auto industry. 

The entire door and its mechanisms are supported by their hinges, which are situated on the A-pillars. Similar to how the Scissor door was in its day, this car door style is cutting edge. 

6. Suicide Doors

This style of automobile door became a luxury feature of the Rolls-Royce Wraith/Phantom. Suicide doors have backward and outward openings. In other words, they open horizontally toward the back and are hinged on the back of the doorframe. 

A rear-hinged door does make it simpler for passengers to get in and out of the car because they can step forward or turn to sit. Furthermore, you must admit that calling an automobile “suicide door” is weird. 

Well, perhaps it is because, should the door suddenly become unlatched while the automobile is moving, the force of the wind will compel you to exit the vehicle, which can be fatal at high speeds. 

These doors provide for simple entry and egress. On the other side, if the front door is next to the back door, it can be difficult for passengers to utilize both doors simultaneously when getting in and out of the car. 

These doors are referred known as coach doors or flex doors by organizations like Rolls-Royce and Opel. 

7. Gull-Wing Doors

A gull-wing door often called an up-door or a falcon-wing door, is a type of car door that hinges on the roof instead of the side of the vehicle. 

The doors have an upward opening that resembles the wings of a bird. Furthermore, the hinges of these doors remain fixed on the ceiling during door opening, and the two doors stretch out like wings. 

In addition, these doors, also known as “portes papillon” or “butterfly doors” in French, were created for the first time in 1939 by renowned automotive designer Jean Bugatti. 

Mercedes Benz introduced the 300SL race car (W194) fourteen years later, in 1952. This vehicle had gull-wing doors. 

In addition to the elite Mercedes-Benz 300SL, a great example of a car with gull-wing doors from the 1970s is the Mercedes-Benz C111. 

Other notable examples are the 1980 DMC DeLorean, the 2010 Tesla Model X, and the 1970s Bricklin SV-1. The elegance of gull-wing doors is that they are not just for road automobiles.

Additionally, it has been used in producing airplanes like the French Socata TB series, a four-seater. 

8. The Front Hinged Doors

The front hinged door is also one of the different types of car doors. There are various particular autos with just one entry for which the front-hinged door type was developed. 

These vehicles have an entire hinged and upward-swinging front, including the instrument panel and steering wheel. 

The driver and passenger can exit the vehicle at the front, making parking in tiny areas more straightforward. 

Although parking in small spots is simpler, if a car is parked directly in front of you, it can be challenging to open the door. 

Furthermore, this door design removes the risk of getting struck by approaching vehicles when leaving or entering from a side door. 

9. Swan Doors

Due to its unique opening mechanism, Swan is a car door design that may turn everyone’s head. It opens wider than any other door type, even though it resembles standard car doors.

The unmatched style of this door type is its main selling point. As its name suggests, this kind of door exudes the grace of a swan.

Swan doors are helpful in addition to having a fantastic design. Furthermore, it doesn’t matter how high the ceiling is; they still conserve parking space.

These car doors don’t care how low the top is since they open horizontally. Additionally, it is simple to open the doors even when another automobile is parked next to them. 

10. Sliding Doors

A sliding door is a car door style that slides horizontally because it is suspended from a track. Nowadays, vans, minivans, and buses all have features that give passengers a roomy entrance and departure. 

In addition, large goods can be loaded and unloaded more easily since these doors allow unrestricted access. The 1954 Kaiser Darrin was the first vehicle with folding doors. 

This vehicle was an enhanced version of a comparable car created by British Insurance Officer Sidney Nobbs in 1949, which wasn’t a big hit. 

Its sliding door took up too much room that may have been used more effectively in another way. 

11. Raptor Doors

Last on our list of different types of car doors is the Raptor door. RAPTOR (Recoil Actuated Pivoting Torsion Orbital Retractor) doors are one of many variations on the scissor door theme. 

They have a complicated design that enables them to pull away from the car and then pivot upward towards the front until the door is parallel to the vehicle and perpendicular to the ground. 

When it comes to these kinds of conversion kits, LSD Doors is arguably the most well-known brand in the business. 

Furthermore, these unusual doors are recoil operated, which makes them simple to close and improves access to the interior. The entry is kept open by a gas spring. 

Additionally, the vertical door clearance restrictions in places like parking garages still apply to the doors, although they can be attached to the automobile in three separate locations. 

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