What’s the Difference Between Spoilers and Wings?

Difference Between Spoilers and Wings
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There is no single way to boost the performance of your car. You can improve its fuel economy, braking ability, and more by relying on the pieces you replace or update.


Improving your vehicle’s aerodynamics is another excellent approach to dressing it up. A vehicle’s aerodynamics can be improved with a variety of modifications.

Front splitters, for example, guide low- and high-pressure air over the car for improved grip and turning speeds. Also, rear diffusers reduce drag by channeling airflow. 

Wings and spoilers, on the other hand, are probably the most popular additions among many drivers.

Both aim to reduce wind resistance, and their effects on the aerodynamics of the wind are vastly different.

But what is the difference between spoilers and wings? Keep reading the article to know.

What is the Difference Between Spoilers and Wings?

The way a wing and a spoiler divert airflow is the primary difference. An automotive airfoil is another name for a wing. It generates negative lift by deflecting wind upward.

A spoiler, on the other hand, functions as a barrier, disrupting localized airflow and lowering airspeed and lift.

Because of their similar appearances, wings and spoilers are considered to be synonymous. Remember that a wing looks like an inverted airplane wing to figure out what’s what.

It also generates a gap between the vehicle’s back end and its plane. A spoiler, on the other hand, is affixed directly to the boot, rear window, or back end of the roof.

So, above is the major difference between spoilers and wings. Let’s talk more about them in detail.

What Does a Spoiler Do?

The back end of the car is automatically cooled by air from the roof. It tends to move faster and produce low pressure if it is not impeded.

It might elevate the car’s rear, particularly at high speeds. The airflow is disrupted by the spoiler, which reduces airspeed and lifts. It also reduces drag.

Spoilers were designed for high-performance sports vehicles, race cars, and rally cars in the first place. 

What Does a Wing Do?

A car’s back wing draws air over and under it, creating a negative lift. It captures air coming off the roof and sends it upward. This also pushes the back of the automobile down.

This is especially beneficial in racing since it keeps the car firmly planted on the ground.

Moving on, now we know about spoilers and wings, also the difference between spoilers and Wings. So, let’s discuss which one is a better choice for them.

Spoiler Vs. Wing: What is a Better Choice?

Both modifications can improve a vehicle’s aerodynamics. But a wing is more effective at creating downforce at high speeds than a spoiler.

A wing, on the other hand, is unlikely to boost vehicle performance at regular highway speeds. That’s why, rather than wings, most production vehicles have spoilers.

Types of Car Spoilers

The following are some of the most popular spoiler types:

1. Front

Airflow is directed towards the car’s radiator by a front spoiler. It is sometimes known as an “air dam.” It minimizes drag and fuel consumption by blocking airflow from beneath the chassis. It’s often constructed of light metal or plastic and installed beneath the front bumper.

2. Pedestal

The vehicle’s boot has a pedestal spoiler affixed to it. By interrupting aerodynamic drag, it aids in the generation of downward force. This results in improved fuel power and effectiveness.

3. Lighted

Lighted spoilers enhance a vehicle’s visibility by adding additional lights. It is more of a precautionary measure than a productivity booster.

4. Roof

Between the roofline and the back window is a roof spoiler. Roof spoilers may also include a third brake light in some circumstances.

5. Lip

The mounting of lip spoilers can be done on the front or rear of the vehicle. Front spoilers make the vehicle’s bumper appear longer while lowering the ride height.

Rear lip spoilers, on the other hand, are affixed to the underside of the boot lip. They offer more of an aesthetic purpose than they do to enhance performance.

6. Truck

Truck spoilers, like roof spoilers, have brake lights affixed to them. They also give trucks a powerful appearance.

Types of Car Wings

In comparison to spoilers, car wings usually have identical styles and little variance. They have two different tail configurations:

1. Whale Tail

The edges of whale tail wings are sometimes known as “tea trays.” They are slightly raised and swept up from the trunk.

2. Gurney Flap

A gurney flap, sometimes known as a “wicker bill,” is a tiny tab that extends from a wing’s edge.

The gurney flap, when directed upwards, increases the downforce for improved traction. This is unlike whale tail wings. They are largely utilized for cosmetic reasons.

What Does Your Car Need, a Spoiler or a Wing?

So, this is all about the difference between Spoilers and Wings. Installing a wing or spoiler may not have much of an influence on your vehicle’s efficiency unless you routinely travel at high speeds.

This is because aerodynamics is only relevant at incredible velocities. Because race cars participate in high-speed turning, the drag force produced by these additions assists them more than passenger cars.

On the other hand, passenger cars tend to slow down when turning. In conclusion, wings and spoilers will only serve to make them look livelier.

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