What’s the Difference Between RV and Camper?

Difference Between RV and Camper?
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Everyone dreams of owning a recreational vehicle or camper at some point. But it’s easy to become confused by the difference between RV and campers. 

Therefore, this article will discuss the difference between RV and campers.

Also, the kinds of RVs that are available, including the pros and cons of each type.

And the various ways they can make your camping trips more enjoyable and more comfortable. 

Before you know it, you’ll be able to identify the difference between RV and camper.

What is an RV?

A Recreational Vehicle or RV is a vehicle that was designed with recreation in mind. Unlike traditional cars or trucks designed to transport people or cargo, RVs were built as recreational vehicles for comfort and enjoyment. 

Many RVs come equipped with kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, and sleeping quarters. The newest generation of motor homes includes televisions, internet access, and gaming consoles.

Read on for a proper understanding of the difference between RV and camper.

Features of RV

Going through the features below will help you to recognize the difference between RV and campers 

  1. Most significant feature is the 4th wall is missing because it has wheels to move
  2. Nonwater resistant, the only water-resistant area is inside, where the toilet is located
  3. Bad weather conditions because it can’t stop when raining or snowing. So the driver has to drive fast enough to home base before being wet in rain or snow 
  4. Small space that makes people feel claustrophobic
  5. Too much dependency on the gas stations. This is because they don’t have any equipment which can be used to store energy by burning fuel 
  6. Need a lot of space where to park 7

What are Campers?

Campers can be defined as vehicles that have been manufactured with four-wheel drive capability. They are often equipped with a towing hitch.

So they can be towed behind an automobile for off-road trips or when someone wants to go camping without bringing their vehicle on vacation.

Other features include large storage areas, ample seating space, cup holders, tailgates, and other conveniences like beds and refrigerators.

This adds up to the difference between RV and campers. A camper is an excellent option for anyone who loves spending time outdoors but still prefers the comforts of home!

Features of campers

  1. Campers are small in size. They are fitted with only two wheels on either side. 
  2. They can be easily driven on a road and parking in any place. But you need to go slowly with them because of their small size. 
  3. They have a steering wheel, windshield wipers, speedometer, working horn, brakes, etc. You can even go to see your near and dear ones by taking your camper along with you.

Therefore one of the significant differences between RV and camper is that it is easy to carry your trailer anywhere you like.

But it will not be easy for you to take an RV with you everywhere you want to go because of its large size. Another unique feature of a camper is that it can become beneficial in emergency cases too, like fire, etc.

Difference Between RV and Camper

While a recreational vehicle and a camper may appear similar, there is a critical difference between RV and campers in what each offers. 

While most campers are built on trucks, they serve different purposes than RVs. A camper is typically used as a temporary shelter, including a bed and bathroom.

In contrast, an RV is generally meant for longer trips with its toilet, shower, and kitchen facilities. While some models can be towed by cars or trucks, others require special trailers or motor homes to drive them.

Since RVs have more features, they tend to cost more than campers. The average price of a new RV ranges from $45,000 to $50,000.

At the same time, average fees for campers range from $10,000 to $20,000. Both types of vehicles offer unique benefits and appeal to different people

For example, those who want a convenient way to travel without staying at hotels will enjoy owning an RV. While those who prefer having amenities like showers and kitchens close at hand will like owning a camper.

Where Can You Find RVs?

As part of the difference between RV and campers, there are two main places where you can find RVs. In a dealership or from a private seller. 

In either case, one would recommend working with an RV-experienced mechanic for the first inspection. Most dealerships offer to do their review as well. That is no substitute for having a third party look at it before buying.

You’ll want to check out everything about it: checking underneath for leaks, looking up at its chassis for rust, etc. It may cost you some extra money. But it will be worth it in the long run if there are serious problems you could have discovered early on.

 Even if they tell you there are no issues, bring along your mechanic. They might find things different than expected.

Where Can You Find Campers?

Finding campers for sale may be tricky, depending on where you live. Some states allow people to sell their campers in person, but others require a license or permit. 

For example, Alabama requires any party selling an RV to have a valid sales tax certificate and licensing from the Department of Revenue and Taxation and the DMV before they can sell it.

Similar requirements exist in other states. If you’re serious about buying an RV, you may want to check with your local DMV before looking for one. This way, you won’t end up dealing with fines because of license issues.


The most significant difference between RV and camper vans is size. Camper vans are smaller and therefore more affordable, making them ideal for younger people or those on a budget.

The smaller size also means they’re not equipped with as many amenities as RVs, So, if you’re looking for a higher level of comfort, an RV is probably your best bet.

Depending on how often you want to use it (and how big you want it to be). Renting one from a place like Cruise America can be cheaper than buying one outright.

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