Top 13 Chinese Motorcycle Brands

Chinese Motorcycle Brands
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There has been a lot said and written about the top Chinese motorcycle brands and their motorcycles.


For a long time, the conventional consensus has been those motorcycles bearing Chinese names are unfit for serious riding.  

However, motorcycle reviewers and fans are changing their minds about Chinese motorcycles.

For a long time, Chinese motorcycle manufacturers concentrated on producing small, single-cylinder bikes that were mainly utilized for transportation.  

However, The Honda Cub, Honda CG, and Honda 400 single-cylinder engines inspired some Chinese motorcycle engines. Yamaha designs have also been used in other Chinese motorcycles. 

However, things are rapidly changing for Chinese motorcycle producers. Here are a few of the top Chinese Motorcycle Brands: 


The Sino-foreign joint venture Guangdong Daye Motorcycle Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2003 with an RMB 2.6 billion investment.  

Jiangmen has received the AEO advanced customs certification. It covers 600 mu, employs almost 1600 people, and 60% of them have a college diploma or above.  

Guangdong Daye Motorcycle Technology Co., Ltd.’s KIDEN brand positions medium and small-displacement motorcycles and micro vehicles. 

 KIDEN 150G1, on the other hand, goes above and beyond, giving this model, which should have been more reserved, a cutting-edge performance. 

2. Zongshen Cyclone Motorcycle

Cyclone is one of the top Chinese motorcycle brands right now. The Zongshen Industry Group’s Cyclone motorbike brand was launched in 2016. It earned the American media motorcycle’s 2015 America’s most valuable car award.  

Cyclone is now a domestic motorcycle manufacturer with a medium and large-capacity model line. Cyclone RA2 is one of the best cyclone brands.

The cruiser motorbike was traditionally tall and powerful. However, this Cyclone RA2 with Harley style focuses on a small design, but it still has the commanding flavor of the cruiser motorcycle, which will wow people. 

3. BENDA Motorcycle

BENDA motorbike, formerly known as Zhejiang Zhongnan Motorcycle Co., Ltd. It was founded in 1994 and is one of the four backbone motorcycle businesses in Zhejiang Province with the most extended history and independent motor vehicle production and export qualification.  

Following reorganization and transformation, the old product line was replaced in 2012. Following reorganization and change by an autonomous heavy machinery R&D department and engine business department. 

Additionally, it is a company that can handle the entire manufacturing process, including vehicle design, power R&D, power manufacturing, and vehicle manufacturing.  

Chinchilla 300 is the best Chinese motorcycle. The appearance of this motorcycle demonstrates to Chinese people the allure of cruiser motorcycles.  

Before that, BENDA introduced the GV300s, which received positive feedback; this “chinchilla” clearly has its appeal. 


Next on our list of top Chinese motorcycle brands is CFMOTO, CFMOTO’s primary business is the R & D, fabricating and dealing with all-terrain vehicles, bikes, and aftermarket supplies.  

They center on the competitiveness of ample capacity water-cooled control innovation, make unparalleled control, and drive fun with a venturesome soul. Fair let the points of interest appear the sense of science and innovation that keeps pace with the times. 

Moreover, their Best Cruiser is the CFMOTO 250SR. The sports motorcycle may emphasize the execution of increasing speed and extraordinary speed.  

But if it does not have the a la mode plan, it may not be called an idealized cruiser. The CFMOTO 250SR knows it. It is not as it guarantees the execution but also optimizes the project, making this bike look all-around. 


VOGE, a high-end train brand of Longxin Common Elements Co., Ltd., was launched at the 15th Chongqing Worldwide Bike Expo on September 21, 2018.  

The modern VOGE is expecting to bring buyers a high-quality, cost-effective, fun sports train brand. It was not centered on technical parameters but on the humanization of science and innovation from high-tech apparatuses. Such as the brilliantly 64 high-speed channel strain test framework.  

In addition, specialized participation with small top technical groups counting Siemens within the Joined together States. Like Siemens in Italy, Ricardo in Germany, Reino in Germany, and AVL in Austria.Best Bike:  

VOGE 500DS.bVOGE arrangement models have continuously been famous for their in-vogue plan and reasonable cost. 

Moreover, This VOGE 500DS should be the foremost representative one. In terms of quality and execution, it is very extraordinary.

Its benefit life, performance, and soundness are exceptionally dependable, and the motor watch bar is prepared as standard, covering the post box.  

It can moreover successfully secure the locomotive. With a fuel tank capacity of 17.2l, it can drive more than 300km, indeed for long-distance travel. 


Kove is also of the top Chinese motorcycle brands. Tibet Everest Clove Cruiser Co., Ltd. It is set in Chongqing by Tibet New-Everest Mechanical Gather.

As a division of medium & massive relocation cruisers to manage the coming medium & enormous uprooting slant in China.  

Best Bike: KOVE 500X. After KOVE launched 500X, it pulled the consideration of numerous riders in China with its cost-effectiveness.  

Not long after, it launched the retro demonstrate KOVE 500F and launched the 500X with a single rocker arm version.  

The classic KOVE 500X control is prepared with a two-cylinder water-cooled motor with a genuine capacity of 471cc. With the most extreme power of 35kw / 8500rpm, a most extreme torque of 43n ·  

M / 7500rpm, KYB full preload/damping, three discretionary boxes, all Driven lighting, ABS, movable damping, etc. 

7. Motrac

Shenzhen Motrac Hechuang Information Innovation Co., Ltd., is locked in in Motrac train. It is a prior cruiser endeavor in China that centers on the field of separated fans in item situating and R & D, pointing to create everybody appreciate the fun of subverting locomotive.  

The arrangement of models planned and delivered in 2008 has been confirmed by contact powder domestically and abroad. 

Moreover, their Best Bike is Wolverine. This Wolverine bike has the V-cylinder water-cooled 800cc motor stage, the same sense of muscle and satiety. Delphi EFI framework, altered movable damping, adjustable raise damping.  

The front brake receives inverse four-piston outspread calipers, prepared with twofold drifting plates and a standard ABS framework, with 42kw / 6000rpm most extreme control and 70nm / 5000rpm most extreme torque. 

8. Chang Jiang

Chang Jiang is the deciphered brand title of bikes once fabricated by the China Nanchang Flying machine Fabricating Company.

Furthermore, Chang Jiang is likely one of the foremost well-known Chinese producers, much appreciated for their honesty.  

They make reproductions (coordinate duplicates!) of old-school Russian and German bikes. It takes its title from the Chang Jiang Stream and is also one of the top Chinese motorcycle brands. Their Best Bike is the Chang Jiang 650.  

Moreover, It has been a long time since the birth of Chang Jiang 650. It has ceaselessly moved forward its items and has well gotten a handle on the particular needs of customers for side three wheels. This year, it has progressively propelled the Bobbie arrangement with a solid retro style. 

However, the recently outlined pontoon side bucket and bobber fashion stand-alone are detached from the ancient Changjiang 750 due to the momentary enhancement of its appearance.

It moreover marks that the Changjiang 650 arrangement has ventured out of the street of impersonation. 


Guangdong Daye Bike Innovation Co., Ltd., a Sino outside joint wander, was set up in 2003 with an add-up to the venture of RMB 2.6 billion. It has gotten the AEO progressed certification from the customs. 

 It covers a zone of 600 mu, has about 1600 representatives, and 60% of them have a college degree or over. ZONES is one of the Guangdong Daye Cruiser Innovation Co., Ltd. brands, situating massive and medium capacity cruisers and microcars. 

Furthermore, their Best Bik is the: ZONES 310S. ZONES 310S is lovely forward-thinking within the styling division as distant as Chinese cruisers go. The foremost thing approximately ZONES 310S is a keyless start.

This is often an incredible custom-made work for China’s national environment. The street organization and activity police can’t drag out your key when checking the car in the future. Zones is also one of the top Chinese Motorcycle Brands In the market.

10. Lifan

The line of Lifan bicycles incorporates diverse classes of machines (from enduro up to choppers), and they all are adequately cheap from the viewpoint of buying as well as in benefit.  

At the same time, the involvement of proprietors appears: Lifan machines don’t break frequently. Lifan bicycles are cheap but are exceptionally commonsense within the more significant part of cases. 

11. Loncin

Loncin brand is among the top Chinese motorcycle brands Right now. Furthermore, Loncin was established in 1993 in Chongqing. Loncin is a Unique Gear Producer for a few motors of BMW. In 2012, Loncin became the second-biggest maker of bikes in China.  

At that point, its generation volume got to be more than 1,5 million units. The maker is also the most significant exporter: 45% of its items go out. 

12. Jialing

China Jialing Group is a national large-scale endeavor bunch with a bike and its motor, great gear, optical optoelectronics, vehicle, and bike parts as the driving businesses. 

China Jialing Bunch, once in the past known as the Jialing apparatus manufacturing plant, was established in 1875 in the Longhua Department of Shanghai Jiangnan fabricating Bureau of the Qing government.  

Additionally, It is one of present-day China’s most punctual weapons undertakings. After the flare-up of the Anti-Japanese War, it was moved to the Bank of the Jialing Waterway in Shapingba, Chongqing, in 1938.  

Additionally, in 1979, Jialing executed the “military to civilian” advancement and generation of cruisers, the originator and director of China’s cruise industry. 

13. Qingqi (轻骑 / 輕騎)

Rounding off the list of top Chinese motorcycle brands is Qingqi. Qingqi Group is the primary venture in China to create respectful motorcycles. It was established in 1956 and is presently a super-large undertaking group.  

It is one of the significant endeavor groups upheld by Shandong Territory and the primary venture within the bike industry to pass the ISO90001 worldwide quality certification. 

Furthermore, the trade ranges incorporate the advancement, generation, and deals of cruisers, automobiles, electric vehicles and motors, genuine bequest advancement, worldwide exchange, etc.  

With one national undertaking innovation center and one undertaking postdoctoral workstation, it is one of the national pilot units of mechanical development. 

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