15 Car Brands That Start With V

Car Brands That Start With V
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You might think that with the proliferation of car brands today, you’re bound to find at least one or two-car brands that start with V.


But actually, it’s easier to find car brands that don’t begin with V than it is to find ones that do!

This comprehensive list of car brands that start with V is the perfect place to start looking if you’re in the market for some new wheels but aren’t sure what kind of car brand you want to end up with.

List of Car Brands That Start With V

1. Volvo

Volvo, the first on the list of car brands that start with V, is a Swedish multinational manufacturing company headquartered in Gothenburg.

It is one of the largest manufacturers of trucks, buses, construction equipment, and marine and power generation products. They were founded in 1927 to produce air compressors and other industrial machinery. 

And again, it branched out into vehicle manufacturing in 1927. Volvo, one of the car brands that start with V, rolled off the line on 14 April 1927.

2. Volkswagen

Based in Germany, Volkswagen AG is a global company specializing in making cars and commercial vehicles.

The company was founded in 1937 by Ferdinand Porsche and is now one of Europe’s largest manufacturers.

Today, Volkswagen– also among the car brands that start V, sells its products to more than 150 countries.

Volkswagen translates to people’s cars in German because Adolf Hitler wanted his fellow citizens to have affordable vehicles after World War II.

3. VinFast

VinFast is a car brand produced by Vietnam’s biggest privately-owned automaker. Established in 2015 and is wholly owned by Vingroup, Vietnam’s largest industrial conglomerate.

Moreover, It’s a youthful company that prioritizes innovation and modernity. Currently, they sell two models: The CV9 sedan and the luxury SUV ASX7.

Both were built entirely in Vietnam by VinFast but will be exported to other parts of Asia and Europe.

4. Vauxhall Motors

If you’re looking for a new car that isn’t a brand you’ve heard of before, for instance, car brands that start with V, it might be wise to begin your search in Great Britain.

Vauxhall Motors is an up-and-coming auto manufacturer based in England specializing in European vehicle design and American-style vehicles.

 In addition, the company has been around since before World War I and was once owned by General Motors; after GM sold it off in 1925.

The company became completely independent from any large auto manufacturers.

5. Vantas

The Vantas brand (pronounced vant-iss) is a growing automaker based in Germany, producing cars since 2000.

That year, they started making a range of small four-door sedans called Boxers and have since expanded their line to include SUVs.

With a wide range of vehicles and plenty more on the way, Vantas car brands that start with V get so many people excited about driving one.

6. Vega

Vega, one of many car brands that start with V, originates in Italy. It is a sub-brand created by Fiat in 1963 and discontinued in 1996.

The history behind its founding is fascinating: Gabriele Lancia (the son of company founder Vincenzo Lancia) wanted to create his line of cars using his last name as part of the brand title.

However, his father was opposed to the idea. He changed one letter in his surname to get around that problem and began building cars under VEGA instead.

7. Vencer

The Vencer is an Italian supercar manufacturer based in Modena, founded in 1994 as a racing team. since then has become one of Italy’s best-known manufacturers in that field.

The company produced its first road car—the Bravo—in 2001. As a relatively young car brand that starts with V, its line-up is primarily limited to exotics and supercars like most others in Italy.

8. Venturi

French manufacturer founded it in Monaco in 1984. Venturi, par of the car brands that start with V, produces electric and hybrid sports cars.

The company’s name is derived from the vent (the French word for wind) and also refers to Eugène Henri Gustave Malécot, who founded a similar car company in 1911. 

Meanwhile, Venturi employs over 100 people globally and is headquartered in Monaco.

In addition to producing cars for consumer purchase, Venturi builds engineering prototypes designed for Formula E racing.


It’s difficult to talk about car brands that start with V without mentioning a small automaker featured on Top Gear a few years ago. It’s called VUHL, and it makes straightforward sports cars.

The build quality isn’t quite Audi or Lexus-grade, but it is slightly better than you’d expect from one of those pimp my ride episodes.

10. Vortex

Vortex is a car brand based in Britain. They are known for their large-scale production of eco-friendly cars and ambitious delivery schedules. 

Furthermore, they are considered by many to be one of Britain’s best brands and one of the excellent car brands that start with V.

Their most popular model is their E410 which first rolled off assembly lines in 1991 and continues to till today.

11. VL-Automotive

The VL Automotive is a California-based automobile company founded by former Lamborghini executives in 2004. Its only car model is named Estoque, which means Sting in Spanish.

It had a 6-cylinder engine that could reach speeds up to 200 miles per hour (320 km/h). Read on to explore more and more car brands that start with V

12. Vemac

Next on our list is another notable one of the car brands that start with V called Vemac.

Although it may not be as well-known outside of Asia, Vemac has been around since 1955 and currently produces vehicles based on Nissan or Honda designs. 

And again, two Nissan executives wanted to establish their own automobile company and they named it Vemac.

The word vemac is derived from their first names: Isao (Ve) and Takeshi (Ma). Today’s models include both compact cars and minivans.

13. Vector

Vector is a Japanese automaker founded in February 1958. It’s best known for its wide array of SUV and light truck models, including vehicles assembled under contract by overseas manufacturers and shipped to other markets around the world.

The company has extensive operations in North America, Europe, and Southeast Asia.

Though it ranks as one of Japan’s smaller automakers (in terms of revenue), it employs more than 7500 workers worldwide—making it an essential player on the international automotive stage.

14. Vorsteiner

Next on the list of car brands that start with V is Vorsteiner. Vorsteiner is another luxury car brand, another reputable car brand that starts with V., a German automotive company specializing in aerodynamic body kits for vehicles.

The company, founded in 2002 by Olaf Vorsteiner offers both aesthetic modifications and performance enhancements. 

For instance, it contains various car brands, including Lamborghini, Bugatti, and Bentley. Vehicles undergo major surgery at Vorsteiner’s warehouse in Hamburg before they sell it as completed products to customers around Europe.

15. Virango

The Virago is a two-seater sports car that has been manufactured in both standard and limousine body styles.

Japanese automaker Mitsubishi Motors produced Virago brands, car brands that start with V, in about 800 units. 

1980s American luxury supercars heavily inspired the Virago. Its design drew on cues from cars like the Jaguar XJ220 and Ferrari Testarossa, but it was more significant than at 5.4 meters long (17 feet) and 1.9 meters wide (6 feet 3 inches). It features a removable Targa top that can be in store behind its seats when not in use.


We strongly believe that our few lists of car brands that start with V mentioned above will help you. And you will be able to make a better choice for your next purchase of car.

Ensure you do more research on this particular topic so that your next car will be whaooo.  

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