21 Car Brands That Start With the Letter G

Car Brands That Start with the Letter G
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Looking for a car brand that starts with the letter G? If so, we’ve put together a list of some of our favorite car brands that start with the letter G.


After reading each of these companies and their vehicles, you can narrow down your search.

We hope you will enjoy our in-depth analysis and find an option that is right for you on your next purchase.

Car Brands That Start With the Letter G


The first on the list here of car brands that start with the letter G started as an abbreviation for Gesellschaft für Rechtliche und Mechanische Beihilfen.

This is German for Company for Legal and Mechanical Assistants. The company, founded in 1893 in Germany and today, makes cars that are considered some of the most luxurious automobiles available on today’s market. 

Some examples of these luxury vehicles include Audi A6 & A7, Audi TT, and Toyota Yaris iA. These types of cars will make you look cool when you’re driving around town.

At the same time, they won’t break your bank account because you can purchase it without breaking your budget.


They were founded in Yokohama, Japan. GReddy has become a well-known tuning car brand that starts with the letter G among car enthusiasts.

The company first gained popularity when it introduced its turbo kits and other performance products for Nissan’s Z-car. 

In addition, GReddy provides aftermarket components for dozens of vehicles from various manufacturers and is known primarily for its high-quality intercoolers.

Since it caters mainly to severe tuners who prefer clean designs that don’t draw attention away from engine modifications, GReddy usually doesn’t sell body kits or aggressive wheels.


Gumpert is a German car manufacturer specializing in high-performance sports cars. Launched by Roland Gumpert in Stuttgart, Germany, in 1993, is on the list of supercars car brands that start with the letter G. 

The company employs 82 people and produces just three cars at its facility outside of Aalen, Germany. Its first product was a supercar called simply The Turbopanzer. According to Road & Track magazine, it is best described as an Italian Diablo built by Germans.


The Greenwood car brand is a bit of an oddball. It’s not a household name, but it’s not unheard of, either, initially manufactured by General Motors for just one year in 1929 before being pulled from production and ultimately made obsolete by G.M. itself.

 Nowadays, Greenwood cars can be bought and sold as antique vehicles that are all over 90 years old, including models like a 1930 coupe and a 1931 roadster introduced during its short-lived run. Read on as we give you more list of car brands that start with the letter G.


This is another part of fantastic car brands that starts with the letter G. The company is not just focused on creating trucks and SUVs.

They make utility vehicles, cars, and even watercraft. The Acadia, Envoy, and Terrain are among their most popular SUV models. 

Also, each of these is available in multiple trims, from mid-level trims like SLT-1 and SLE-2 up to top-of-the-line Denali trims.

They are all available in upgrades that boost power and efficiency (not to mention safety). When it comes to sedans and coupes, GMC makes only a few selections—including four different cars: LaCrosse, Verano, Regal, and Lacrosse.


Genesis brands; luxury car brands that start with the letter G, are Hyundai Motor Company’s division. Hyundai is striving for the prestige and elegance of having a luxury car division. 

Therefore, they designed two sedans: one called Genesis Sedan and another called Genesis Coupe. The latter vehicle has been getting great press lately, but both are definitely worth your time if you’re looking for something new on your next test drive.


The Gordini was a car brand built by Renault Sport. From 1972 until 1996, Gordini models were either tuned versions of cars produced by Renault or re-badged Renaults. (for example, a Renault 9 became a Gordini 9) but they are now Renault-branded. 

Meanwhile, such activity aims to compete with similar manufacturers like Opel (Vauxhall), Audi, and BMW, who had brought sportier versions of their mass-market brands. We continue to give your more car brands that start with the letter G as you proceed with this article. 


 German-based luxury car manufacturer, one of the famous car brands that start with the letter G, was Founded in 1983 by Uwe Gemballa. It specialized in the modification of Porsches from 1987 to 2007. 

And again, Gemballah became most famous for designing body kits for Porsche 911 models and converting them into convertibles.

After a corruption scandal uncovered by German authorities, the company closed its doors, resulting in Porsche confiscating 80 vehicles from its factory headquarters.

General Motors (G.M.)

General Motors (G.M.) is one of the American car brands that start with G. The manufacturer specializes in making cars and trucks.

The company, founded by William C. Durant in 1908 as a holding company for Buick, was called General Motors Company. Durant used his fortune earned from co-founding Chevrolet two years earlier to buy Buick.


Famous car brands that start with the letter G, Ghia, have manufactured classic cars for over 100 years. Founded in Turin, Italy, in 1910 by Giovanni Battista Giovanni and Ugo Ghia as Società Italiana Automobili Torino (Italian Automobile Turin Company), they initially made parts for other auto manufacturers.


Gillet is an Italian car brand that began production in 2000. They produce mainly mid-sized sedans, but they also manufacture SUVs and minivans. Production of Gillet cars ceased in 2006, but manufacturing resumed in 2012.

However, these particular car brands that start with the letter G, Gillet, currently produce two cars: The AP7 sedan and the GS4 SUV.

Though these two models are not particularly well-known or famous. They are portable small-sized cars and suitable for anyone to catch fun with 


Few car brands are as ubiquitous in Italian culture as Giugiaro. The name Giugiaro, part of the class of car brands that start with the letter G, may sound like an Italian-made soft drink. It is a brand of cars owned by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles.

More so Giugiaro (also spelled Gigi) is an automotive design firm that has created some genuinely eye-catching cars. The two most famous ones include the 1992 Alfa Romeo 75 and 1986 Ferrari GG50. 

Unfortunately, there’s a miss for every hit—like the 1989 Giugiaro SUV Concept and the 2005 Giuggari Kaisar concept car.

We’re talking significant facepalm territory here! However, despite producing subpar designs from time to time, Giugiaro has still given us some smooth rides over its 50 years in business.


The best example of car brands that start with the letter G is the Genaddi by Hyundai. This luxury vehicle has been in production since 2009 and comes in 4 different trim levels. If you are interested in leasing or purchasing one of these vehicles, it is okay.

Ginetta C

Ginetta is a British car manufacturer founded in 1958 by a 24-year-old racer and engineer Ivor Arbiter. The company specializes in making only two-seat sports cars.

Although it has also produced pickup trucks and an open-top speedboat. Ginetta cars are sold directly by Ginetta or through a network of dealers. 

Moreover, In 2011, Indian firm Mahindra bought a majority stake in Ginetta, which had been struggling financially.

While details of their plans for the brand have not yet been revealed, Mahindra has pledged to continue developing new models under President Alex Burns’s leadership.

Geely car brand

Chinese car manufacturer Zhejiang Geely Holding Group Co., Ltd., incorporated on April 21, 1986. it is one of China’s major privately owned automobile manufacturer car brands that start with the letter G. It produces cars under its brand and as a joint venture company with other Chinese automakers.

Furthermore, It currently owns stakes in Volvo Cars, Lotus Cars, and Proton. Li Shufu founded the holding group, was one of its two largest shareholders, and was chairman of its board.


One of Europe’s most forward-thinking automakers, Geiger is one of several European automakers that started exploring hydrogen fuel cell technology. (In fact, Daimler—which owns Mercedes-Benz—is also heavily invested in FCEVs.) 

Although hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are still years away from reaching dealerships on a large scale, Geiger– powerful car brands that start with the letter G are planning for that future. 

In addition, the company just showed off its I.D, an all-electric SUV concept that can run on either electricity or hydrogen.

It even comes with a secondary gas tank for those long road trips where it might not be practical to stop at a fueling station every 100 miles.


Graco is your best bet if you’re looking for an SUV. This vehicle gives you a spacious interior ideal for traveling with friends and family.

Thanks to its two-door design, it’s also easy to enter and exit, making it ideal for those who suffer from mobility issues.

If that is enough, its rugged exterior makes it suitable for taking trips across rough terrain without worrying about damaging your ride.


Check out BMW’s latest brand of high-performance vehicles, known as G-Power. The company has only been around since 2009, but it’s already managed to gather some loyal customers.

Remember, we are breaking down what makes car brands that start with the letter G special. So you can choose which one is right for you.


The Gordini company began building cars in 1899, and later, in 1946, it started a racing team for Grand Prix races. They made some of France’s most famous automobiles and racers, including cars like Le Mans and Rallye cars. 

One of their most popular racing engines was a 1.5L DOHC 4-cylinder named after their lead engineer Antoine Gordini. Unfortunately, they stopped building passenger vehicles in 1995 and now focus only on high-performance parts.

 Today, car brands that start with the letter G, Gordini are still known as one of Europe’s premier tuning companies.


Glasspar, founded in 1945 by Randal T. Schwartz and Robert Freres, is known for making hand-crafted sports cars out of fiberglass.

They are one of two companies (American Motors) that built bodies out of glass-reinforced plastic during production. To bring down manufacturing costs on automobiles.

 Also, the most notable feature of Glasspar automobiles is that they all had removable tops and doors. So that you could drive them either with or without a roof.

This allowed for versatility depending on your driving conditions or preferences. Glasspar being among car brands that start with the letter G, only ever made three models over their existence: The Sports Coupe, Terlingua Roadster, and El Rio.


The namesake of Giugiaro cars is renowned automotive designer Fabrizio Giugiaro. He started designing cars in 1972 when Fiat hired him.

He went on to prepare for notable companies like Lancia and Alfa Romeo before starting his own company in partnership with his ex-brother-in-law Mario Bellini in 1978. 

Since then, he has collaborated closely with BMW and Audi, and his car brands start with the letter G.


There are plenty of popular car brands that start with the letter G, including some unique and lesser-known ones. It’s essential to research your options before purchasing a new vehicle to be confident in your choice. Explore some of those most notable car brands that start with the letter G above.

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