15 Car Brands That Start With the Letter C

car brands that start with the letter C
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When you start thinking about your next new car, you might want to keep this list handy.


You can go through the top fifteen car brands that start with the letter C. These are some of the most popular and best-selling car brands.

They have earned their spot in the top fifteen because of their excellent performance, reliability, and safety features.

They also include innovative designs and new models that will revolutionize the industry. 

So here they are The top fifteen car brands that start with the letter C!

Car brands that start with the letter C

1. Cord

One car brand that starts with the letter C on our list is the Cord. The Cord 812 debuted in 1936 and was dubbed the finest automobile money can buy. 

Despite its high price tag, it wasn’t a flop. It sold more than 3,300 Cord 812s during its first year of production. The vehicle’s signature feature was its massive power and styling.

According to Motor Trend, there’s a reason they call these cars classics. Only 579 models of these cars were produced between 1936 and 1937.

Thanks to modern-day collectors, more than two dozen Cord models exist today.

2. Cooper

Cooper is one of my favorite car brands that start with the letter C. The Cooper is an iconic British brand whose origins date back to 1953.

 When Charles Cooper first established a small garage in Surrey, the original company did not survive long. John Lawson and Jack Sangster formed a second company that did survive and later became Jaguar Cars Limited. This is known better as JLR. 

Today’s Coopers are performance-oriented models created by United Autosports Engineering Ltd (UAE).

Autosport Engineering limited is a specialist racing parts distributor founded in 2000 and named after its founder, Mike Cooper.

You will find UAE track days available across Europe for those wishing to experience high-performance driving firsthand.

3. Caterham

The Caterham Group is a British manufacturer of sports car brands that start with the letter C. Tony Crook and Colin Chapman founded it in 1973, originally under the name Lotus Racing.

Although sales have fluctuated due to various financial problems in recent years. Still, they have continued to manufacture cars for over 35 years, 

4. Caparo

Caparo produces exotic cars for South Americans. It has been able to remain mostly under the radar. 

Yet despite its low profile and small output numbers, there’s nothing in question about its quality or performance. Caparo offers exceptional handcraftsmanship and detail that rivals more prominent names.

Names like Ferrari or Porsche at just a fraction of the price point. Caparo Roadstar cars are unique car brands that start with the letter C.

5. Callaway

For drivers who love to drive car brands with the letter C, Callaway is your brand! Today, many sports cars are designed to give drivers a thrill, but few vehicles deliver more excitement than a Callaway Corvette.

 Adding an extra boost in power and cutting away weight, Callaway turns Corvettes into beasts on the road. They can go from 0-60 in three seconds flat.

6. Continental

The company, founded in 1871 by August Horch, originally made machinery for planting and harvesting. A few years later, Horch started making car designs which he called Horch.

 They featured a front-mounted, horizontally opposed four-cylinder engine. In 1909 Horch went bankrupt and was taken over by Austro-Daimler.

Daimler-Benz subsequently bought the company in 1965 and became a subsidiary of DaimlerChrysler AG.

It is now known as Mercedes-Benz Asia Pacific and has factories throughout Asia, producing various models of compact to luxury automobiles such as sedans, coupes, and sport utility vehicles.

7. Cizeta

The Italian brand of sports cars that start with the letter C began in 1989 and shut down in 1994. It produced some fantastic cars during its short run.

This included a supercar called the V16T and one of my favorite all-time supercars: The Giulietta.

Both were rear-wheel drive beasts with V8 engines driving only the rear wheels for optimal handling.

These are great cars for drivers who love to have fun on winding roads. The V16T also came in a convertible version to enjoy open-air thrills! 

I didn’t rank these first overall because of their rarity and high prices (on both models). They are among my favorites if you can find them and afford them!

8. CarMax

Last year, CarMax’s monthly sales were up 8%, and it attributed a lot of those gains to its Big Red campaign. It heavily promoted its inventory of Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and Ram models.

Over 50% of all U.S. households own at least one Fiat product. For a good reason, they’re some of the most innovative new car brands that start with the letter C in today’s market from a design standpoint. 

9. Castagna

As for Campagna Motors, car brands that start with the letter C try to keep people off-road.

Their line of luxury pickup trucks called Urbanspyders forms a design standpoint. We’ll have to wait and see if they catch on here in America!

10. Cisitalia

Piero Dusio launched Cisitalia in 1946. It produced only 84 cars before closing in 1948 due to financial problems.

Later Ghia purchased it, which Chrysler Europe then bought in 1963 as a base for building its Dodge and Plymouth products.

It’s not quite a brand but is worth mentioning anyway as one of the top car brands that start with the letter C.

When you check out these awesome pictures of Cisitalia Grand Prix racers and road cars – they are pretty cutting edge. Imagine what you could do with those lines nowadays!

11. Citroën

Back in 1919, André Citroën was a French industrialist who sought to create a brand-new type of automobile: one that would be affordable and easy to drive while being both comfortable and elegant. Most importantly, one without gears or pedals!

The result was what we now know as the modern automobile: his Type A 3CV debuted in 1934. It debuted at exactly half of its competitor’s price point, offering more comfort for less cost than anyone had ever seen before.

Though it may have been slow—it topped out at 35 mph and could only manage a meager 5 miles per gallon.

Also, it heralded an era of practical innovation and put Citroën on solid ground from which it never looked back.

12. Crysler

The Chrysler Group LLC (or Chrysler LLC) is an American automobile manufacturer. Its headquarters are in Auburn Hills, Michigan.

This corporation merged with German automaker Daimler-Benz in 1998 to form Chrysler. Later it was renamed DaimlerChrysler AG.

However, after Daimler sold a 19.9% stake to a consortium of private equity firms in 2007, the company reverted to its former name. This car brand is one of the fastest car brands that start with the letter C.

13. Chevrolet

Chevrolet is one of the best choices on the list of car brands that start with the letter C. General Motors’ Chevrolet brand makes up almost 20% of its total sales, and it’s easy to see why.

Chevy focuses on performance, which means you get both luxury vehicles and sporty models like Camaro and Corvette. 

If you’re into trucks, you’ll find plenty to choose from at Chevy: Silverado, Tahoe, Avalanche, Suburban…you name it!

Do you need an affordable vehicle or want something decked out in leather and chrome trim like a Cadillac Escalade? Chevy is your go-to brand for reliability and fun.

14. Cadillac

The brand was founded in 1902 by the Henry Ford Company and manufactured its first vehicle, a single-cylinder Model A, in 1903.

Today, General Motors (GM) owns Cadillac, one of a few major automakers that have successfully survived since its inception. The company has produced millions of cars through generations of evolution. 

Still, it continues to be a premium manufacturer of luxury vehicles across North America and China under GM’s banner.

It is also commonly credited for helping bring about a renaissance in Detroit’s economy during the early 2000s.

 It follows years of recession as part of GM’s bailout plan after emerging from government ownership following the financial crisis in 2009. These cars are among the go-to car brands that start with the letter C.

15. Carlsson

Founded in 1936, Carlsson is one of Sweden’s oldest car brands that start with the letter C. Also the most prestigious automobile manufacturer.

They have produced several popular models over its 85-year history. They are probably best known for their recent release.

Carlson, a low-cost family car, aims to undercut its rivals in terms of price without sacrificing quality or performance.


These great cars can get to your destination in style and comfort. Trust me when I say everyone will want to ride along! 

If you don’t own one of these car brands that start with the letter C mentioned above, I suggest getting on an internet search engine.

Internet sites such as Google (making sure it begins with G, of course) and how to purchase one today!


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