20 Car Brands That Start With the Letter A

Car Brands That Start With the Letter A
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If you love cars, you probably know that some of the best brands are car brands that start with the letter A.


There are so many iconic car manufacturers whose names begin with this letter, such as Audi, Acura, and Alfa Romeo.

 If you’re thinking about buying your first new car or looking to upgrade your current vehicle, check out this article on car brands that start with the letter A.

So, learn more about which companies you should investigate further before making your decision!

Car Brands That Start With Letter A


The First Luxury Car Brands that start with the letter A. To help you understand how a car brand can become a household name, we’ll begin with one of the first authentic luxury brands of modern times—the Apollo.

The company was started in 1917 by pioneering industrialist William Randolph Hearst and his business partner George Chamberlain. Together they invested $1 million in the capital. 

Called initially International Motor Company, it produced its first car in 1919—the 21/25 Series P-2 model.

This featured bulletproof windows, dual ignition systems on trains and airplanes, and padded interiors made from animal hides.


Luxury Car – Acura is a luxury vehicle marque by Japanese automaker Honda. This is one of the best car brands that start with the letter A.

Japanese automaker Honda launched it in March 1986, marketing luxury, performance, and high-performance vehicles.

 Also, In December 2008, Honda released a redesigned logo for Acura. It was unveiled at that year’s Los Angeles Auto Show with new taglines, including Precision Crafted Performance and Art + Performance.

Honda said clients around the world associated Acura primarily with racing. So, they came up with new words that better reflected its sleek image – yet still recognized its sporty roots.


Burkard Bovensiepen founded this German automaker in 1957, a class of best car brands starting with the letter A. it has its headquarters in Buchloe. 

Currently, BMW owns it and is best known for producing performance-oriented versions of existing BMW models. The initial A refers to Alpina founder Bovensiepen’s first name.

 Its current lineup includes a modified 7-Series sedan called B7 and a modified 5-Series sedan called B5. Both are aimed at luxury buyers who place a premium on driving dynamics.


Ariel is one of the car brands that start with the letter A. The name was first used in 1927, and it began as a branch of Austin Motor Company.

In 1951, it was acquired by Morris Motors Limited. It is an old English name and means Lion of God. The logo features three red diamonds arranged into a larger diamond-shaped pattern. 

Since 1949, the car has been in production with only minor changes and updates to its design. It sells moderately well in Europe but not very well outside of that region—unless you live in Iran, where it is trendy and holds a 37% market share.


German auto giant Audi is an expert in luxury vehicles, with a rich history dating back over 100 years. While most people associate Audi with Germany, it’s also got manufacturing bases in Ingolstadt, Germany; Neckarsulm, Germany; and Brussels, Belgium.

 In 2016, Volkswagen AG — which owns Audi — sold over 2 million vehicles worldwide (delivered 1.84 million outside of Europe).

You might not know about Audi because it’s part of a more prominent brand family as the best car brands that start with the letter A. this more prominent family includes Porsche and VW.

Auto Union

In 1931, Auto Union AG was a German car manufacturer with headquarters in Ingolstadt. Based on Audi, DKW, and Horch (DMG) brands, the company was renamed VAG in 1966. It purchased Porsche in 1964 and sold it to Volkswagen Group (VW) after a 1994 merger with Daimler-Benz.

More so, it has produced more than 5 million vehicles since its founding. Auto Union also created one of the first front-wheel-drive cars when it launched its Prinz 4WD sedan in 1961.

Currently, Audi produces about 2 million vehicles per year; if you include sales of affiliated companies like Lamborghini and Bentley, that number rises to 4 million annual sales. Luckily they are regarded as famous car brands that start with the letter A


The Amilcar is a French automobile part of renowned car brands that start with the letter A. They took the name from Antoine and Armand, who jointly founded the company. An Amilcar museum in Paris displays many examples of Amilcars and their components. 

Also, production was suspended during World War II but continued from 1948 until 1955, with some new models introduced in 1953. However, they produced no more than 200 cars annually.


The ASC Cars Company, part of car brands that start with the letter A, is a sports car manufacturer that began in London in 1958. After nearly 25 years, it fell into bankruptcy but was revived by its American designer, Alan Carter.

His first car was just an open-cockpit roadster based on a chassis made for him by Lotus founder Colin Chapman. And it became known as the Carter Ace. 

The company’s most recent creation is called the Ace II. And it includes some modern touches like four wheels instead of two and windshield wipers.


Founded in 1991, Artega is an Italian manufacturer that primarily focuses on producing four-door sports cars. The company boasts a range of vehicles, such as its 8C Competizione and 8C Spider.

While many Artega models boast incredible design and Performance, their limited production numbers have kept them well outside most consumers’ price ranges.


A British car manufacturer uses the Austin brand. The company has been around since 1905, though not every year of its operation saw it producing cars.

In 1970, BMC merged with Leyland Motor Corporation (another British automaker) and in 1985 with Rover Group. 

Later Nanjing Automobile Group of China purchased it and finally became a subsidiary of SAIC Motor Corporation in 2005.

They are now an independent company, and its brand is considered one of the best car brands that start with the letter A. But still, use their original logo.


An Italian brand started in 1923, Avalente was a brand with a range of single- and double-cylinder cars. They also produced tracks and special vehicles for military use and motorcycles.

The cars were powered by a 788cc four-cylinder engine with an overhead valve arrangement and a three-speed transmission.

However, Avalente is credited with being one of the first brands in Italy to sell cars at cost because of its prominence. Prominent as the best car brands that start with the letter A.

However, they did not stay in business for long, closing their doors sometime around 1928. The company was still recognized decades later when one of its early models placed third on a list of Italian Cars From 1908 To 1939 published by Giuseppe Luraghi in 1986.


Initially founded in Turin, Italy, in 1906, Abarth changed its name and expanded to include car manufacturing beginning in 1949.

The Abarth 124 Spider—currently available—has a 1.4-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine that produces 160 horsepower.

It also has about 2 liters of space for cargo inside its hatchback trunk, plus a smaller compartment in front of the driver.

These features make it one of my favorites on the list of car brands that start with the letter A. They are perfect for daily commutes or weekend trips from your home to town—or vice versa!

AC Schnitzer

One of Austria’s most prestigious aftermarket tuners, AC Schnitzer, was founded in 1971. The company is known for making a wide range of enhancements that add style and Performance to BMW vehicles. From custom lighting packages and seats to carbon fiber body parts, AC Schnitzer can do it all—and does it all well.

Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo was known as one of Italy’s premier car companies, crafting stylish and highly desirable vehicles for a long time. They have been long known as the best car brands that start with the letter A. 

Unfortunately, an ill-advised partnership with Chrysler in 2005 has left Alfa struggling in recent years. But loyal fans are eagerly awaiting their next release. To get you familiar with all things Alfa before its new release.


The Allard Motor Company was a British sports car manufacturer founded in 1945 by Sydney H. Allard and his son, Alan, in Brighton, Sussex.

Although only producing about 200 cars before its closure in 1958, it was known for building race-winning versions of Austin Sevens and two models given their model names.


Although none is more well-known than Alvis out of a handful of car brands that start with the letter A. Once upon a time, Alvis cars were luxury vehicles; today, they are known as used cars that still hold much of their original value. 

Over decades of manufacturing automobiles, Alvis found success in multiple vehicle categories—from passenger cars to sports cars and racecars. Though they no longer make new models, parts are still readily available.


The AAC (American Automobile Corporation) was a Connecticut-based car company that briefly existed from 1931-to 1933.

It was founded by three inventors from Yale, who developed a unique gearless transmission for use in their cars. The plan was for AAC to build cars for high-end consumers and be sold in upscale stores like Macy’s and Wanamaker’s. 

However, in 1933, one of its most prominent investors went bankrupt due to his affiliation with organized crime, crippling AAC financially; they folded shortly after that.

None of their cars survive today, and little information exists about them beyond what is available through newspaper articles and historical records.


Speaking that ABD Automotive is a new car brand might be an understatement. The brand was created in 2017 when Saudi Arabia’s Abdul Latif Jameel Group launched a partnership with an Austrian manufacturer of automobiles. To make what it claimed would be one of Germany’s top new brands

Since its launch, ABD has remained silent; whether or not it will ever bring a vehicle to market remains unclear at best.


One of China’s largest manufacturers producing car brands that start with the letter A. Aeon has made cars since 1998. Today, it creates an assortment of sedans, SUVs, and crossovers. Check out models like the Fluence Sedan and Emgrand 7 if you want to purchase one of its vehicles.

Advantages of Driving a BMW 316i Sedan include a spacious interior, quick and quiet acceleration, excellent fuel economy, and superb handling. This is an entry-level luxury car that packs quite a punch. There is no drawback.

Many drivers report that they have driven their BMW for years without needing repair or servicing. Overall it’s hard to find flaws with the 316i sedan; it performs exceptionally well on gas mileage, and engine performance scores high for reliability.


Having a car is something everyone needs. Cars keep us safe, help us get to where we need to go, and provide a sense of adventure and possibility.

 However, with such an overwhelming number of choices on today’s market, how do you know which car best fits your needs? If you plan on purchasing your vehicle soon, consider using our car brands that start with the letter A guide above. It will answer all of your questions and provide you with everything you need when it comes time to shop!

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