25 Car Brands That Start With S

Car brands that start with S
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The automobile industry offers vehicles that fall into every possible category, from the economy car to the high-performance sports car and everything in between.


To help you sort through all of your options, we’ve put together this list of car brands that start with S to help you find the best one to suit your needs, whether you prefer style, substance, or luxury when it comes to your next car purchase.

Here is the list of car brands that start with S.

1. Spyker

First on our list of car brands that start with S is Spyker. One of a very few Dutch automotive companies around, Spyker makes modern sports cars and high-end supercars—so your options are pretty limited if you’re looking to buy.

But these vehicles have made their way into Hollywood movies, including Gone in 60 Seconds. Also, Spyker has participated in racing championships such as Formula 1 and Le Mans.

Owning one of these vehicles will be incredibly expensive, so you might want to try renting or test-driving before committing to anything long term. 

However, it’s worth noting that a few owners will report issues with maintenance costs.

So make sure you research your options thoroughly before buying; otherwise, your $150k investment could cost a lot more than anticipated!

2. Simca

Simca– car brands that start with S– Means she or her in French. It is a French car manufacturer founded in November 1937 by Fiat and controlled through its subsidiary. The company is set up near Paris at Bois-Colombes. 

In addition, after WW2, Simca acquired Ford’s French operations, which included a factory near Poissy and Ford’s Belgian subsidiary.

Following a period of turbulence in ownership from 1968 to 1978, it became part of Chrysler, also owned by Chrysler Europe.

3. Saturn

The Saturn Corporation was formed in 1985 as a joint venture between General Motors Corporation (GM) and Toyota Motor Corporation.

Although Saturn, as one of the car brands that start with S, no longer produces cars under its namesake brand, it still markets cars under its Vue and Sky models. 

However, Since 2006, most of its production has been shifted to foreign plants in Spring Hill, Tennessee; South Korea; Australia; and Mexico.

In 2013 the company announced plans to sell only vehicles built overseas in North America starting in 2015.

4. Sbarro

Sbarro, Italian, one of the car brands that start with S, recently began selling $14,000 self-driving cars to all customers in select cities. The company aims to release a more affordable model in 2028. 

While some are skeptical about how long it will take for self-driving cars to become widely available. We’re heading toward a future where cars drive themselves—perhaps sooner than we think. 

After all, what other option do automakers have? Losing your driver (or even their use) is a loss of immense value: Even though driving represents only around one-third of miles driven each year globally, those miles cover 76 percent of total transportation costs.

5. Suzuki

Suzuki may not have been on your radar when it comes to SUVs and crossovers. Yet as one of Japan’s oldest car manufacturers and car brands that start with S— founded in 1909—Suzuki has managed to survive over a century of development.

Meanwhile, SUVs are now its fastest-growing segment, but it offers sedans like the Grand Vitara, cars like its SX4 line, plus performance models like the Swift Sport.

All of these vehicles are innovative in their own way, but they’re also built around Suzuki’s core values: safety, affordability, comfort, and fun. 

6. Sunbeam

The Sunbeam car brands that start with A first emerged in Australia. The Sunbeam name later appeared in North America in 1926. By 1931, it had become a full line of cars sold by Canadian General Motors dealers. 

Also, in 1935 it became its marque within GM’s hierarchy. In 1954 GMC Truck Division launched a rebadged version of Sunbeam cars as a separate marque called GMC Somerset.

7. Squire

British luxury car, also one of many car brands that start with S, despite operating from 1945 to 1949, still attracts a cult following today.

Squire was founded by William Lyons and his son Wilfred in 1945 in Blackpool, Lancashire. The first model was made based on an Austin 7 chassis.

However, later models were inspired by Rolls-Royce. Production ceased in 1949 with only 28 cars produced. Which 21 (2-door convertibles)and 7 (coupes)

8. Saab

Saab Automobile AB is a Swedish premium car manufacturer, originally started in Sweden in 1947. Founded by Lars Magnus Ericsson (1907–2001), an engineer and an industrialist whose company would evolve into Saab AB (publ). 

But in 1989, GM bought 50% of Saab-Scania but later sold it in 2000 to venture capital firm Investor AB. In 2010 GM sold Saab for 2.8 billion euros to Spyker Cars N.V., a Dutch maker of sports cars. Please continue to read more on our list of car brands that start with S.

9. Scion

While not being as strong as its competitors, the Scion brand is one of those cars that has a loyal fan base. The looks and style of Scion (car brands that start with S) alone make it worth it for many consumers. Scion cars are reputable car brands that start with S.

This sporty little Car also comes at a more affordable price than many competitors. They are making it even more attractive to consumers who don’t want to break their bank to get behind the wheel of an R brand car

In addition, It isn’t necessarily going to win any races, but then again, that isn’t why most people buy these cars anyway. If you want something sporty and fashionable that still gives you good value for your money, Scion is one of your best bets when shopping for an ‘R’ branded car.

10. Scorpion

The brand has been in business since 1922 and is based in France. Its name comes from a street racer named Pierre de Chareau.

They had his Car painted red to match his racing helmet and wore a scorpion pin on his coat. Hence Scorpion cars are the most beautiful car brands that start with S. 

Meanwhile, the company also had several different owners over its 90-year history, including Harley-Davidson, which acquired it as part of its purchase of American Motors Corporation (AMC) in 1987.

11. Skoda

Skoda cars are a good example of car brands that start with S, Once a Czech carmaker. After WW2, nationalized and forced to use Russian engines for their cars.

So, after a slow start with only one or two designs in the 1960s, things changed in the 1970s when Skoda introduced its 105 series (in some places named Rabbit), with ever-improving models being produced until 1990.

12. Sterling

The Sterling brand car debuted in 2003, though it remains little-known.

The vehicle has an Ecomagination turbocharged gas engine that is impressive but somewhat held back by its mediocre mileage of only 13/18 city/highway miles per gallon. 

But Still, if you are looking for such reliable car brands that start with S and don’t mind spending a little extra to get it. A Sterling might be just what you need.

13. Scania

Scania is a well-known European truck, bus, and heavy equipment manufacturer. The company, was founded in 1891 as a textile mill and became one of Sweden’s first car manufacturers in 1904.

Scania currently has its headquarters in So ̈ deta ̈ lje, Sweden. It employs more than 33,000 people globally and operates production facilities in nine countries.

In 2015 Scania had sales of SEK 98 billion and approximately 22 000 employees. It has production facilities in Europe, Asia, and North America. It is one of the most reliable car brands that start with S.

14. Sisu Auto

Sisu Auto is a car brand that serves as an entry-level brand to Fisker Automotive. The Car is manufactured by AMP Electric Vehicles, formerly known as Icon, and is now part of China’s Geely group.

 The Sisu–car brands that start with S are priced from $45,000 to $50,000 and get about 50 miles on a full charge. You can recharge its Lithium-ion battery in four hours or less on 240 volts.

15. Spira

Now you might be asking yourself, how could a company like Spira be one of my best options for buying a car? They offer a full range of luxury vehicles that start at just $10,000.

And while that might seem like an expensive price tag for such affordable car brands that start with S–Spiral.

But, it’s important to remember these cars aren’t quite as luxurious as their more expensive counterparts.

While they lack power and speed, they make up for it with other features such as reduced wind resistance and improved fuel efficiency.

16. Singer

It is an American car company founded in Detroit, Michigan, in 1911 by a renowned race car driver, engineer, and designer Henry Ford.

The singer was initially called Cadillac Automobile Company. When founded now, it was part of American Axle & Manufacturing, LLC.

In addition, Singer cars, car brands that start with S, have a logo that features a backward S and an arrow pointing to the right. The logo can be seen on all cars except for its most expensive models (Cadillac XLR and DTS). The brand’s slogan is Standard of the World.

17. SAIC

SAIC Motor (or SAIC) is a Chinese state-owned automotive design and manufacturing company headquartered in Shanghai, China.

It’s one of only two Chinese carmakers to create cars under its brand name. And not a joint venture with a Western counterpart, like Chery and Geely.

Also, SAIC is on the list of car brands that start with S and on both Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE: 600104) and Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKSE: 1218) from 2009 until 2018. Now it’s solely listed on SSE.

18. Smart

Smart Car is an award-winning American car company making road-ready automobiles since 1998. While most of their vehicles are made with electric motors and futuristic technology, many of their cars still run on gas. 

For instance, their cars include hatchbacks, small sedans, and wagons. In 2004, Daimler AG purchased Smart cars, car brands that start with A. Today it’s known as Mercedes-Benz Cars.

19. SEAT

The list of car brands that start with A is not complete without mentioning Seat. If you’re looking for an inexpensive yet stylish and functional car brand, check out SEAT.

These cars are made by Spain’s second-largest automobile manufacturer and are available in dozens of models.

In addition, every model is fully loaded with modern amenities like GPS systems, Bluetooth compatibility, and more.

As if that isn’t enough, every SEAT also has a five-year unlimited mileage warranty and roadside assistance included. They are giving you peace of mind for years to come.

The Spanish car manufacturer SEAT produces stylish and functional cars in demand around Europe. Several of its models are well-known throughout Spain.

And several models—like its Ibiza hatchback—are even produced under license by Volkswagen in other parts of Europe. In addition to building cars, SEAT also makes commercial vehicles.

20. Saleen

For a great list of car brands that start with S, check out Saleen, one of many people’s favorite luxury vehicle brands. People especially love their limited edition models, like those in their race-inspired S7 line.

Despite being equipped with powerful engines and handling capabilities, these cars are a breeze to drive and feel very elegant on any road.

 So, if you’re looking for a fantastic sports car but don’t want to worry about maintenance or track days, it’s hard to beat something from Saleen.

21. Shacman

Shacman (or Shazam) is a Chinese car manufacturer that produces sedans, SUVs, and light commercial vehicles. The company was founded in 1992 in Wuhan, Hubei province.

This one of the best car brands that start with S, Shacman, took just five years to produce its first million cars, increasing sales. 

But, thanks to the successful promotion of its vehicles on television shows such as Swordsman. Shacman is now one of China’s most recognizable brands.

22. Sinotruk

Sinotruk is a Chinese automobile manufacturer headquartered in Hubei Province, China.

The company mainly produces light trucks and buses under its brand name but has also manufactured cars for other companies (primarily in India).

Sinotruk is a subsidiary of Chinese state-owned enterprise Sinomach, which owns Nanjing Automobile. 

23. Stutz

The Stutz Motor Company is an American manufacturer of luxury cars founded in 1911 and based in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Known primarily for its expensive, high-performance vehicles marketed to wealthy customers, Stutz, one of several car brands that start with S, is associated with industrialist Frank Hershey. Production peaked at 14,000 cars per year in 1924 and 1925.

24. Setra

The Setra bus and coach manufacturer was founded in 1938 in Heilbronn, Germany. The name Setra is an acronym for Süd-Eisengießerei und Teerofen Werke AG. 

Also, This company makes buses, coaches and special vehicles. Setra cars, car brands that start with S, have a worldwide reputation for reliability and durability on European roads.

25. Soueast

Founded in 1988, Soueast was initially known as a truck and bus manufacturer.

In 2001, it became a joint venture between General Motors, Hyundai Motor Company, and China’s Beijing Automotive Industry Holding (BAIC).

In 2006, it began building passenger cars, turning its attention from commercial vehicles to passenger transportation.

Meanwhile, some of its best-known car models include Zhi Dou, Ling Dou, and Qi Dou SUVs and Jin Ling sedans.

While you may not have heard of them before, these brands offer excellent quality at competitive prices.

They’re worth considering if you want to get your hands on new car brands that start with S, southeast without breaking your budget.

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