12 Car Brands That Start With P

car brands that start with P
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Are you planning to buy a car? What are the vehicles that you are considering? When purchasing your next vehicle, it’s essential to have the right car for you. This is to ensure that you can use it comfortably and safely.


 The more you know about your options and what makes each car special, the easier it will be. Easier to make the best choice based on your budget and lifestyle. 

This article will look at some of the cars that start with P. Cars, such as the Porsche and the Phaeton.

And show you some of their unique features to choose which one might be best for you.

1. Porsche

Porsche is the first on our list of car brands that start with P. When you buy a Porsche.

You are buying into one of today’s most prestigious and forward-thinking automotive brands. Considered by many as one of (if not) THE most advanced auto manufacturers on Earth.

Moreover, Porsche has been pushing boundaries in every way possible. From their intricate powertrains to their sleek exteriors.

Powertrains are engineered in Germany but assembled in a state-of-the-art factory in Atlanta. Many people say no other brand creates such cohesive and pure designs of sleek exteriors.

Owning a Porsche is unlike any other experience. If you don’t believe us, ask anyone who owns one. These cars aren’t purchased solely on aesthetics alone.

They offer genuine emotional connection and vehicle performance second only to none.

2. Pontiac

If you’re not sure what it is about Pontiacs, look at them all lined up. When you look at them, they are all lined up in a row.

Something seems just a little off. They are one of the oldest car brands that start with P.

 But then again, maybe Pontiacs are only weird compared to other cars. After all, they do have four doors, and they look like regular vehicles.

That might be why so many people buy them – they like their cars. 

Pontiac owners have no desire to go out of their way or stand out too much. Just give them a solid auto brand and get on with it!

They don’t need any special attention and would rather keep things simple than fancy-schmancy if you catch my drift.

3. Proton

Proton is among Malaysian car brands that start with P. The company manufactures automobiles and engines.

Founded in 1983, Proton became Southeast Asia’s largest automobile manufacturer in 1993. This is due to their partnership with British automaker Lotus. 

The first cars were made in Ulan Bator, Mongolia, under a license from Lada, but eventually, production was moved to Malaysia.

The company also offers many variants of its models so people can mix and match different types of vehicles like sedans or coupes together. 

If you’re not sure what type of vehicle to get, it might be best to start by thinking about your lifestyle.

Do you work mostly within city limits? Or do you need something that can travel through rough terrain? Are most of your friends local? Do you frequently drive long distances over long periods?

All these things should factor into your decision when choosing Proton as a car brand that is right for you.

If safety and reliability are essential, make sure it comes with airbags and other advanced safety features.

You may even want extras like Bluetooth connectivity, satellite radio, or USB ports if someone wants to connect a smartphone.

4. Peugeot

Peugeot cars provide their drivers with several qualities not present in many other vehicles.

The power and speed of Peugeot cars and their affordability and customization are unrivaled by most other vehicle options.

Peugeot cars stand out as one of the fastest car brands that start with P. 

With over three centuries of experience in providing automobiles, Peugeot has proven itself a top-notch automaker and is worth considering when looking at different cars.

In addition to these high marks on quality and style, some models are built solely for performance. These cars work great on professional race tracks or simply driving around town. 

Using one of these vehicles will feel like you’re in complete control even if you’ve never driven before. That is because they offer so much stability.

5. Pininfarina

Pininfarina is next on our list of car brands that start with P. From 1947 onward, Pininfarina became well known as a styling and design consultant.

The company helped shape many Ferrari models in its history, from classics like Testarossas, Mondial, and 512 M (among many others) to more recent vehicles such as F430 and Enzo. 

In addition, Pininfarina designed cars for Peugeot, Alfa Romeo, Lancia, and Volvo, among others. Today, Pininfarina designs everything from concept cars to buses.

To date, it remains best known for helping out premium auto brands get a timeless look.

6. Prius

There’s no easier way to start conversations than talking about your Prius when it comes to starting conversations. It is one of the car brands that start with P that you can count on.

You can count on getting some attractive looks when you discuss how your hybrid vehicle is a little more efficient than advertised. 

For those of us who like driving a little slower but still want to save money on gas, it’s a great option. If you don’t want boring, go with a Prius. If you can afford a Lexus too, why not drive two? (That’s what I do…) 

7. Praga

As you may be aware, Praga was initially based in Prague, Czechoslovakia. The word Praga means Prague in Latin and is derived from Praha.

Praga has been around since 1899 and has produced a large number of cars, including race cars, trucks, buses, and passenger vehicles.

Most notably, Praga was responsible for designing and manufacturing what is widely believed to be one of Europe’s finest car brands, starting with P.

A vehicle known as The Fabulous PRV. Today, Praga focuses its efforts on building military vehicles and specialized vans, including ambulances and fire trucks.

 However, it’s not out of the question that, at some point, they’ll develop civilian-minded vehicles once again.

8. Polaris

There are few more reliable things about Polaris, one of the best car brands that start with P.

They build cars that will always be there for you, whether in a blizzard or boiling downpours. Though not often flashy, Polaris makes high-quality cars year after year. 

For example, only other reliable manufacturers could match their output during WWII. If reliability is your number one factor in choosing a vehicle (and it should be), you can’t go wrong with Polaris.

9. Polestar

This Swedish brand is best known in North America for its partnership with Volvo. But if you want a performance-oriented preamble, Polestar is probably a good choice. 

The company offers two cars—the Polestar 1 and Polestar 2—with hybrid powertrains and Tesla-like anticipation mode. Oh, and it’s also building a factory in China to produce 100,000 cars a year by 2020.

That will mark yet another startup getting into China’s market—where over half of the new vehicles sold last year were electric vehicles (EVs).

10. Perodua

When someone says the small car, you don’t automatically think of a compact and frugal vehicle.

Well, at least not if you’re in Malaysia. The Perodua is one of Southeast Asia’s best-selling car brands that start with P.

This is because it offers something different from its Japanese and American competitors. This makes sense for these models to start with a P. 

What does it mean? It means you can trust Perodua when choosing your next new pre-owned vehicle. After all, they have been trusted by Malaysians since 1993!

11. Panoz

Dan and Don Panoz founded Panoz Motor Sports Group, LLC (PMSG) in 1989.

They are manufacturers of race cars and parts, including Élan Technologies, Automotive Specialists Limited (ASL), DP Compotech, Venturi Automobiles, Chiti Motorsports, and DeltaWing Technology Group.

 It’s a good fit for anyone looking for a solid performance vehicle. The PMSG is also tied up in racing ventures like IMSA and Le Mans.

12. PAL-V

PAL-V is the last brand on our list of car brands that start with P. If you’re a forward-thinking individual who doesn’t want to be tied down by nostalgia, PAL-V might be your best bet.

The company’s Liberty flying car is street legal in more than 40 countries (though it’s currently not allowed in U.S. skies). It has a top speed of 112 mph (180 km/h). 

According to PAL-V, it can be driven on-road or flown almost anywhere. However, it only has a range of 50 miles (80 km) when used as an aircraft.

You may need a change of vehicle now and then if you don’t live within driving distance of work or shopping. Plus, there are those pesky aviation regulations. 


Cars are vehicles, so you want one in your possession. For example, a Prius is great because it’s environmentally friendly. 

However, make sure you also consider how long your commute is and how much storage space you need. A Smart Car will serve you best if all you have room for is one suitcase and a bike.

Ultimately, though, any one of the car brands that start with P will do (even if it’s personal). There are plenty of options out there that suit various lifestyles and needs.

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