A Comprehensive List of Car Brands in Canada

Car Brands in Canada

In Canada, there are so many car brands to choose from. Due to this, it can be overwhelming to figure out which one will suit your needs the best. If you’re looking for something economical and easy to park, you can find it on this list. 


Also, if you need something spacious, you can find it on this list of all the car brands in Canada! This list includes both well-known brands like Subaru and Mitsubishi and local Canadian brands like Ford and Honda.

1. Mazda

The Mazda car brand is represented among car brands in Canada with three different models. The highest volume model sold by Mazda to Canadian customers is the CX-5 crossover.

It is followed by its popular subcompact SUV, CX-3, and then its all-new sedan, CX-9. Also, a fourth Mazda vehicle is expected to join its Canadian lineup very soon.

The newly redesigned and highly capable Miata roadster has been named Best Retuned Sports Car at several international auto shows. Further details are still pending as Mazda refines its launch plan for this new roadster.

2. GMC Cars

For many Canadians, a GMC car is synonymous with trucks. Today, GMC still offers several car models, including sedans, coupes, convertibles, hatchbacks, and minivans. But what are they? 

To help you decide which GMC model best suits your needs, we’ve compiled a list of GMC vehicles. The list contains GMC vehicles currently available for sale at dealerships across Canada.

This guide will be regularly updated to reflect new models introduced to the market. So, bookmark it or check back periodically. 

Also, if you have any questions about any of these cars or need more information, please get in touch with AutoShopsCanada. Their staff is committed to helping you find what you’re looking for among car brands in Canada!

3. Nissan Cars

As one of the top-selling car brands in Canada, Nissan has a strong presence across our great country. However, it may not be as well known as its domestic counterparts.

Nissan still has an excellent lineup that will meet various automotive needs. From sporty coupes and sedans to big SUVs and crossovers, Nissan is worth considering. 

4. Volvo Cars

Volvo Cars is a Swedish luxury automobile manufacturer headquartered in Gothenburg. In 2016, they were rated #10 on Autotrader’s Top 10 Luxury Car Companies list.

Volvo cars are popular among car brands in Canada and have been available there since 1924. They currently produce several models, including their flagship S90 sedan, V90 wagons, and XC60 SUV.

Furthermore, the S/V/XC-series are each based on a shared vehicle architecture. The architecture debuted with their previous 90 Series vehicles. But not all body panels will fit between them. 

Also, some parts must be swapped out to upgrade a car from one series to another. For example, an XC90 dashboard is too large for an S90 even though both vehicles are built on the same platform.

5. Jeep/Chrysler/Dodge

Jeep, Chrysler, and Dodge are three different car brands in Canada owned by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA). It’s important to note that each brand has other vehicles available in Canada.

For example, if you see a Jeep model on a Canadian lot, it won’t necessarily be compatible with a Dodge transmission.

The goal of an automotive parts retailer like Auto Parts Warehouse is to make vehicle parts accessible to Canadians. It provides reliable information on what’s available and where they can get it.

6. Mercedes-Benz Automobiles

On top of its luxury lineup among car brands in Canada, Mercedes-Benz also sells a few sedans and hatchbacks.

The A-Class and B-Class are small hatchbacks available with different trim options. Two versions of the CLA sedan are also available to Canadian customers. 

Firstly, one is designed for sportier drivers while another has more luxury features. The company’s entry into larger vehicles has been less successful.

The GLK was pulled from showrooms in 2016 due to disappointing sales. Mercedes had hoped to compete with BMW and Audi but found that Canadian buyers preferred crossovers instead.

7. Ford Car Models

Out of car brands in Canada, Ford Motor Company is one of North America’s largest automobile manufacturers.

The company has sold over 170 million vehicles worldwide and produces cars under six brands—Ford was founded by Henry Ford, who pioneered assembly line manufacturing techniques. The original Model T vehicle was built between 1908 and 1927.

Also, in terms of durability and reliability, it had no equal at that time. Since then, several notable Ford models have been produced, including the Model A (1926-1931).

Introduced roll-up windows and door handles and the Thunderbird (1955-1966), which defined luxury cars for years. In 2013, Ford introduced its first F-150 made from an aluminum alloy and high-strength steel.

8. Honda

Honda is a prominent car brand that offers a complete lineup of cars and SUVs. These vehicles are equipped with innovative safety features.

Standard front side airbags and optional rear side curtain airbags are deployed in certain side-impact collisions, protecting your family. 

If you’re looking for a fun, fuel-efficient vehicle among car brands in Canada, check out Honda’s hybrid models. Especially the 2017 CR-V and 2016 Accord Hybrid.

9. Chevrolet

Louis Chevrolet and William C. Durant founded She was founded by General Motors (GM). Chevrolet is one of three original American automobile manufacturers.

Headquartered in Detroit, Michigan, GM was incorporated on September 16, 1908, as a holding company for Buick. In 1909, GM purchased Cadillac and Oldsmobile. 

By 1910, General Motors held controlling interest across three brands, Dayton-Walther Co. and REO Motor Car Company. In 1911, GM produced its first vehicle under a license agreement with Fiat Automobiles.

They also acquired Vauxhall Motors Limited to gain access to their production facilities and technology among car brands in Canada.

10. Hyundai

The Hyundai Motor Company is a South Korean multinational automobile manufacturer headquartered in Seoul. The company was founded in 1967, along with its 32.8% owned subsidiary, Kia Motors Together comprises the Hyundai Kia Automotive Group. 

Also, they are the world’s fifth-largest car brand in Canada based on annual vehicle sales volume. In 2008, Hyundai Company announced it would begin selling vehicles in the United States under its brand, starting in 2010. It plans to open eight dealerships by 2010 and sell 300,000 cars annually by 2012.


Some people love driving and have a passion for cars, while others don’t. Some people can’t go a day without their vehicle. Regardless of your preferences, there are certain car brands in Canada that you may be interested in knowing about. 

Finally, this is because they are made and sold exclusively in Canada. This list has everything from inexpensive sedans to off-road trucks and race cars; it even includes minivans! 

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