Can a Toyota Corolla Drive in Snow?

Can a Toyota Corolla Drive in Snow
2019 Toyota Corolla Hatchback | Photo: Matt St-Pierre / Motor Illustrated

If you live in a region that gets regular snowfall, you know how challenging it can be to drive in winter.


If your Toyota Corolla has an automatic transmission, it may not be equipped to handle driving on slick or snowy roads. This then raises the question, “can a Toyota corolla drive in snow?”

A driver must have complete control of the vehicle at all times. If he or she can’t easily accelerate when the roads are icy, there could be serious consequences.

While it’s possible that a Toyota Corolla can handle driving in the snow, most of these vehicles aren’t meant to deal with inclement weather conditions.

Can a Toyota corolla drive in snow? Let’s find out!

How Well Does a Toyota Corolla Drive in the Snow?

Can a Toyota corolla drive in snow? It’s a common question asked by Corolla enthusiasts.  It will interest you to know that most cars handle the snow, but many people prefer to go with something known for handling road conditions more easily. 

In this sense, a Toyota Corolla can be seen as perfect for most roads in winter. It handles well and is good for gas consumption.

Plus, it has sufficient suspension and ground clearance to make it feel safe and comfortable while driving through snow. 

Also, it’s reliable and has no major problems or defects that you might find in some other car models. As such, the Toyota Corolla is a great option if you’re looking for a car to drive through snow.

Experience of Toyota Corolla Owners During Snow Season

It is important to know from the experience of Toyota corolla owners to satisfy our quest on can a Toyota corolla drive in snow.

The question is that driving on snow and ice can be challenging. When it comes to driving a car in the snow, traction is critical.

The wider tires on most 4-wheel-drive vehicles provide better traction than narrower ones. Also, all-wheel drive will deliver more of an edge on icy surfaces.

So, owners experienced that a lighter car has been shown to have fewer difficulties. There are fewer difficulties with traction during winter, but the primary concern remains with ice. 

However, as snow drifts accumulate, even light cars collide backward down sloping driveways and hillsides when not planned properly.

This isn’t an issue for heavier cars equipped with snow chains. Here are questions to ask Toyota corolla owners to answer your quest on Can a Toyota corolla drive in snow:

Does Toyota Corolla Have Snow Tires?

Toyota does not offer snow tires for their corollas, but there are ways to ensure your vehicle can handle driving in the snow.

One of the best things you can do is to invest in winter tires. They are specifically designed for low-traction and slippery conditions like slush or ice. 

You will want these now that you’ve gotten an idea on “can a Toyota corolla drive in snow?”. It is essential if you are driving to any place with steep hills or very cold weather that causes ground frost or frozen water on roads.

Winter tires can be up to three times more expensive than regular summer tires. It may also require installation, but it will increase your safety during winter driving.

Winter tires can maintain grip in much colder conditions than all-season ones and provide better traction at lower speeds.

They also have wider treads and softer rubber compounds, so they don’t get stuck when spinning on slick surfaces.

Another option is to install a set of chains around your tires. Chains aren’t usually practical because they reduce fuel efficiency and wear out the tire faster. 

Still, they might work better for people who live in rural areas where side streets are often covered in deep snow.

Even those who must drive through a region that gets heavy snowfall every year (such as northern New England).

What Drive System Does a Toyota Corolla Have?

The driving system of a Toyota corolla can greatly affect its ability during slow. So, can a Toyota corolla drive in snow with any driving system?

Yes, Toyota Corolla can perform well with any driving system having a snowy winter. Toyota offers two drive systems in their 2015 line of vehicles: standard and all-wheel drive.

Most models have a standard drive, which utilizes front-wheel traction and rear-wheel engagement. 

Furthermore, the all-wheel system comprises a front transaxle with an electronically controlled four-wheel drive that uses electric motors to power all four wheels simultaneously.

An all-wheeling system benefits from increased traction for slippery surfaces and better control at low speeds.

Though it does not come as standard on any Toyota model, some high-performance options include a new eight-speed automatic transmission and sport suspension package.

How to Prepare Corolla for Driving in Snow?

Once again, the question, “can a Toyota corolla drive in snow?” It’s a yes, which can turn to a no without proper caution.

Unfortunately, winter has arrived, and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. This means we’ll all have to contend with driving on slick roads and unpredictable road conditions for several months to come.

If you live in a cold climate, you may wonder what measures your car needs to take to ensure safe travel during this harsh time of year. 

Suppose you own an older model like an early 2000s Corolla without ABS and traction control (or electronic stability control).

In that case, it’s important that you don’t drive around on snowy and icy roads if it isn’t absolutely necessary.

Doing so could cause your wheels to lose traction due to reduced friction between your tires and the snow or ice below them.


When you’re about to hit the road in winter weather, one of the last things on your mind should be whether or not your vehicle can handle driving conditions.

But it never hurts to take precautions and be prepared. If you own a Toyota Corolla and are considering taking it out during snowy weather, you may wonder if your car will make it through safely.

Or even if the trip would be better left to the sturdy all-wheel drive SUV parked next to yours in the driveway.

Driving during these months can be quite challenging if you live in an area with significant snow. Snow can cover your car and make driving difficult or even dangerous if you’re not prepared.

You may want to ask yourself whether your current vehicle can handle winter driving at all or if it’s time to upgrade to one that’s better equipped to handle the elements of winter driving, like the Toyota Corolla. So, to the question, “can Toyota corolla drive in snow” you know the answer now!

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