Top 10 Best Brazilian Car Brands

Brazilian Car Brands

Brazilian car brands are some of the best around, and plenty of them to choose from.


Whether you need new tires or want to upgrade your vehicle, this list will give you all the information about Brazilian car brands to help you decide.

Whether you’re looking for passenger cars, trucks, or SUVs, these are the ten best Brazilian car brands you can invest in without hesitation.

Best Brazilian Car Brands

1. AC Design

AC, the number one on my list of Brazillian car brands, has only produced cars since 1997. Since then, they’ve built a reputation for quality luxury vehicles.

The company is best known for its very green line of low-speed electric cars used primarily in cities.

 While their customer base is almost entirely centered around Brazil and other South American countries, AC has also started dealerships across North America and Europe.

While they’re not a top player just yet, we predict that by 2030 they will be competing with BMW and Mercedes-Benz on a worldwide scale. It’s just a matter of time before everyone knows how great AC is!

2. Citroen

The French company Citroen entered Brazil in 1953 and built its first factory there, and it is considered one of the best Brazilian car brands.

Krupp Steelworks made the plan, located in São Bernardo do Campo. They took advantage of tax breaks granted by local authorities.

 As a result, Citroen used only about 40% of its productive capacity during proliferate dears. Production started slowly but increased due to the significant demand for cars from middle-class families.

These families previously relied on bikes and horse carriages (during rural poverty) or public transportation (in urban areas). 

However, in 1974 Fiat bought a controlling interest in Citroen’s Brazilian operations.

3. Baby Buggy

Buggy cars are a sensation in Brazil and have been among the best Brazilian car brands. However, many people don’t realize that these minivans can come with a few significant benefits. For one thing, some models include extras like built-in microwaves and TVs, which can be handy. 

Perhaps more importantly, they also help you transport children around without adding too much stress to your life. Whether you want one because it helps your family get together or need it comfortably, buy Brazil today!

4. Buggy Coupe

The Cauipe is Brazil’s version of an old-fashion essential buggy or surrey. Filled with frills, these necessary vehicles are about as simple as it gets: Two benches for four passengers and a set of wheels underneath.

The beauty of these Brazilian car brands rides is their lack of rules or requirements; you need no driver’s license to operate one. 

However, be careful. You do need an appreciation for all things vintage if you’re going to pick up one on craigslist or eBay various a sale. These beauties also come in multiple shapes and sizes, ensuring you know what you’re getting into before riding one. 

5. Chapemec

Chapemec is obscurity outside Brazil; it’s a name with quite a few cars under its belt. People have never heard of Chapemec. It makes millions of vehicles each year, and they are known for making cheap (but not necessarily efficient) cars.

Additionally, chapemec is a good option for consumers for the best n car brands that run well but don’t cost very much.

Still, Chapemec has had some pretty big missteps over the years regarding design, and the brand has garnered a reputation as not an easy-to-forget carmaker. 

6. Dillon Gaiolas

In 2010, Dilon Gaiolas in Brazil produced only 33 cars. These cars were regarded as one of the best Brazilian car brands b, ut al,l of them were top-notch.

Highly-friendly vehicles are quiet, safe, and highly efficient. But these great features come at a still about $750,000 for every Gaiolas car made. 

Also, the Dillon Gaiolas plant is located outside of Rio de Janeiro and operates on many green technologies, including the winner and solar power.

This move has allowed it to become one of Brazil’s most environmentally friendly car plants, and it uses few fossil fuels that contribute significantly to greenhouse gas emissions.

7. Electra

This is one of init initially famous Brazilian car brands. Electra was initially established in 1909. However, it went through many changes until 1997, when Embraer purchased it. The brand did not survive for long, and by 2002 Twoer companies were using it after. 

Today,  two different companies use similar names: E-Line and Electric Bus Corporation, located in Brazil. 

8. Fibracar

Building cars since 1959, Fibracar is a big name in Brazil. Their motto is What others dream of. This company produces over 20,000 vehicles every year. Are you looking for some local options for buying Brazilian car brands? Then Fibracar is exciting of your best options. 

Besides, they have a compelling product line and a quality brand with decades of experience, making vehicles available for customers around their area.

It may not be much known outside of Brazilia, but Fibracar is a solid choice if you are looking for any car. 

9. Gladiador

Known as an automobile manufacturer in Brazil, Gladiador was founded in 1948. Its headquarter is currently in Jundiai, a city located in southeastern Brazil.

One of the best Brazilian car brands, automakers primarily produce light trucks and passenger cars. Eventually, Gladiador is now owned by Sonaintal SA, a global investment company based in Brazil and Portugal.

Aside from automobile manufacturing, Sonae owns department stores, travel agencies, and several Gladiator’s cars centered around consumer goods.

Above all,  Gladiator’s newest Brazilian car brands are manufactured at its factory, located in Capao Bonito, Sao Paulo state. However, all previous brands were produced between Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro at another facility.

10. Iveco

The Iveco by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, operating in Brazil since 1995. The subsidiary holds a market share of nearly 20% and sells just over 60,000 units annually in that country.

The best-selling model is Iveco’s Daily panel van, followed by its new Stralis heavy-duty truck. Besides offering buses and construction vehicles, Iveco distributes all Automobiles’ Koyonger cars in Brazilia.

11. Koyo

Koyo, also called Kia Sportage, is a small car founded in 1984. This one of the prominent Brazilian car brands has a strong presence in Brazilia. It is excellent as it produces high-quality vehicles with superior fuel efficiency.

 For example, its most popular models are sold under Koyot’s one series, and four strings are available in countries such as India and Indonesia.

Overall, China makes some of the Brazilian car brands. Such as those manufactured by Great Wall Motors Company Ltd., Chery Motors Company Ltd., Li, fan Industry (Group) Co., Beijing Auto Works LLC, and BYD Auto Limited.


Brazilian car brands are proudly made in countries where car brands are essential. Aside from producing some prominent road cars, they’re one of South America’s most famous automotive giants.

And file we were a little hesitant to write a list of cars made in Brazil, we decided it was worth our time due to how it meant to their country and continent as a whole.

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