Top 12 Blockchain Companies in the World

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Blockchain is part of the new technology, and it is hot, and many want to take advantage of the technology.


It is a phenomenon that is changing not only the financial sector but also other vital sectors such as the health sector, the media, aviation, and even government parastatals.

What is Blockchain?

You may have heard of blockchain versus bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, but in reality, it is more than that.

Blockchain is a decentralized technological system in which transactions in digital currencies are recorded and maintained on various interconnected computers.

It is a growing list of registers called blocks, connected to cryptography and acting as a distributed book, managed by a peer-to-peer network, connected to a communication protocol between nodes, and the construction of new blocks.

How Blockchain Came About?

The blockchain was conceived as an IT concept even before its use in cryptocurrencies. The blockchain’s initial form was known as the hash tree or Merkle tree, which was patented by Ralph Merkle in 1979. It worked by verifying and manipulating data between computer systems.

Merkle tree was used to create a “secure blockade” of various data connected in a chain, one after the other in 1991. The most recent record of the chain will contain the history of the entire chain, and therefore the blockchain was created.

In 2008, a group of people known as Satoshi Nakamoto devised a distributed blockchain concept that would contain a secure history of data exchange.

It operates via a peer-to-peer network for timing and verification of exchange transactions and can be managed independently without a central body.

The peer-to-peer version of this electronic money is known as “bitcoin,” Therefore, the blockchain as we know it today was created.

How does Blockchain work?

The blockchain records and manages all data exchanges, and this recording is known as a general ledger, and the exchange information recorded in this record book is also called transactions.

Once the transaction is authenticated, it is added to the book as a block, and a point-to-point network of nodes is verified using the distributed system. When a new transaction is confirmed, it is added to the blockchain and can never be changed.

It connects through many computers called nodes, and each has a copy of the blockchain. The nodes guarantee that transactions are not modified by looking at the hash; the transaction is only written to the block if approved by a certain number of nodes.

Each block refers to the preceding one, and together they form a blockchain. The blockchain is updated every ten minutes.

So far, we have analyzed what blockchain is, how it came about, and how it works, etc., we will see the top blockchain companies.

Top Blockchain Companies Worldwide

Listed below are the top Blockchain Technology Companies and service providers providing Blockchain Services.

1. Sciencesoft

ScienceSoft is a company that specializes in software development and IT services organizations with vast years of experience and offices in the United States, the EU, and Eastern Europe.

ScienceSoft offers high-quality development of custom blockchain-based business solutions – these are transparent and secure trading platforms, supply chain and logistics management systems, distributed communication networks, and trading platforms.

Extensive experience in related areas such as website and mobile device development, cloud services, cryptocurrencies, and IoT provides the business with qualified assistance in the development of end-to-end blockchain applications at the end.

ScienceSoft’s block offering includes Blockchain Consulting, Blockchain Audit, migration of legacy solutions to Blockchain infrastructure, Blockchain testing services, Blockchain training, and more.

Headquarters: McKinney, Texas.

2. Prolifics

Prolifics has experience in providing consulting, engineering, and digital management services, including cloud, data and analysis, digital activities, quality assurance, and DevOps.

These solutions are available for a variety of industries, such as banking and finance, retail and distribution, healthcare, insurance, mortgages, and the public sector.

It offers solutions such as continuous integration and continuous delivery/implementation, infrastructures such as code, and toolchains.

You can get artificial intelligence and machine learning services, business analytics, data management, cloud architecture, cloud migration, native cloud development, etc. Their goal is to offer the fastest solution.

Headquarters: Orlando, Florida

3. Ripple Labs Inc.

This American financial technology company, founded in 2012 by Brad Garlinghouse, has developed the Ripple protocol and an exchange platform that provides cross-border payment solutions via cross-border technology.

Ripple decentralized financial tools offer a transparent experience in the processing of cross-border payments.

Ripple offers a real-time payment system that allows banks and other financial service providers to contract directly with each other without correspondence with third parties.

They connect banks, other commercial service providers, and global business organizations through their RippleNet global payment system.

The Ripple xCurrent commercial software solution allows banks to track their transactions from start to finish.

Its xRapid will enable banks to solve liquidity problems by using its XRP token as a bridge between currencies, to facilitate cross-border transactions.

xVia is another financial tool established by Ripple that allows companies to send payments via RippleNet.

Ripple is funded to the tune of $93.6 million and has offices in eight countries, including New York, Singapore, Sydney, India, Brazil, Luxembourg, and the United Kingdom.

Headquarters: San Francisco, California, United States. United States

4. LeewayHertz

It is a blockchain company specializing in the creation of blockchain applications for startups and businesses.

This award-winning software development company was founded in 2007 and has produced a variety of digital platforms for the cloud, mobile, blockchain, and IoT.

Its solution includes software development, Hedra hashgrapgh consulting, ICO, and STO startup service.

They also specialize in blockchain development in a different setting, dApps, and smart contracts.

Headquarters: San Francisco, California, United States.

Additional offices are located in Lake Forest, Illinois, and Gurgaon, India.

5. Blockchangers

Blockchangers is based in Norway and was launched in 2015 to help customers understand and use blockchain technology. They promote the blockchain by collaborating with public and private institutions to define the future of the blockchain.

Blockchangers is hosting the largest blockchain conference in Northern Europe, Oslo Blockchain Day, and they deal with top clients such as DNB Bank, PwC, Lyse, Datatilsynet, Trigger, Kantega, and more.

Its services include conferences, workshops, consulting, blockchain development, banking software development, front-end services, etc.

Headquarters: Oslo, Norway.

6. Techracers

Techracers has been renamed Deqode. Deqode provides blockchain solutions to businesses to solve complex problems. This will help companies to optimize their business processes and stimulate their growth.

Deqode has experience in Blockchain, DLT, software, development, consulting, cryptography, and application. They also provide solutions to companies, startups, and laboratories.

Headquarters: Wilmington, Delaware.

7. ChromaWay

This blockchain development company was founded in 2014 to develop a blockchain platform that works with the public and private sectors to build smart contracts and other decentralized blockchain applications for most of the real estate and financial industries.

One of its main achievements has been building a portfolio of green assets, a platform that connects green investors to potential investment opportunities. This creativity has contributed to the success of the objectives of the Paris climate agreement.

Their main goal is blockchain as a database, and they introduced the “postchain,” a distributed database management tool with distributed control.

Their solutions offer blockchain development, digital currencies, tokenization, consortium database, etc.

Headquarters: Stockholm, Sweden. It also has offices in Taipei and Palo Alto.

8. OpenLedger

This company works with customers around the world to create innovative solutions and products for the blockchain.

It also allows them to use an existing blockchain solution to grow their business and cut costs. Create new business tools for customers based on revolutionary decentralized networks that can transform business.

This Danish blockchain company was established in 2014 by Ronny Boesing. Their services include the development of Blockchains like Graphene, Bitshare, and HyperLedger and also ICO/ITO solutions such as ICO Escrow, ICO Advisory Support, ICO Technical Support, ICO Marketing, and PR.

Headquarters: Denmark It is also located in Belarus.

9. Ezetech

Ezetech is a web and technology development company launched in 2015 and works with non-technical companies seeking to launch blockchain projects.

They provide information advice to non-technical entrepreneurs in New York and helps them solve technological challenges. They do this by working with companies or startups at an early stage to create Minimum Durable Products (MVPs) to drive the iteration process.

Its services include web development, MVP development, technology consulting, and recruiting service.

Headquarters: New York, United States. It has branches in Australia and New Zealand.

10. Limechain

Limechain is a blockchain development company specializing in the creation of blockchain solutions for startups and businesses.

Based in Sofia, Bulgaria, it was founded in November 2017 by four friends, and its goal was to start developing blockchains locally and internationally.

They have big companies like Arxum, Vaultitude, LockTrip, Propy, and Iris.Ai on its client list. Its services include blockchain development, smart contracts, ICO, and mass sales.

Headquarters: Bulgaria

11. Chain

Chain is a blockchain development company launched in 2014. It specializes in building a crypto-accounting system for financial services companies.

The company uses its blockchain-based tools to provide assistance to banks, stock exchanges, and credit card companies to secure, trade, and manage their financial assets.

Chain partners with top financial companies such as Citigroup, Visa, Capital One, Nasdaq, Orange, Fiserv, and RRE Ventures.

They created the general ledger as a sequence of services that works with private ledgers and public networks for secure token transactions.

It can be used for mobile wallets, the transport sharing application, and the encryption exchange platform. The other is a virtual transaction machine called TxVM.

Its other services include blockchain development, cryptography, payment systems, distributed system, accounting technology, etc.

Headquarters: San Francisco, United States.

12. Intellectsoft

Intellectsoft is a mobile application development company that has evolved over the years into a software solutions development company.

Launched in 2007, they provide consultancy and software development services adapted to new technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, etc.

They are innovative and offer assistance to customers who wish to secure commercial, technological products via a distributed blockchain ledger and an intelligent contract protocol.

It has been developing applications since 2007 and is a partnership with Fortune 500 companies and global brands such as Nestle, Jaguar, Eurostar, Ernst, and Young. Their top-notch work made them one of the top blockchain companies.

Its services include application development, blockchain consulting, and business transformation.

Headquarters: Palo Alto, United States. They also have offices in Silicon Valley, New York, London, Oslo, Minsk, and Kiev.


Blockchain technology is an emerging market, and many new companies surface every day. The list above indicates the top blockchain companies to find out if you want to hire their services.

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