10 Best WordPress Job Board Plugins

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WordPress is a great tool, supporting over 43% of all listed websites. One feature that keeps users returning is the variety of plugins available to create and add unique website functionalities.


It is an open-source Content Management System that allows individuals to contribute software to improve the user experience.

Among the thousand plugins available on WordPress, you’ll find the job board plugins. However, it can be challenging for beginners to find their way and get the best of these options.

So, we’ll discuss the best WordPress job board plugins in this post.

Best WordPress Job Board Plugins

1. Simple Job Board

This is the first among the best WordPress job board plugins on our list. It’s free, and each job listed on this plugin allows for a customized application form. 

Also, Simple Job Board is famous for its multilingual feature. It allows for about eleven language choices and has been rated 4.5 out of 5. 

2. Recruitly

Like Simple Job Board, this app is free too. However, it works with an Elementor plugin subscription. It allows applicants to compare jobs and sort them using a popular criteria feature. 

Also, users can group applications and activities into favorites or applied jobs. 

3. WP Job Portal

WP Job Portal is another plugin among the best WordPress job board plugins. It can read and sort resumes using keywords like nationality, compensation range, categories, job title, and application title.

Also, the plugin is famous for messaging systems and email templates, allowing visitors to apply without becoming members.

4. Job Board WP

This plugin is excellent for websites with membership features, notably the ultimate membership plugin. It has three pages on the front end for jobs, posting, and a dashboard page. You could also add new positions on the backend and create shortcodes for job types, categories, and the like. 

5. Apply Online

Apply Online is also one of the best WordPress job board plugins we can’t overlook. It works hand-in-hand with contact form plugins. Also, each job listing has a title, a thumbnail image, and a summary. 

This plugin allows for email notifications to the applicants following specific actions on the website with different call-to-action options.

6. WP Job Opening

The WP Job Opening allows switching between a grid view and a list view, a modern feature that contributes positively to users’ experience. It has lots of hooks for developers and unlimited filter options. Also, it has a free and paid package.

7. Job Engine

For Job Engine plugins, front page templates are provided to kickstart the process for subscribers. It allows users to view job details by loading more pages without reloading the entire site. You can also add features like the set reminder button.

Further, Job Engine supports on-site payments using Paypal and the like. This feature offers services like proofreading, editing, or even crafting and tailoring CVs for specific jobs. 

This plugin is on sale for $89.

8. Job Board Manager

Job Board Manager is another free job board plugin with email notification templates and allows you to send emails directly to applicants. Like WP Job Opening, it displays jobs with titles, an email thumbnail, and a job count.

9. WP Job Board

This WordPress plugin comes in two packages. The regular is on sale for $97 and provides features like job listings, on-site applications, and customized email templates for just one website. However, the WP Job Board Business provides these features for all websites linked to one individual for $199.

10. WP Job Manager

WP Job Manager is the last on our list of the best WordPress job board plugins. Automattic, the developers of WordPress and Woocomerce, created this plugin. It works with Woocomerce to create customized job packages and sends job alerts to subscribers. 

Why Should I Add a Job Board to My Website?


If you are a service provider, you can use a plugin to add a job board to provide vacancies. You give your customers and random visitors reasons to check back at your website. When they come to access opportunities, you gain traffic; it is a win-win.


Recruiters should pay to list their vacancies for subscribers; it is simple. If your content is niched-down, chances are they find the most qualified people for the job in your audience. Since some WordPress plugins support payments through the job board, it’s a cinch. 

The Best Talents

Smaller job boards are more targeted. Yes, the full HR protocol is to create a competition pool and pick the best out of the crowd. Cast your nets wider, correct? 

This problem is that you have to trust someone else to pick your best talents. Laser-targeted listings on your job board on your web page bring you face-to-face with the options, and you get to choose.

Why Should I Use a WordPress Job Board Plugin?

Apart from being the most widely used and answering most of the qualities of a good job board discussed above, WordPress job board plugins contain other special features the best. 

WordPress is free, and so are many of the job board plugins. You can set them up in less than thirty minutes, and they are easy to use since they are widely compatible with web hosting companies.

On the other hand, you are primarily responsible for sorting any form of confusion that comes from using WordPress products because it is an open-source CMS. But, the wide usage of their product is a plus. 

This is because the chances are high that someone has experienced and solved this same problem. So, you’ll find most of the solutions online.

How to Know a Good Job Board Plugin?

Each plugin has a unique feature that separates it from the rest. However, the best plugin to use is the one that promises or is proven to solve your problem, and you can tell from reviews.

The best job board plugins allow a variety of functions. Their primary quality is if it’s user-friendly. It should leave job applicants, employers, and developers at the back end with an easy experience.

Also, a suitable job board plugin should allow shortcodes for job listings, job titles, and an application form. These are the basics but feature a search button, a dashboard, and an email notification system.

Steps in Choosing the Best WordPress Job Board

  • Visualize the kind of job board you aim at
  • List the features present in it
  • Research your options
  • Consider your budget
  • Identify the option that is the best fit
  • Go to the WordPress website and get started

You might have an idea of what you want your WordPress job board to look like. It is just a step away from solving your problem. However, looking through this list of the best WordPress job board plugins will ease your search.


Whether you are looking for the best WordPress job board plugins to use for your website or how to get started with the plugins, this article answers. WordPress is highly regarded, so the chances of having issues with these plugins are slim.

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