10 Best WordPress Control Panels for Cheap Hosting

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To deal with your hosting package, you need a WordPress Control Panel. A Control Panel helps you organize your purchased domain site and aids you in installing applications to run it effectively.


Also, it gives you a hand in uploading your website’s files and handling email accounts. The best part of the control panel is that you can access all the options by logging in to your server directly.

However, finding the best WordPress control panel is a difficult task because you’ll get thousands of them on the internet.

This article tells you about the 10 Best WordPress control panels that offer top features at affordable prices.

What is WordPress Control Panel?

If you’re a web developer or an IT professional, you may have opted for control panels to deal with your server, its applications, and setup.

Although, a WordPress control panel is simply invented for WordPress administration.

Additionally, WordPress control panels assist you with Virtual Private Servers (VPS) running tools that are specially manufactured for WordPress.

Thus, by optimizing VPS management tools offered by hosting control panels, you can arrange your WordPress sites on cloud servers without any trouble.

Moreover, the WordPress control panel gives you the privilege of attaining the features required by your website.

Although, you can obtain free or paid WordPress control panels. The latter will be decided by your server requirement and the features that your website needs for WP management.

Best WordPress Control Panels for Optimum WP Hosting Management

Below is the list of the 10 best WordPress control panels, along with their key features and pricing options.

1. RunCloud

If you’re looking for the best WordPress control panels that configure, organize, and set up your VPS with an eye-catching design, Runcloud.io can be your perfect pick.

A SaaS control panel that offers two server modes, Nginx and OpenLiteSpeed. Other features of Runcloud include:

  • WordPress Staging
  • Internal backups and Firewall tools
  • Built-in and object cache
  • Supports PHP apps on various VPS such as Google Cloud, AWS, Linode, etc.
  • The free 5-day trial window for WordPress sites
  • Runcloud monthly premium package starts from $8

2. CloudWays

CloudWays can be the best pick if you’re searching for a secure and intuitive hosting tool for a WP site. Also, this control panel fulfills all your needs related to hosting an individual, business, or eCommerce server.

It also serves you various optimized stack that includes Nginx, Apache, MySQL, and PHP-FPM. Other characteristics of CloudWays are:

  • Unlimited WordPress Staging and Hosting
  • Keen Firewalls and Vertical Scaling
  • Supports Varnish, Redis, and Memcached to load your WP site at fastening speed
  • Packages initiate from $10 monthly

3. WPCloudDeploy

WPCloudDeploy ranks high among the best WordPress control panel that has excellent features and performance and gives you solid support. It aids you in connecting with any cloud provider and enables optimized servers while using WordPress.

Although it has over 800 concurrent users yet you may have a hard time understanding its interface, which is a bit clumsy and expensive for beginners.

The main features of WPCloudDeploy are:

  • Offers customization and reselling settings.
  • Manages web apps safety with firewalls and customs derivatives
  • Aids you in creating backups and managing sites
  • Serves you smaller packages for rate affordability
  • The paid bundle starts from $17.42 monthly

4. Ploi.io

Ploi.io is among the best WordPress control panels as it works fast and has over 800 concurrent members. It offers advanced options such as git-deployments and load-balancing with a fairly easy user interface.

However, you must manually run some basic functions like WordPress staging and WP CLI in Ploi.io.

Ploi.io is a bit weaker when it comes to security because it doesn’t provide application-level firewalls for WordPress.

Other features of Ploi.io are:

  • Installs WordPress in One-Click
  • Supports server cloning and daily backup
  • A multipurpose tool that offers PHP versions
  • Gives a free 5-day trial account
  • The monthly package starts from $14

5. GridPane

GridPane offers you numerous settings to manage WordPress sites while offering a cost-effective control panel. Also, it runs on several servers, such as UpCloud, Vultr, Digital Ocean, Linode, Google Cloud, and other Linux VPS.

Moreover, if you’re starting with WordPress hosting business, then GridPane would assure you of fine services.

Some key features of GridPane consist of:

  • Unlimited WordPress Staging
  • Supports fast site speed and responsive file uploading.
  • Provides loads of security options, including 6G WAF, Fail2Ban, Modsecurity WAF, etc.
  • Serves free hidden package for Amazon AWS servers
  • The monthly package starts from $5 

6. ServerPilot

Serverpilot is among the oldest yet the best WordPress control panels. With over 500 concurrent members, it deploys several WordPress websites and VPS providers such as Digital Ocean, Amazon AWS, UpCloud, and Google Cloud.

Although, it lacks website staging. Serverpilot key features are:

  • Supports PHP applications
  • Provides strict security firewalls
  • Built-in cutting-edge tools for quick site response
  • One-Click WordPress Installer
  • The monthly package starts from $10.5

7. SpinupWP

Spinup WP is a control panel that aids you in running WordPress on the cloud server. Thereby, Spinup works on UpCloud, Azure, Digital Ocean, etc.

Also, it has over 1800 concurrent users due to advanced security tools such as WP-CLI and GIT support.

Spinup allows you to access its WP management tools directly from your servers. Other characteristics of Spinup WP are:

  • Deploy WordPress Staging
  • Supports Nginx, PHP, Redis, and MySQL/MariaDB
  • Free Let’s Encrypt Certificate
  • Offers $100 DigitalOcean credits for new members
  • The monthly package initiates from $14.

8. CyberPanel

Cyberpanel relates to the classical panels such as cPanel that was powerful in their function. Surprisingly, it incorporates LiteSpeed rather than Nginx as its webserver.

Although, the server provides an expensive platform to its member while offering below-average support services.

Other features of Cyperpanel are:

  • Serves WordPress staging and hosting
  • Offers security tools such as GIT integration
  • Automatically manages your email accounts
  • Provides customs plan as your hosting business needs
  • The package starts from $5 monthly

9. Forge

Forge host Laravel and PHP apps, but it is also among the best WordPress control panel. The forge control panel offers you HD graphics and the latest layout.

However, its performance has been rated mediocre by its 150 concurrent users. Although, the customer services center takes more than 3 hours to solve your query.

The highlights of the forge control panel are:

  • Offers WordPress Staging and Cloning
  • Provides safety with GIT integration
  • Serves you an easy interface and quick backup
  • The monthly package initiates from $17

10. Cleavr.io

Cleavr is the newcomer that made it to our list of best WordPress control panels because of its fine services. Also, it offers affordable pricing to its users while giving good performance. With over 1200 concurrent members, Cleavr is worth a try.

Although it lacks website cloning and contains bugs that make it difficult for users to understand in the first go.

Other key components of Cleavr are:

  • Supports PHP applications such as WordPress, Node, and Nuxt.
  • Offers fast site speed with real-time monitoring
  • Provides remote backups and an easy-to-use interface
  • The monthly bundle starts from $11

However, if you’re a beginner WordPress owner, go for a control panel with an easy-to-use interface and basic settings. For that reason, you can pick Runcloud and Cloudways for your WordPress management.


The aforementioned best WordPress control panel boosts your site or server by managing its speed and performance. Although, you can attain free options of the control panel without subscribing to its paid services.

However, the paid version will provide you with advanced features for your WordPress monetization and optimization.

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