12 Best Substitutes for Zoom

Best Substitutes for Zoom

Are you seeking one of the best substitutes for zoom but not as expensive? You are in the proper location at this time.


While Zoom can satisfy most of your fundamental business communication requirements, the correct Zoom alternatives can deliver precisely what you require and may be critical to your company’s success.

In addition, the best substitutes for zoom can assist you in accomplishing your objectives by providing crystal-clear video conferencing and sophisticated online conference solutions. 

Even before the coronavirus pandemic, there was already a growth in the number of people using video conversations for commercial and personal purposes.­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­

However, when COVID placed more and more restrictions on our movement, individuals began to understand that it is frequently just as beneficial to meet online rather than in person.

As a result, zoom was the platform that most individuals chose to use.

Compared to the previous month, there was a 225 percent rise in the number of connections made using Zoom in March 2020.

Today, we will discuss the best substitutes for zoom that are available to small businesses:

Best Substitutes for Zoom

1. Google Meet

Google Hangouts is an application better suited for conversations with friends, whereas Google Meet, formerly popular as Hangouts Meet, is video conferencing software geared at business customers.

Users of Google Workplace (formerly known as G Suite) have direct access to Meet as it is a component of Google Workplace.

Meeting participants can jump right in after receiving an invitation in their inbox, viewing the event’s details on Google Calendar, or opening the event itself in Gmail.

Identifying Characteristics

The most basic plan is free for up to 100 people, and each meeting can last an hour.

Enterprise’s most expensive plan allows 250 participants and 300 hours of use (plus 100,000 viewers for live streaming).

Thanks to its seamless integration, you can use all Google Workspace products with Google Meet.

Even though people commonly use it on desktop computers, it is geared for usage in mobile apps for Android.

Attractive features include the well-known Google interface and high-quality security measures comparable to those provided by RingCentral, which integrates easily with Google Workspace.

As a result, people consider this great program one of the best substitutes for zoom.

Screen sharing, fully configurable layouts, and real-time captioning are all included in the free tier, in addition to a grid view and the ability to create unique backdrops.

Customers with paid plans can record their video sessions to Google Drive, and premium users get access to a low-light mode and noise reduction.

If you run a little business, you can use the free tier, but as your company expands, it might need to offer more sophisticated features or integrations.

Another disadvantage is that for users to hold a meeting or even participate in one, they must sign up for a free account with Google.

Again, this may create a barrier to smooth use. It is important to remember if you want to arrange a conference call with clients or stakeholders relying on other platforms for their email and calendaring needs.

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2. Chanty

Chanty is a software that came into existence in 2017 that facilitates communication and collaboration between teams.

As one of the best substitutes for zoom, its free plan enables users to participate in one-on-one audio meetings and send and receive voice messages.

You will need the Business plan, which starts at $3 per user every month if you want to make one-on-one video conversations, and up to 25 individuals can participate in a group call via voice or video.

Principal Attributes

It provides a user experience that is uncomplicated and easy to understand. You are allowed up to ten team members with the free version, and you can contact each other and work on projects by having public or private conversations.

Your calls, tasks, discussions, pinned messages, and material you can organize in one central location with the help of Chanty’s Team book. It provides speedy access to the entirety of your message history.

Its Kanban board allows you to convert any message into a task, assign tasks, and sort them by status, due date, or assigned person, all of which are useful features for more efficient project management.

Unlimited integrations with Trello, Asana, Zapier, Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Github, Gitlab, and Giphy are available with a paid membership.

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3. Jitsi Meet

Because there is no requirement to create an account to utilize Jitsi Meet and its other features, it will undoubtedly appeal to extremely tiny enterprises and startups.

The caveat is that every meeting is limited to fifty attendees, and there is no option to upgrade to a paid tier with additional capabilities or features.

Identifying Characteristics

Jitsi Meet is known as one of the most secure online meeting platforms because it has many privacy features. For example, you can choose which devices it can access.

The software provides fundamental features like screen sharing and lives streaming of presentations, in addition to a chat tool that can be integrated into video conferences and used by both groups and individuals. As a result, this software can be one of the best substitutes for zoom for people worldwide.

Additionally, you can examine a list of recent prior meetings and connect your calendar to organize future meetings.

The ability to build a user profile and other useful services such as “pass presenter” and editing files through Etherpad.

Users can entirely tailor their platforms and add a wide variety of cutting-edge features because of the open-source nature of the program.

Those who have yet to gain previous knowledge in software development may, on the other hand, favor a platform with access to additional features as part of a paid plan.

Jitsi Meet supports both the Android and iPhone mobile app platforms. In addition, it is compatible with WebRTC, has an extension for Google Chrome, and integrates with both Microsoft 365 and Slack.

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4. BlueJeans

This software runs on the cloud and is ideal for smaller enterprises and companies that use a hybrid workforce consisting of remote and in-office employees.

BlueJeans is among the best substitutes for zoom and offers fundamental communication capabilities. Still, the functionality designed for team collaboration is less robust than that of systems such as RingCentral.

Identifying Characteristics

Dolby Voice, the most eye-catching component of BlueJeans, ensures that audio transmissions are crystal clear, which is an apparent benefit for online meetings. Along the same lines as RingCentral Video, it also has a safe driving option for mobile applications.

The plan with the lowest price allows for up to 50 guests; no time limits with this option. The plans with the second and third tiers allow for 75 and 100 participants, respectively.

Even if there isn’t a free version, small businesses can still sign up for a free seven-day trial that gives them unlimited access to all of the functions and features of the premium edition.

The most affordable plan does provide access to all the normal capabilities, including screen sharing, annotation, and recording, in addition to bandwidth monitoring and some of the more common security options.

The premium plan includes several different add-ons and has varying prices. For example, there are versions of BlueJeans for Linux, in addition to Windows and Mac operating systems, as well as Android and iOS. Higher tiers include integrating other popular software, such as Microsoft Teams, Splunk, Gong, and Zoho.

On the other hand, it is not compatible with touchscreen Windows devices, and some users have reported experiencing slowness in the video.

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5. Meet Now

This feature, which was made available by Microsoft for use on Skype early this year, was designed to make video conferencing a more enjoyable experience.

But, even if it came to the party a bit late, it has several qualities that will help it compete with the already existing platforms.

Similar to Jitsi Meet, it allows a maximum of 50 individuals in a single meeting and is free to use. Although legally speaking, the meeting will never end, each video conversation can go for up to 24 hours at a time.

Identifying Characteristics

Meet Now is comparable to Zoom in that you can set up and share a free meeting with only three clicks rather than the ten or more required by Zoom. In addition, because it is built into Windows 10, its icon will appear in the taskbar, making it more convenient to use.

There is no requirement for hosts or visitors to register an account or install anything on their computers. Because you may initiate the process via Skype’s website, the host does not even have to have Skype installed on their computer.

If the person you invited already has Skype installed on their device, the call will automatically open in the Skype app; if not, the Skype web client will open in Chrome or Edge. (At this time, official support is only provided for those browsers.

Because of this, platforms such as RingCentral that are interoperable with the majority of the most popular browsers have an advantage.)

Screen sharing, a chat feature, and the ability to reply with emojis are some features you can find in Meet Now. Additionally, you can record meetings and save for up to a month.

It is impossible to modify the backdrops, but you can blur them (which is helpful if you are working in a location where people are strolling by!).

You cannot upgrade to additional features because there is no paid tier; however, a payment option is available if you need to make international calls.

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6. Brosix

Brosix is an effective instant messaging program that is also very simple to operate and exists with the communication needs of teams in mind.

As one of the best substitutes for zoom, the program includes several features for secure collaboration and communication available to its users, and other users can access it.

Brosix does not impose a limit on the number of users and provides a selection of three different pricing tiers for users to select from.

Principal Attributes

The level of protection provided by Brosix is well-known. The application complies with most security standards because it utilizes several different security methods, such as end-to-end encryption, administrators having complete control, servers not keeping users’ data, and antivirus integration.

Regarding communication and collaboration, users of Brosix are capable of sending instant messages, making video calls and video chats, sharing their screens, broadcasting a message, and sending files.

Of unlimited size, take screenshots, take advantage of a whiteboard feature, and search their chat history using a single keyword.

In addition, screen-sharing sessions and remote control can be requested by the other participant or handed over to them at their discretion.

In addition to various fonts and a nudge function, Brosix provides many emoji reactions. After each month, the administrator of the team network can compile all of the users’ data activities into a ZIP file, which that person can then download.

Additionally, the program for instant messaging provides interfaces with active directories and links to apps from the outside.

Devices running Windows, Android, Linux, Mac OS X, and iOS are all supported by Brosix, enabling coworkers to maintain connectivity on various devices.

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7. RingCentral Video

For multiple years in a row, People have considered RingCentral, a front-runner in the field of UCaaS (unified communications as a service).

Because of this, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that RingCentral Video Pro, the company’s free video conferencing solution, includes high-quality video and carrier-grade security by default and is well suited to teams who work remotely from one another.

The best part is that a free option is available through RingCentral Video. You will never get the impression that you are compromising on quality when you have access to a solution that is both free and loaded with features.

Identifying Characteristics

RingCentral Video Pro is free and enables you to host conferences with up to 100 people and meetings lasting up to 24 hours.

Additionally, the app provides 10 hours of storage for meeting recording, which can be kept for up to a week and then downloaded and shared across all your devices.

You can host meetings with as many as 200 people if you have the upgraded version of RingCentral Video Pro+.

In addition, as one of the best substitutes for zoom, RingCentral Video Pro+ allows users to record up to 100 hours worth of teleconferences and keep those recordings for up to a year, during which the recordings can be downloaded or shared.

RingCentral Video Pro also connects with tools you might already be using, such as Google Workspace, Microsoft Teams, Outlook Calendar, and Microsoft 365. (Gmail, Google Drive, etc.).

If you require deeper connectors, the subscription plan comes with a developer platform that enables you to build bespoke interfaces with your preferred third-party applications, CRMs, and other types of software.

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8. Cisco Webex

The free plan offered by Webex is one of the most all-inclusive available; it allows a maximum of 100 participants per meeting and lasts up to half an hour.

The cheapest paid-for plan extends the length of the meeting to twenty-four hours, but you have to advance through two more tiers before the maximum number of attendees. You can also increase the maximum to a hundred. The Premium subscription allows for an infinite number of hosts and 100,000 participants.

Identifying Characteristics

Screen sharing, an interactive whiteboard, and a message function are all included in the free version of the software, making it an effective tool for teamwork.

However, you will need to upgrade to increase your recording capability and storage space, as well as your dial-in access and international call-ins.

The functions of transcriptions, file sharing, discussion, “raise hand,” and polling is all included in every subscription plan.

In contrast to RingCentral Video, which provides support regardless of subscription level, live customer service is available with all of the paid versions of the service.

Much like RingCentral Video, Webex strongly emphasizes security by providing firewall compatibility, single sign-on (SSO), and secure scheduling options.

Some user controls may be difficult to locate due to the design’s minimalist aesthetic, and there have been reports of concerns regarding slowdown, particularly when using the screen-share option.

It also interacts with Google Drive, Microsoft 365, and Salesforce, and mobile applications are available for both Apple and Android smartphones.

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9. Microsoft Teams

This shared workspace incorporates chatting, meetings, file sharing, and many business applications, and people consider it an effective method for simulating the feeling of working in an office setting.

As one of the best substitutes for zoom, It functions most well in settings dominated by Microsoft products. It is not compulsory to have an account to participate in a meeting; however, if you choose to use the browser-based alternative, it will only work properly on Chrome or Edge.

Video chats with up to 300 participants are available with any plan; however, you can only view nine people simultaneously. The most expensive subscription allows you to organize online gatherings for up to 100,000 participants.

Identifying Characteristics

Standard video conferencing facilities, such as screen sharing and a chat function, is included with Microsoft Teams.

Additionally, configurable backgrounds and web-based versions of Microsoft goods are software features that you can find.

Finally, participant lists, live captioning, and shared recordings are three more capabilities that can be helpful.

The subscription plans include additional management, compliance, and security capabilities, whereas the free version has a subset of those features available.

The higher tiers, however, can only be accessed by customers who have subscribed to Microsoft 365 Business Premium or Microsoft 365 Enterprise E3.

Because audio conferencing is only accessible as an add-on to the paid tiers, attendees can participate in meetings by dialing in on their phones (something that comes standard with RingCentral Video). Additionally, you can include tools for managing projects.

It is important to note that all currently logged-in users of Skype for Business will shortly have their accounts automatically transferred to Microsoft Teams.

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10. GoToMeeting

This video conferencing program has been available for some time and provides scalable solutions; nonetheless, it is designed for many individuals to use simultaneously.

The most affordable package allows up to 150 people and offers available meeting times. The following tier, which allows for 250 participants and offers a free trial period of 14 days, and the premium tier, which allows for 3,000 users, are described below.

Identifying Characteristics

It is easy to set up and convenient for collaboration, with co-hosting features, an interactive whiteboard, and screen-sharing capabilities rolled into one convenient package.

The plan with the lowest price point also includes a dial-in capability. In contrast, the two plans with the higher prices provide unlimited cloud recording in addition to sketching tools, a Smart Assistant, and transcripts.

Other handy options include “Slide to PDF,” which allows for speedier sharing of presentations, and live in-meeting notes that you can share after the meeting. In addition, there is a method for entering using a personal identification number (PIN) and polling and “raise your hand” functions.

It may be used on computers running Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, Android, and iOS, and there are plug-ins available for Google Calendar and Microsoft 365.

However, as a trade-off, the audio quality of GoToMeeting could be better than that of other systems that perform similarly, requiring more bandwidth than those platforms.

The functionality of a webinar is not included unless you add the sibling product GoToWebinar. But if you need a service for business VoIP, your best chance is to go with GoToConnect; alternatively, you might utilize RingCentral Video instead.

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11. FaceTime

FaceTime is a video chat app. It is an Apple video calling app that gives you to make audio and video calls to other Apple devices from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

However, Chrome extensions enable you to use the chat app on Windows 7, 8, and 10. It can allow up to 32 people to participate in a group video conference. You can also make audio-only calls to conserve bandwidth.

The program has a straightforward user interface with few features, such as a call stop, mute, and video turn-off button.

Identifying Characteristics:

  • Use contact numbers or Apple IDs to make voice or video calls.
  • Mark ‘Favorites’ to easily access and call significant individuals in the Phone app.
  • You can find FaceTime calls on your recent calls list.
  • Send stickers and Memojis to encourage further interaction.
  • You may customize your video conference with stickers, Animoji, and filters. However, it would be best to create your emoji before beginning the video call.

While the software is free, secure, and provides HD quality, it has certain limitations. You can use it for informal free video conferencing where you don’t need to exchange screens or data with other attendees.

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12. Zoho Meeting

One of the best substitutes for zoom on our list is Zoho Meeting, which allows you to host webinars, online meetings, and broadcast demos.

In addition, it allows you to join or start the meeting without installing any software. Although you can only host meetings using the iOS app, you can join meetings using both the Android and iOS apps. You also get a browser extension for Firefox and Chrome.

It also allows you to record your session on the cloud, download it, and share it with a short link. You can also call in by dialing over 100 local lines and 55 toll-free numbers from other countries. Zoho Meeting is a popular Zoom substitute.

Furthermore, it provides a plethora of functions for hosting video conferences, such as:

  • Chat during the session.
  • There is no time limit for meetings.
  • Hold online meetings that include audio, video, and screen sharing.
  • Send reminder emails, collect RSVPs, and embed meeting links.
  • Schedule and sync meetings with Google or Zoho calendars automatically.
  • Use polls and Q&A to increase participation and track responses with webinar analytics.
  • Moderator controls, such as the power to change presenters, mute or delete attendees, and so on.

A ‘Lock Meeting’ option allows you to organize private meetings and control who enters. In this manner, you may deny anyone access, even if they have the attendee link.

Furthermore, you may make any attendee a presenter or add a co-organizer at any time during the meeting.

You can also co-brand your meetings and webinars by including the name or emblem of your company in email invitations and reminders.

Custom registration forms, custom fields, and embeddable registration forms help generate leads. SSL/128-bit AES encryption safeguards communication.

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These are my top recommendations for the best substitutes for zoom. In addition, choosing the best video conferencing or team collaboration software is critical, particularly in the aftermath of COVID-19.

Then, you can select one of the numerous video conferencing platforms that perfectly meet your needs.

If you need to collaborate with a small remote team, BlueJeans; Microsoft Teams is an appropriate alternative for a major organization that wishes to host huge audiences.

FaceTime and Google Hangouts, on the other hand, are better suited for personal video conversations.

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