10 Best Selling Cars in Hawaii

Best Selling Cars In Hawaii

If you’re moving to Hawaii, it’s good to know that there are best selling cars in Hawaii, and you won’t have to spend your whole car budget on the first car you choose. 


Here’s some information about the best selling cars in Hawaii and what their availability means for you!

Among the top best selling car in Hawaii is the Toyota Camry, and if you like small cars, look into the Ford Focus as another great choice!

1. Toyota Camry

Toyota Camry is the first on the list of best selling cars in Hawaii. The Toyota Camry is one of the best-selling cars in Hawaii.

The Toyota Camry can be seen everywhere, from parking lots to side streets. It is a popular car for both personal and commercial use.

Businesses that operate fleet vehicles often choose this model because it provides excellent fuel economy and great value for the money. 

Plus, with more than 700 dealerships across the US, finding a dealer for maintenance or repairs should not be an issue.

If you’re looking for a new car that won’t break your budget but still has plenty of features to keep you comfortable and connected, this vehicle may be just what you need!

2. Tesla Model 3

The Tesla Model 3 is one of Hawaii’s most popular and best selling cars. It’s all-electric, so you don’t have to worry about car maintenance or gas prices. 

You can order your own Model 3 through Tesla, which will be delivered to your home when available. The car starts at $35,000, and many people say it feels like driving a luxury vehicle even though it costs less. 

It has great safety features like front collision avoidance and lane departure warnings. These features keep drivers safe by keeping their eyes on the road and alerting them if they get too close to another object.

3. Honda HR-V

Knowing what to look for can be tough when shopping for a new vehicle. How do you know which vehicles are popular?

Which offers the best gas mileage, comes with an impressive warranty package, or has a reputation for being reliable and dependable? Well, let’s look at some of the most popular best selling cars in Hawaii. 

The Honda HR-V is one of Honda’s most popular models and one of their best selling cars. This compact SUV offers great maneuverability and excellent fuel economy. 

So you’ll feel good knowing that your purchase helps protect our environment too! Plus, this isn’t just any SUV; Its standard features include power windows, door locks, air conditioning, and cruise control.

4. Honda Civic

The Honda Civic is a popular choice for motorists in Hawaii. The Civic has an affordable starting price and comes with various features, including leather seating and heated front seats. 

There are also plenty of safety features, such as lane departure warnings, a backup camera, and parking sensors.

And if you have children or pets that need to come along for the ride, there is ample space for them to sit comfortably back there.

The Honda Civic is a good option if you’re looking for affordable comfort and style.

5. Tesla Model Y

Tesla Model Y is next on the list of Hawaii’s best selling cars. The Tesla Model Y is a crossover electric vehicle designed and manufactured by Tesla, Inc. The Model Y was unveiled on March 14, 2019, at Tesla’s design center in Hawthorne, California. 

Tesla markets the Model Y as a high-performance version of its popular Model 3. The Model Y will be offered two battery packs: one with a capacity of 200 miles and another with a range of 300 miles. 

The base price for both battery packs is $39,000 before incentives (tax rebates and other state or local credits).

The base model will come standard with autopilot hardware developed from the company’s work with its self-driving vehicles.

6. Honda CR-V

The Honda CR-V is one of the best selling cars in Hawaii. Its spacious interior can easily fit five passengers and their luggage. The CR-V is equipped with a 1.5L engine, which provides plenty of power for any situation. 

If you’re looking for a reliable car that will quickly get you from Point A to Point B, this may be the perfect vehicle!

The CR-V features a fuel efficiency rating of 24 mpg combined, so your gas tank will last much longer than other models.  

The CR-V has plenty of safety features: ABS, stability control, front airbags, side airbags, and more.

There are also many available accessories for this model that can make your life easier, such as the Garmin Nuvi 780 GPS unit or Sirius XM satellite radio.

These are just a few reasons why there’s no better choice than a Honda CR-V when considering purchasing a new car!

7. Toyota Corolla

The Toyota Corolla is undoubtedly one of the best selling cars in Hawaii. Not only is it affordable, but Toyota is also known for its quality and reliability. 

The Corolla has been around since the 1970s and is still popular today because it has a comfortable interior, great fuel economy, and enough cargo space to make errands easier. It also has many safety features that help keep you and your passengers safe while driving. 

If you’re looking for a new or used car that will get you from point A to point B without any problems. Then this might be the right vehicle for you.

8. Toyota Rav4

When you think of cars in Hawaii, it’s hard not to picture a convertible. But locals know that many other popular models make sense for what we need: SUVs, vans, and crossovers. 

Please take a look at some of the best selling vehicles on our islands. Toyota Rav 4 The Toyota Rav4 is one of the most popular cars in Hawai’i.

Known as one of the best compact SUVs, this car is great for families who want something versatile. 

It also has a reliable safety rating (7/10) and few reported engine failures or cabin ventilation problems. This car is worth checking out if you’re looking for an affordable vehicle.

9. Toyota 4Runner

Toyota 4runner is next on the list of best selling cars in Hawaii. The Toyota 4Runner is a popular option if you want an SUV.

This model usually starts at around $36,000 and can be purchased from local car dealerships. 

The 4Runner has many great features, like 4-wheel drive, stability control with traction control, hill start assists, and more. This is a good option if you have a large family or often go off-road. 

It is well known that owning a car isn’t cheap, but there are ways of getting cheaper models for those struggling financially.

Some people may buy older cars that need repairs rather than new ones that cost much more money upfront. 

Renting cars can also be cheaper if someone only needs one occasionally. These options may seem scary initially, but they are available and should always be considered when saving money.

10. Toyota Tacoma

Lastly, on the list, The Toyota Tacoma is one of the best selling cars in Hawaii. It has an excellent safety rating and is a very reliable truck. 

The base trim starts at around $25,000, a great value for such a well-built vehicle. You can also get 4×4 versions that start at $27,000 and range up to around $40,000 for higher-end models with additional features. 

Also, this model includes front-row captain chairs as standard equipment. There are many different trims available, and all come with heated seats, Apple CarPlay/Android Auto, and remote engine starting.


In the state of Hawaii, there are plenty of options for cars and trucks, as long as your vehicle conforms to the emission and safety regulations. In Hawaii, you should be able to drive it here without any trouble. 

Even with the strict regulations, however, plenty of vehicles stand out above the rest when it comes to popularity on the islands. And this list takes a look at some of the best selling cars in Hawaii.

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