Best Rocket League Cars to Use in 2023

Rocket League Cars

The best rocket league cars are required whether you are a beginner or an old legend of Supersonic, your car’s choice reflects who you are as a player!

Best rocket league cars are difficult to choose but if chosen, they make your gaming experience exceptional.

The more reliable is your car, the more accurate will be your play style. If you think that all cars are created similarly then you are surely misguided.

If you are confused about choosing the best rocket league cars for you, we are here to guide you about what makes one car preferable to the other.

Also, which rocket car is best for you. So keep reading this article to gain the answers to your queries regarding the best rocket cars available. 

Rocket League Games – A Runway Trend

Rocket League is in the trend nowadays. Because of its innovative and exciting contests, it grabs the attention of gamers all over the world.

These astonishing cars are quite easy in handlings. Adding up the extremely fast movie along with the soccer’s moments the rocket league fans get the vehicular video games based on soccer.

There is a wide variety of cars available in the rocket league.

For your first play, the Rocket league provides some cars for free, in the first launch of the game. As you proceed with the game, you get options to purchase the rest of the cars in DLC packs.

There is a variety of battle cars, each feature different handling attributes, and hitboxes. These features alter the interaction of your car with the ball.

People love to experience the four-wheeled foot actions. Moreover, the casual and competitive modes of the rocket league make it even more interesting.

Additionally, the free-to-play update of this game overwhelms the gamers and brings a new spark to life.

As a matter of fact, any car in the rocket league can be good and works best for you once you understand how to use it!

Talking about the game and game modes, we will envelop all the crucial things that you need to know while choosing the best rocket league car.

It includes each and everything from the top spread to the preferable pick. Now here, we are going to discuss some of the best rocket league cars that will provide you with an exceptional experience.

The Best Rocket League Cars for you

To be honest, all cars available in the rocket league works best in their places. But people want to go further in the contests which require perfection in technical terms too.

To tackle this requirement, here we are presenting the best rocket league cars for you that provide the best gaming experience along with heart-winning outcomes.

Octane – the Best Rocket league car in the group:

Octane is the most favorite car of all the players in rocket league. One of the most interesting things is that besides categorized in the list of default battle cars, it is still acknowledged as the best rocket league cars by a wide margin.

For both, beginner and as well as professional way, octane is the most common yet popular car to pick.

The reason for its popularity is its exceptional hitboxes, turning radius, and overall perfect design.

Talking about the hit box, the octane car provides an accomplished rectangular hit box providing an elegant surface area to the car front without making it too crowdie or boxy.

Along with the responsive handling and the tight turning radius, the profile of the car is highly abundant off the ground.

All in all,  it can move on the ball in the ground as well as in the air.

Cars that feature Octane Hit box

There are several other cars that bring about the octane hit box. The cars include Takumi and Twinser.

The octane is the choice of most high-profile players. The gamers prefer the standard octane and other variants because the octane car models usually match the in-game hitbox respectively.

Bat mobile

Another prominent pick among the high profile players, the 16 Batmobile was introduced in 2016. It is the longest car and features the plank-type hitbox.

Being one of the best rocket league cars, it is the longest car in the game. Because of its angular design, it pulls the dominant precision shots flawlessly.

The Chef’s kiss of cars in the Battle league!

Moreover, the long flat frame is a very effective tool for shooting while in the air. Due to these specifications, this car is the choice of many professional players a few different cars, that shares the same plank hit box namely, Artemis and Sentinel and Centino.


The most popular and best rocket league car is seen in the high profile after octane is Dominus. It is a DLC battle car.

A flawless car that is extremely easy to operate.

It handles the corners perfectly. Moreover, it performs well in the great mid-air and that is one of the most important reasons that make this car successful and popular among gamers.

It performs like a pro-, it suns like a dream on both grounds and in the air.

A must use for the offence and defense – stay loyal to this precious gem!

Talking about the features and specifications of this car, it is a flawless car along with an elongated front.

With the beautiful detailing and colors, this gives a completely classical and muscular car vibe. It has the ability to makes the player feels like a million-dollar.


Breakout, one of the best rocket league cars which are categorized in the three default cars in the league.

As a matter of fact, it is a wider version of  Dominus. It is a great choice for beginners as well.

A number of cars share the hit box of breakout like Cyclode, Samurai as well as Saminus GP.

If you are new to this rocket league world and unable to unlock the higher plank hitbox, breakout works best for you as it is the most preferable substitute to Dominus.


The design of the Endo car is slightly boxier than the rest of the popular cars. For mid-air handling, the Endo is among the best rocket league cars.

Endo is somehow similar to octane in width and height. It is longer in length which truly gives an advantage in the ongoing game.

Most of the players prefer this car for their gameplay as its handling is very easy and flawless. The mid-air moments are the show-stealer.

Moreover, its appearance is also very adorable.

Best Rocket League Cars – A Final Takeaway

In the end, you choose the car that matches your preferences. If you like a car that is not mentioned in the above list, then not worry at all.

Use whatever you like to use. The goal is to satisfy your preferences. Have fun and enjoy the gameplay. If you explore new cars and gain new experiences, you will get more and more experience.

Moreover, you get to know about the new and latest tricks to handle the cars and play professionally.

Have fun with the Best Rocket League Cars!

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