10 Best Racing Games for VR in 2023

Best Racing Games for VR

There’s no cap that from 1930s electro-mechanical arcade racing games to today’s simulators like iRacing, the racing and gaming have been two peas in the pods.


Gamers were thrilled enough to have captured all their favorite enthusiastic cars on their screens.

However, they got ants in their pants when virtual reality came into existence. 

What could the racing lovers do when they got to know that they’ll be hitting the jackpot.

Is it stirring having fierce competitions, rushing metal, banked curves of the speedway, and reckless racing obscured in your VR?

Are you to get your best VR headset for racing games out? Let’s go and look into our list of best racing games for VR.

Top Racing Games for VR

Project Cars has nailed into the field of Oculus Quest, Oculus Rift, and other popular VR headsets. They are many immersive racing experiences. 

Also, brace yourself to get motion sickness from VR. There’s no going back. Let’s get on a ride with the best racing games for VR.

1. Project Cars 2

Project Car’s release in the year 2017 made the head turn with its seamless and flawless graphics. Players still can’t get over the surplus complexity in the mechanics of Project Car 2.

PCars 2 requires you only to pick the right track, car, ad type of weather. After that, you can enjoy the game’s 20+ AI opponents, license of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway oval, and IndyCar series.

The game still serves madness, making it the soundest choice of best racing games for VR. You may expect the snowy weather or the sun shining on your dashboard.

2. Gran Turismo Sport

Do you have PlayStation VR? If yes, then good for you! Gran Turismo Sport is here with its stellar racing experience to tempt you.

The game showcases its gimmicky showroom of cars for the players to choose their vehicle. The game makes the gamers reach the racing ground by having a one-to-one match with the AI.

There are slim features of the VR tour mode. Still, the game is worth a try in your VR.

3. Assetto Corsa

Are you looking for the best new VR game with realistic simulation, additional support, and a wide range of great mods? Then Assetto Corsa can be your cup of joe!

This legendary entry into the VR world gives you the best value for your money through its vibrant modding community. 

You can sink your teeth into the drafty drifting, disparate locations, cars, tracks, and attractive updates. The game slides into the horsepower and is playable extremely close to reality.

The gameplay features everything from gearboxes to rigs and wheels to pedals. What more can you ask in VR racing games?

4. AutoMobilista 2

Would you like some same experience as PCars 2? Then, why not give this game a go? AutoMonilista also uses the MADNESS physics engine.

When it is about mechanics, no other game stands a chance. It is a fantastic game for someone who focuses on detail in the racing competition.

Slightly Mad Studios have ever maintained its quality with its dynamic weather variation and impeccable visuals. 

5. Dash Dash World

Dash Dash World has got everything you have been looking for. Name anything. The game enlightens you with adventurous racing, cross-platform, prevention of dizziness features, broad headset compatibility, and multiple racing multiplayer mode.

The fully-fledged experience of the game dazes the players. Where would you get 100+ content hours, eight-player online matchmaking, achievements, quests, story modes, and challenges?

That’s not all. Develop MOTIONX Studio has even gone ahead with live tournaments, explosive weapon systems, and arcade-style gameplay. These all specifications make it a thumbs up.

6. Dirt Rally 2.0

It’s time to revamp your inner Johan Kristofferson while rallying against the time. Don’t worry, the mixed-surface racing around the dark and haunted Welsh forest.

What can be more fun than racing in the muddy apex targeting the Metro 6R4 between the trees? The rally theme and weather conditions set Dirt Rally bars high. Therefore, do this game between the other best racing games for VR a go.

7. Project Cars 3

Have you just got a new shining best VR headset for racing simulators? Then, PCars 3 is here, perfect for all VR beginner users.

If PCARs 2 failed to draw you, I am sure that PCar 3 won’t disappoint you. You get all benefits out of your money by getting this game. 

You get access to revolutionary arcade gameplay with invincible racing strategies, the best VR light effects, fiery seasonal theme, and hair-raising racing speed.

 The ever-green explosive collisions, 200+ cars, 120 tracks, and exciting modes make this game an unstoppable journey.

8. iRacing

iRacing gives all gamers a new way to get into the nitty-gritty of the racing world. The game displays just fine directions of the camera and in-game settings.

iRacing showers you with endless attributes and support. You get head-ups in the game before you want to start the virtual venture.

The game also recognizes the sides at where to go and lean. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the upcoming obstacles in the game.

9. Live for Speed

The game has always been on the wishlist of all VR users. You got a chance to know why you should get LFS and not the other best racing games for VR.

All video games buffs can major relate to LFS. Everyone has got their hands on it at least once in life. However, no one thought that you would get LFS with the functionality of VR.

Well, I have to admit that the content is a bit little. Still, you get a pleasant driving simulator and a smooth experience for a game released in 2002.

The game is the most suitable for everyone obsessed with graphics and who wants to have an unbothered ride.

10. Raceroom Racing Experience

Do you have got empty pocket after buying the VR? Are you looking for the best new VR game? Then, probably RRE in other best racing games for VR can be your thing.

You may find the car ranges divisive here. Well, everyone likes different things, you know. However, it is an outstanding deal for those who want to try first and buy later.

The most appealing and cheering specialty of the game is the incredible sound system. It makes you feel like you’re on the racing field for the competition. 

Bottom Line

We’ve done our part by listing the best racing games for VR in this article. Now, it’s your call to get whichever game you desire on your VR.

No matter which choice you make, we are sure that these games will enhance your virtually stimulating experience.

Get your headsets ready and be in your best form as the racing games for VR are about to get the most of you!

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