19 Best Offshore Fishing Boat of 2023

Offshore Fishing Boat
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Even if you limit your search to the most incredible offshore fishing boats, finding the best offshore fishing boat for your needs is challenging.


With any boat, there are always several trade-offs to consider. You might improve ride qualities by designing a deeper V in the hull, but you’ll probably lose stability.  

Making a lighter boat will save you money on gas, but it will also be thrown around more by the waves.

The list goes on and on, and the best offshore fishing boats achieve a mix of crucial and peripheral elements. 

Our top contenders for the best offshore fishing boats are based on these factors, the most significant to an offshore angler.

1. Blackfin 272CC

Our list starts with an offshore fishing boat described as a “proven battlewagon on the water” by the firm.

While we hope you’re only battling a couple of giant marlins, this boat is packed with features and designed for ultimate offshore fishing comfort.  

It all starts with two outboard engines at the stern, and you’ll be able to choose from a range of engine configurations, with a maximum power of 600 horsepower.

Flip-down transom seating gives a pleasant area to rest and a solid fishing platform when you’re not on the water.  

Additionally, a 30-gallon baitwell, a five-gallon bait bucket, two 54-gallon fish boxes with macerated pump-outs, eight mounted fishing rod holders, and an insulated storage cooler in the forward console is among the standard cockpit features on the Blackfin 272CC.  

2. 64C Convertible Sportfishing Yacht

The Viking 64C is set to debut this fall during the forthcoming FLIBS 2021 boat exhibition, where it will undoubtedly attract the attention of offshore anglers from all across the country.  

Additionally, this is a four-stateroom, three-head convertible battlewagon powered by two diesel inboards with a combined output of 2000 hp.  

While Viking has previously produced convertibles of this size, they are noted for consistently improving and updating their model line. As a result, the new 64C should outperform previous Vikings. 

3. Albemarle 31 DC

Because the deck layout is less perfect for fishability than a center console, a dual console may be an unexpected candidate for inclusion as one of the best offshore fishing boats. However, many anglers with boating families will benefit from choosing a DC.  

Non-angling family members may be happy and supportive of the boat purchase because of the design’s adaptability.

Regrettably, most twin-console boats are constructed with little regard for maximum fishability. That is not the case with this Albemarle, and the company has never built anything other than fishing boats.  

Furthermore, the transom Livewell contains 30 gallons, the cockpit has 56-gallon fish boxes, and coaming bolsters line the inwales. The helm is designed to accommodate two 12-inch MFDs.  

Meanwhile, the last nail in the coffin: an exceptionally tall wrap-around windshield offers significantly more protection than conventional DCs. 

4. Cobia 301 CC

The Cobia 301 CC is a significant upgrade over the Cobia 296 CC design. An inward-opening side door, for starters, makes hauling massive fish on board a breeze.

The side entrance also makes dockside boarding easier, and Cobia has upgraded the entry and exit ports from the back dive platform.  

They’ve also increased the amount of room in the cockpit so you and your co-pilot can maneuver comfortably. Cobia has added a freshwater sink and rigging station to this boat’s tackle station regarding fishing features.  

In addition, the redesigned console in this offshore fishing boat reorganizes all of your controls into a simple-to-use dashboard that maximizes functionality. 

5. Cayman 401 CC Center Console

The 401 CC is Caymas’ newest and largest boat, previously known for its ground-breaking hybrid bay boats. However, with two pressurized 45-gallon live wells fed by variable-speed Hooker Electric pumps and a sea chest system.  

This enormous new offshore center console beast can handle triple or quadruple outboards up to 1,800 total horsepower and is a live bait angler’s dream.  

Note that the 401 CC comes standard with high-end features, from the anchor windlass in the bow to the motorized trim tabs on the stern. The Cayman 401 CC center console is also one of the best offshore fishing boats. 

6. Parker Boats 2120SC

Parker Boats’ 2120SC is one of the lightest boats on our list, so you won’t need a big truck to tow it. Once you’re out on the water, it has many useful functions to help you with your offshore fishing.  

Furthermore, a full transom fitted with an insulated fish box, Livewell tank, and transom door with access to the rear swim platform is a standard feature on this sport cabin fishing boat.  

It also has a raw water washdown for cleaning fish and rod storage and toe rails under the funnel.

Because you can retreat into the wholly enclosed cockpit, if necessary, the Sports Cabin type is an excellent choice for foul-weather fishing. 

7. Bertram 61

We were very impressed when the Bertram 61 first hit the water a few years ago. It has remained a top option among the best offshore fishing boats as we head into 2022.

This boat has it all when it comes to fishing, from the 188 square foot cockpit to the mezzanine MFD to the electric reel outlets beneath the gunwales.  

However, it’s the construction that stands out. Furthermore, this is a vinyl ester resin-infused boat with Kevlar reinforcement, so it’s light for its size.

But it’s also incredibly sturdy, and it can also cruise at above 40 knots thanks to a pair of C32 ACERTs in the engine room. 

8. Solace 345

The Solace 345 isn’t only one of the best offshore fishing boats afloat, and it’s also one of the most distinctive center consoles ever built.

It was named Boat of the Year by Boating Magazine and received an NMMA Innovation Award at the 2020 Miami International Boat Show.  

As a result, it is still on our Top 10 list for 2022. Furthermore, the cockpit extension that extends back aft of the outboards improves disability significantly.  

Features like a pair of flanking 45-gallon pressurized live wells, electric reel plugs, and 18 standard rod holders make this boat battle-ready straight out of the box.

The boat’s construction is cutting-edge, incorporating Innegra and epoxy infusion. It’s cured in a heated, oven-like mold, yielding the lightest results. 

9. Aquasport 2500 Center Console

While a 25-footer is on the small side for offshore fishing, it can still get the job done, and the Aquasport 2500 will appeal to many anglers seeking a reasonably low-cost way to get into the offshore game.  

Furthermore, this famous constructor was recognized for producing fishing boats that were incredibly capable of their size, but the company fell out of business for several years.  

Now it’s back and looking good, with hand-laid fiberglass and Kevlar reinforcement, a composite core transom, and a foam-injected stringer system on the 2500 Center Console.

Additionally, you’ll be trolling in blue water in no time if you rig one up with a pair of outboards with a total horsepower of 500. 

10. Seahunter Boats Floridian 28

The Floridian 28 has a hybrid design that allows it to be used for inshore and offshore fishing. Furthermore, it is designed to practically go anywhere and give a safe and steady fishing platform in almost any situation.  

There are three live wells with pumps and freshwater and saltwater washdown stations for washing your catch on this boat.

Whenever you drive up to a marina with a filling station, the flexibility to refill the boat’s central gasoline tank from the port or starboard side makes logistics easier. 

11. Robalo R360

The Robalo R360 is one of the best offshore fishing boats. The R360 is Robalo’s largest boat to date and one of their most fishy.

The highlights are two 30-gallon live wells with adjustable flow, 14 gunwale and transom flush-mount rod holders, and a 65-quart Yeti beneath the leaning port.  

Once you’ve bent the rods, a pair of coffin-sized 100-gallon fishboxes ensure that you can place your catch on the ice no matter how huge it is.  

However, the build quality is exceptional with a poured ceramic transom core, Kevlar reinforcement in the hull, and welded stainless-steel rails with backing plates. 

12. Everglades Boats 235CC

The Everglades 235CC is an excellent entry-level fishing boat for offshore anglers who wish to test out their first center console design.

This boat debuted at the 2020 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show to tremendous acclaim from the fishing community.  

Furthermore, the bait rigging station on this boat is intended for ease and convenience on the web you’re on the hunt. It comes with Four fishing rod holders, tackles drawers, a rigging deck, and ample storage for tackle trays, tools, and leaders.  

On the port side, there’s an insulated fridge and a 17-gallon rotating livewell. At the controls, you’ll have 360-degree visibility and digital displays.

The boat has a sliding windshield that lets you feel the breeze in your hair while shielding the cockpit. 

13. SailFish 272 CC

The Sailfish 272 CC Is next on our list of best offshore fishing boats right now. The hull of the new 272 CC is the sixth-generation “variable degree stepped hull,” which has a well-deserved reputation for being able to cruise smoothly through rough waves.  

The deadrise angle changes in three planes from the keel to the hillsides, ranging from 24 to 22 degrees and from bow to stern.

Furthermore, the result is a thrilling ride backed up by a solid construction that includes Kevlar and carbon fiber reinforcements.  

Additionally, the boat is fully equipped for fishing, with 20-rod holders, a 30-gallon live well in the transom, a 35-gallon well in the leaning post, and four insulated fish boxes. 

14. Sportsman Open 262

The Sportsman Open 262 is one of the more economical offshore fishing boat options, with a starting MSRP of just over $120,000.

It’s styled after Sportsman’s larger offshore boats, and it comes with a variety of features that are often only seen on much larger vessels.  

However, it’s Seakeeper-ready, with doors on both sides, twin 30-gallon aquarium-style livewells in the transom, and a fuel capacity of 160 gallons. 

In addition, the Open 262 is available with twin Yamaha F150s or 200s or a single Yamaha F425 and with a cruise of around 30 mph. And a top-end of over 50 mph will eat up those lengthy excursions to blue water in no time. 

15. NauticStar Boats 2602 Legacy

The 2602 Legacy continues our tradition of producing some of the most fantastic offshore fishing boats under 30 feet with its center console design. This one has a central leaning post with a 21-gallon baitwell and a tackle rigging prep station.  

Furthermore, few boats give so much comfort at the helm when you’re going to your next fishing area. A bench-style captain’s chair with flip-up bolsters, an armrest, and a footrest is included in this boat.  

An additional full-width seat at the stern can accommodate up to three guests. An 18-gallon cooler and a 50-gallon insulated fish box are located behind that seat, providing extra storage. 

16. Valhalla V-41

Next on our list of best offshore fishing boats is the Valhalla V-41 boat. What happens when Viking, a luxury yacht manufacturer, decides to create a no-holds-barred center console fishing boat? The Valhalla V-41 is yours.  

This rig flew past 73 mph on the V-41, thanks to its four Mercury Verado 400 engines. At 45 mph, cruising over a two- to three-foot chop was no problem, and the Michael Peters-designed SVVT hull was smooth and clear of spray. Performance? Out of this world. 

Comfort? Out of this world. Add to its features a Jacuzzi-sized 90-gallon pressurized Livewell, a massive 192-gallon fish box.

It also has gobs of open deck space, and you have an offshore angler’s dreamboat. The clincher: didn’t you catch the bit about breaking 73-mph?! 

17. Viking 38BF

The launch of the Valhalla line didn’t take up all of Viking’s time, as they were also working on the new 38 BF simultaneously.

Unlike the others in the Billfish line, this compartment is open to the cockpit rather than having a closed saloon beneath the flybridge.  

Because you can run it from up top or from a lower station as if it were an express. The design boosts the boat’s fishability factor, allowing the skipper to step into the cockpit and participate in the action. Compared to the older model 37 Billfish, the 38 offers nearly 25% extra cockpit deck room. 

18. Calcutta 263 Catamaran

The Calcutta 263 Catamaran has one of the most distinctive hull designs among these offshore fishing boats. This boat’s catamaran-style hull is a versatile alternative for offshore and inshore fishing.  

Furthermore, this boat’s narrow draft enables it to operate in shallower waters, but the innovation doesn’t end there.

When you reel in a big fish, this boat has a fold-down transom door that enables a smooth transfer to the swim platform and simpler onboarding.  

Additionally, a forward 350-quart fish box and an integrated 65-gallon fiberglass baitwell leaning post come standard on the 263 models.

Four stainless steel rod holders, a diamond-patterned non-skid deck, two 1100-  gph bilge pumps, a raw water washdown station, and much more are included. 

19. World Cat 235 CC

Last on the list of best offshore fishing boats globally, cat 235CC boats. The World Cat 235 CC is the smallest boat in this round-up that we’d consider offshore-capable, which affords the boat several significant advantages. 

It’s far less expensive to buy, run, and maintain than the other boats. Additionally, a pair of 115-hp outboards give it a cruise speed of around 26 mph, 2.9 mpg. And it can also break 40 mph wide-open.  

It can be fished with a small crew, and you can easily trailer it from port to port and launch it wherever you want.

The boat is ready to feel with a 30-gallon live well in the stern, two 150-quart fish boxes, four gunwale holders, and eight rocket launchers on the T-top. 

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