11 Best Luxury Helicopters

Best Luxury Helicopters
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Are you looking for the best way to travel in style and comfort? Best Luxury helicopters provide a unique, high-end travel experience.

From exciting sightseeing adventures to luxurious VIP trips, these lavish helicopters offer an unforgettable journey. 

Luxury helicopters are now one of the most popular methods of travel among the wealthy and powerful, who want to arrive stylishly from point A to point B.

These state-of-the-art machines provide astonishing views, comfortable seating, and other added benefits for an enjoyable ride for those searching for luxury aviation services. 

Our blog post article will explore some of the best luxury helicopters currently available on the market.

Get ready to embark on your dream journeys with ultra-luxurious amenities inside these modern marvels! 

Everything from spacious cabins filled with amenities to state-of-the-art avionics systems makes up some of the features that have helped modern helicopters earn their luxurious reputation.

So if you want to ensure that your next flight is one step above average, look no further than this guide to the best luxury helicopters!

1. Leonardo AW139

The Leonardo AW139 is the first on our list of best luxury helicopters. It is a medium-sized twin-engine helicopter developed by Leonardo, formerly known as AgustaWestland.

It was designed for use in roles such as corporate VIP transport and emergency services missions, including offshore operations, search and rescue (SAR), law enforcement, firefighting, utility support, and medevac (air ambulance) flights.

It has a modern cabin design with spacious seating for up to 14 passengers and club-seat configuration options available to maximize passenger comfort.

The aircraft has advanced avionics systems and a state-of-the-art glass cockpit featuring LCD multi-function displays.

The AW139 is powered by two Pratt & Whitney PW207C turboshaft engines, providing it with excellent performance levels even at high altitudes or in hot climates. 

It features a 5-blade main rotor system which provides superior agility and maneuverability, while its fuel tanks provide up to 7.5 hours of flight time.

Additionally, the AW139 also boasts improved safety features such as airbags located around its doors and a FADEC (full authority digital engine control) system, which regulates each individual engine’s power output levels automatically during flight operations.

2. Airbus H155

The Airbus H155 is a light multi-purpose twin-engine helicopter used for transport, medical services, and corporate or private charter.

The H155 is known for its maneuverability, safety, and low vibration levels compared to other best luxury helicopters in its class. 

It has a 6-bladed main rotor system that provides greater flight performance than the previous 5-bladed H145 model and an upgraded Fenestron tail rotor design for enhanced control during hover and flight maneuvers.

Its high-specification avionics suite includes an Integrated Modular Avionics (IMA) system for coordinated turn management and data management across multiple operations. 

The aircraft can carry up to nine passengers comfortably across a 495 nm range at a cruising speed of 123 knots, making it ideal for short trips such as search and rescue missions, EMS operations, or VIP transport missions.

Additionally, its spacious cabin can be customized to suit any mission requirement, including cargo transportation, surveillance, or utility tasks. 

The aircraft comes equipped with a glass cockpit complete with advanced flight displays and controllers that allow pilots to fly the aircraft confidently, even in poor visibility conditions.

Furthermore, its enhanced autopilot systems provide a more accurate altitude hold while keeping the main rotor system in trim, which helps reduce pilot workload significantly by reducing fatigue during long trips. 

Safety features of these best luxury helicopters include an energy-absorbing landing gear system and crash-worthy fuel tanks, which add additional protection to passengers in case of emergency landings or crashes.

Additionally, the H155 also features obstacle warning systems and night vision camera capabilities to give pilots extra situational awareness when flying over remote or densely populated areas, thus ensuring safe operations at all times. 

Overall, the Airbus H155 offers excellent performance and value for money for any transport or medical mission requirements.

Due to its reliable engines, generous cabin space, and comprehensive safety features.

3. Eurocopter AS332 Super Puma

The Eurocopter AS332 Super Puma is also one of the best luxury helicopters. It’s a French twin-engine transport helicopter manufactured by Airbus Helicopters (formerly Eurocopter).

The Super Puma is widely used in military and commercial aviation, with an operational ceiling of over 9,000 feet.

It has seating for up to 19 passengers and a cruising speed of 125 knots, making it one of the fastest helicopters in its class.

The Super Puma’s unique combination of power, range, and payload makes it ideal for private charter services and the transportation of military personnel, special operations forces, and cargo. 

The Eurocopter AS332 Super Puma features advanced avionics, such as a glass cockpit and Terrain Awareness Warning System (TAWS), providing superior situational awareness and safety.

It also has outfitted hydraulic systems that provide increased levels of safety, reliability, and load-lifter capability making it perfect for heavy cargo missions in remote areas.

Its maximum take-off weight capabilities further add to its versatility, allowing operators to carry more payloads than many other best luxury helicopters. 

The Eurocopter AS332 Super Puma is one the best multipurpose luxury helicopters available today.

Thanks to its outstanding performance characteristics, capacity flexibility, and impressive range-making, it is suitable for civilian and military operations worldwide.

4. Airbus H175 Helicopter

The Airbus H175 helicopter is the most advanced civil turbine-powered helicopter available today, offering outstanding performance and payload capabilities.

The H175 is designed for various missions, including corporate transport, offshore oil and gas support, search and rescue, VIP transport, and electronic news gathering. 

It features low vibration levels that ensure superior passenger comfort, a spacious cabin design with rear-facing seats, and excellent visibility throughout the entire cabin.

An auto-hover capability that allows it to stay in position without pilot input; efficient aircraft performance with a maximum range of 600 nautical miles; high safety standards due to redundant hydraulic flight controls; retractable landing gear to reduce drag; as well as powerful dual engines for superior power output. 

The H175 also incorporates the latest avionics technology, such as fly-by-wire control systems, multifunctional cockpit display systems, autopilot functions, and a vehicle management system that automates mission preparation tasks.

In its role as one of the best luxury helicopters on the market today, the Airbus H175 offers something for everyone. 

5. Airbus H225

The Airbus H225 is among the rated best luxury helicopters. It is a multi-purpose, heavy-lift helicopter developed by European aircraft manufacturer Airbus Helicopters.

It is primarily used for activities such as aerial work, search and rescue, long-range transport, oil and gas operations, and military applications. 

The H225 has a maximum takeoff weight of 11 tonnes, a payload capacity of 7.5 tonnes, and an advanced avionics suite with touchscreen displays.

Thanks to its high power-to-weight ratio and the use of four engines, it can operate in hot-and-high conditions and take off from helipads at greater altitudes than most other helicopters in its class.

6. Airbus Helicopter EC145

Next on our list of best luxury helicopters, Airbus Helicopter EC145 is a twin-engine light utility helicopter developed by Eurocopter, now known as Airbus Helicopters.

The aircraft can carry up to nine passengers and two crew members for short to medium transport distances. 

It features advanced avionics, including digital autopilot and optional 4-axis autopilot with a digital flight control system that provides increased safety in challenging weather conditions.

Its powerful engines provide maximum lift capacity, allowing it to take off from even the most inhospitable terrain. 

The EC145 also incorporates a self-protection system that detects missile approaches, countermeasures, and anti-collision beacon systems to enhance visibility during night operations.

With its cost efficiency, versatility, and reliability, the Airbus Helicopters EC145 has become one of the most popular helicopters in operation today.

7. Sikorsky S-76C++

The Sikorsky S-76C++ is among the best luxury helicopters. It is a modern twin-engine, medium-lift helicopter designed for commercial, corporate, and offshore operations.

It features the advanced, powerful Pratt & Whitney Canada PW210S, reducing emissions and noise and providing low operating costs. 

Additionally, its high-wing design provides increased safety during aerodynamic maneuvers in any weather conditions.

Notable features include FADEC engine controls, an active vibration control system for smooth flights, an integrated multi-function touchscreen avionics suite, and enhanced visual systems with safety functions such as traffic advisories and terrain awareness warning systems.

With its versatile capability, the Sikorsky S-76C++ is an ideal choice for many operators.

8. Agusta 2015 A109 GrandNew

The Agusta 2015 A109 GrandNew is a powerful, reliable eight-seat executive helicopter with turbines.

It has excellent performance, enhanced by modern avionics and built-in state-of-the-art technology, making it a great choice for transportation and search & rescue operations. 

With luxurious interiors featuring leather seats, LED lighting, and ample space, the A109 GrandNew provides outstanding comfort and convenience.

While still being fuel efficient enough to lower operational costs significantly.

9. Eurocopter Hermès EC 135

The Eurocopter Hermès EC 135 is also one of the best luxury helicopters. It is a light twin-engine, multi-purpose civil helicopter.

It was developed in partnership with the French fashion house Hermès and used advanced composite materials to reduce weight while maintaining structural integrity. 

It is designed to transport up to eight passengers comfortably but can also be used for medical operations, traffic surveillance, law enforcement, and corporate/private transport.

The Eurocopter Hermes EC 135 has a relatively low noise signature due to its two Turbomeca Arrius 2B2 engines which produce minimal vibrations during flight, making it an ideal choice for customers who prioritize passenger comfort.

10. Eurocopter Mercedes-Benz EC 145

The Eurocopter Mercedes-Benz EC 145 is an extremely robust and reliable helicopter with superior performance in various terrain and weather conditions.

It features two powerful engines, providing excellent range and cruising speed with maximum lift capacity and power for dynamic flight maneuvers. 

Additionally, the aircraft comes equipped with advanced avionics systems, making it easier to operate and maintain in any environment.

The EC 145 also has well-crafted cabin space, providing passengers with luxurious comfort during long flights.

11. Bell 525

Lastly of the best luxury helicopters is the Bell 525 Relentless. It is an advanced helicopter designed for the commercial, VIP, and military markets.

It features a composite airframe structure with a modular design, allowing it to be custom adapted for multiple configurations. 

The aircraft is driven by two General Electric/Rolls Royce CT7-2F1 turboshaft engines that generate up to 1,800 horsepower each, giving the aircraft a maximum speed of 140 kts (257 km/h).

It is also equipped with a range of safety features, such as emergency autorotation capability, a flight control system monitoring health and usage, and drift-down characteristics in case of engine failure. 

The cabin can accommodate up to 15 passengers in applicable configurations and includes options such as leather seats, configurable consoles, and other luxuries for VIP transport models.

With its advanced technology and versatile capabilities, the Bell 525 Relentless is sure to be one of the most sought helicopters on the market.


Ultimately, the best luxury helicopters depend on your needs and budget. Consider the size of the cabin, range capabilities, speed, and various additional features when making a choice. 

Be sure to work with a reputable brand so that you can be assured of quality and safety in your aircraft.

Whether you choose a turbine-powered or piston-engine option, ensure you obtain experienced assistance when selecting the right model for your needs. 

Best Luxury helicopters offer an impressive experience on board and in the sky. So it is worth researching to find the perfect model for your travel out of all the available options, which our blog has helped you with. Get yours now!

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