11 Best iPhone Apps for Weight Loss in 2023

best iPhone apps for weight loss

Suppose you are one of the people reading this. In that case, there is a strong possibility that one of your New Year’s plans was to trim down your body fat percentage using the best iPhone apps for weight loss.


Apps are computer programs that you can download onto a mobile device.

They give a simple and speedy method for monitoring one’s lifestyle patterns, such as the number of calories consumed and the amount of activity performed.

Some mobile applications come with additional functionality, such as support forums, barcode scanners, and the capability to synchronize with other health and fitness applications or devices.

These features are to motivate you on your journey toward achieving your desired weight loss.

List of the Best iPhone Apps for Weight Loss

1. FatSecret

Having a support system is beneficial, regardless of whether your goal is to reduce your weight by a few pounds or to maintain the weight you are now at.

In point of fact, research reveals that people with the support of others are more likely to be successful at losing weight and keeping it off than those who do not have such support.

FatSecret, one of the best iPhone apps for weight loss, recognizes the value of community and responds by providing a specific forum for members to communicate with one another.

You can connect with folks working toward the same objectives by joining groups.

In addition, the free edition of FatSecret provides access to most of the app’s features, such as the ability to keep a log of the foods you eat, the exercises you perform, a personal blog, and a vast assortment of healthy recipes. The situation is different with a few different apps.

The app is also one of a kind since it provides a tool called the Professional tool, which makes it simple for you to share information about your diet, workouts, and weight with a medical professional.

A water tracker, a meal planner, and personalized meal headings are all included with the premium subscription to FatSecret, which is for users who want even more tools.

2. Strides

Strides, one of the best iPhone apps for weight loss for habit tracking, is highly customizable and allows you to track any particular habit you’d like, such as drinking more water or going to bed earlier.

To help you stay organized and progress toward your objectives, you may devise your perfect daily routine and assign specific routines or activities to specific tags.

Strides provide you with weekly, monthly, and yearly progress reports so that you may monitor your development.

In contrast to the other apps on our list, Strides is not specifically toward weight loss, nor does it emphasize monitoring food or exercise.

Because of this, it is an excellent choice for you if you would rather concentrate on changing your lifestyle than monitoring calories.

In the ad-supported version of the program, you can only record up to three of your routines. You can buy in-app purchases ranging from $4.99 to $39.99 in order to track more habits, add more notes, or analyze more data.

3. MyNetDiary

MyNetDiary is popular for its innovative and user-friendly calorie counter; in addition, the company offers Diabetes Tracker, an application that has been developed especially for those who have diabetes or prediabetes.

The software grants users access to the comprehensive food database and barcode scanner available on MyNetDiary.

It also includes total carbs, net carbs, and carb counts for each item that is tracked, making it much simpler to keep track of the number of carbs you consume.

Other distinguishing qualities include the following:

  • Monitoring of blood glucose, including user-defined target, ranges for before and after meals
  • Reminders to monitor blood sugar levels
  • Monitoring of insulin and other medications
  • Tracking of the A1c (a measure of blood sugar control over 3 months)
  • Monitoring of physical activity and weight monitoring
  • In addition, the app provides comprehensive charts and data that can assist you in recognizing patterns in your blood sugar levels.

Please remember that you can only access most of these features after first purchasing a subscription.

4. Cronometer

It’s uncommon for people who are trying to lose weight to concentrate on calorie intake.

When it comes to eating for maximum health, it is essential to consume an overall balanced diet that assists you in meeting your nutrient requirements in order to achieve the best results.

Cronometer is to assist you in achieving optimal nutritional consumption while still meeting the calorie objectives you set for yourself.

Because it monitors up to 82 micronutrients, you can check to see if you are getting enough of the vitamins and minerals you need regularly.

Cronometer, much like some of the best iPhone apps for weight loss on this list, includes a comprehensive food database and a barcode scanner to simplify the process of documenting your meals.

You can share your data with a licensed dietitian or another health professional if you upgrade to the Pro edition of the app, another perk that comes with the package.

The download of the application is completely free of charge; however, in order to gain access to certain features, such as progress charts, data trends, and a recipe importer, you will need to purchase a Gold membership.

5. Fooducate

When supermarket shopping, it can be not easy to decipher the nutrition labels and ingredient lists on the products.

It’s possible that downloading one of the best iPhone apps for weight loss, like Fooducate, will make it easier to browse the myriad of products available at the supermarket.

Fooducate is a nutrition scanner that gives you in-depth information on a portion of food by allowing you to scan its barcode and receive information about the item’s components, such as its ingredients and its nutrient profile. It allows you to scan the barcodes of over 250,000 different products.

Trans fats plus high fructose corn syrup are two examples of less nutritional components that are frequently buried deep within products.

The nutrition scanner offered by Fooducate is one of the few tools available to alert you to their presence.

Fooducate draws your attention to particular qualities of foods and provides you with a list of healthier alternatives you can buy.

Suppose you scan a certain brand of yogurt with a high level of added sugar, for instance. In that case, the app will show you other types of yogurt with less sugar that you might hunt for instead.

Remember that some functions, such as tracking micronutrients and potential food allergy warnings, require in-app purchases to unlock. Downloading the app is free, but you should know this.

6. Lose It!

The goal of the user-friendly weight loss software known as Lose It! is to count calories and keep track of one’s weight.

Lose It! determines how many calories you need to consume each day based on your weight, age, and the health goals you want to achieve by analyzing these three factors.

After you have determined what you will be eating, it will be simple to record it in the app, which has a database with more than 33 million different meals, restaurant menu items, and brand names.

The best iPhone apps for weight loss provide several tools, such as a barcode scanner and a customer recipe creator, to make the process of recording your consumption even simpler.

It also remembers the meals you enter most frequently, allowing you to select them from a curated list as quickly as possible.

One feature that sets Lose It! apart from many other weight reduction apps is called Snap It. It enables users to monitor their calorie consumption and the size of their portions by taking pictures of their food. Other weight loss apps may not have this capability.

Studies have shown that snapping pictures of one’s meals can help people keep track of portion sizes more accurately and identify trends in their food consumption, both of which are good for supporting weight loss and contributing to a healthier lifestyle overall.

Lose It!, just like a few of the other applications on this list, provides a community component with features such as challenges and forums.

Additionally, the business recommends putting more emphasis on non-scale achievements, such as lowering cholesterol levels and experiencing an increase in energy levels.

7. MyFitnessPal

Counting calories is a good strategy for weight loss for many people. MyFitnessPal is a well-known mobile application that assists users in their efforts to lose weight by calculating the number of calories they consume.

MyFitnessPal computes your calorie needs for the day, and the app allows you to track what you eat throughout the day using a nutrition database containing more than 11 million foods.

This database includes many restaurant foods, which can be challenging to log. MyFitnessPal will provide a breakdown of the calories and nutrients you consumed during the day once you have entered your food intake into the app.

The application provides several reports for analyzing your data. One is a pie chart that summarizes the amounts of fat, carbohydrates, and protein you have consumed.

A barcode scanner is also available on MyFitnessPal, making it simple to enter the nutritional information printed on packaged items.

You can also track your weight, look for healthy recipes, and connect with other people to talk about their experiences and provide advice.

You can download the application at no cost. For an additional fee of $9.99 per month or $49.99 per year, you may gain access to certain premium services, such as defining your own nutrient objectives.

8. Fitbit

Wearable activity trackers provide a convenient means of keeping tabs on one’s fitness routines and remaining inspired to move more frequently.

A firm specializing in wearable technology, Fitbit offers a wide selection of fitness trackers and smartwatches to satisfy the needs of consumers with varying financial constraints, aesthetic preferences, and desired levels of physical activity.

Although certain Fitbit items have more advanced technological capabilities than others, all Fitbit products are intended to be used in conjunction with the Fitbit app.

Fitbit users may examine various daily health and fitness data within the app, including their step count, miles walked, heart rate, and sleep quality, among other metrics.

The software program also allows you to log your weight manually, your present stress level, and your food and water consumption.

The app’s community features are one of its strongest points because they enable you to interact with friends and family and participate in community activities.

You will be given awards for accomplishing certain objectives, which will serve as a motivational tool for you.

You also have the ability to create a reminder for yourself to stand up and move around once per hour.

Fitbit Premium makes your health data more actionable by providing scores for your daily readiness, sleep, and stress levels.

This feature is geared toward users who are interested in gaining more in-depth health insights.

It is necessary to buy a Fitbit in order to make the most of this application, which can be a costly investment.

The software is free, but users can pay $9.99 per month or $79.99 per year to upgrade to the Fitbit Premium version.

9. WW app

Weight Watchers (WW), originally popular as Weight Watchers, is a famous weight loss program that people consider to be one of the best iPhone apps for weight loss.

WW app First and foremost, you may consume any meals you like. Customers receive a daily PersonalPoints allowance and a tailored list of foods with zero points based on the results of an online questionnaire.

WW provides users with access to the WW app regardless of which plan they choose from their three available options.

The membership cost to WW ranges from roughly $23 to $50 each month, depending on your plan; however, the company frequently provides monthly discounts to new consumers.

Customers can easily keep track of their points using the app, as well as monitor their weight trends and report their fitness activities. In addition to that, there is a barcode scanner that makes it simple to add groceries.

The WW app features weekly seminars, social networking, a rewards system, and live coaching at all hours of the day and night.

The Weight Watchers app features a big library of more than 8,000 recipes that have been certified by Weight Watchers.

You can search these recipes according to the kind of meal and specific dietary restrictions.

10. Noom

The Noom app is among the best iPhone apps for weight loss that guides users through the process of making healthy and permanent changes to their lifestyle.

The user’s responses to a series of questions regarding lifestyle and health are used to calculate their daily calorie budget.

Your current weight, height, sex, and goals for losing weight are also taken into consideration.

The initial calorie advice is typically low; however, you are able to adjust it to a quantity that is more acceptable and in line with reality.

The Noom app allows users to monitor their dietary consumption by utilizing a database containing more than 3.5 million items.

Users can also track their weight, the amount of exercise they get, and other crucial health indicators like their blood sugar levels.

Noom’s virtual health coaching is one of the most important features of the platform. Coaches provide accountability, and users are assisted in establishing reasonable weekly goals that keep them on track.

On the other hand, the coaching tool operates more like email than a live chat, so it may take the coaches a day or two to come back to you after sending them a message.

Research backs up Noom’s efficiency as a communication tool. Food and exercise logging, coupled with counseling from Noom, was found to be more beneficial for weight loss over a period of six months in a trial involving more than 500 adults than food logging or tailored coaching alone.

However, it is important to remember that Noom is still a tool for calculating calories. Because calorie tracking has been shown to raise the risk of disordered eating in some individuals, Noom might not be the best choice for everyone. Noom has a monthly fee of $59 and an annual fee of $199.

11. PlateJoy

Dietitians were in process during the development of the PlateJoy meal planning app. this is one of the best iPhone apps for weight loss in customizing meal planning applications, allowing you to not only establish goals, such as losing weight but also select from a variety of dietary patterns, such as keto, dairy-free paleo, and others.

It also allows you to filter out substances you would rather not consume, and it allows you to customize the portion sizes for each household member individually.

The app will build a personalized meal plan for you each week based on your answers to a simple questionnaire. This plan will also include a curated list of groceries.

You can substitute meals on the meal plan with those from other meal plans, and you can even enter your recipes into the app so that everything is in a single location.

The software also interfaces with several supermarket delivery providers, enabling you to place an online order for your goods.

In addition to that, the app’s digital pantry makes it possible for you to keep tabs on the various ingredients you already possess.

PlateJoy is currently available to Healthline readers at a discounted rate of $4.99 per month, compared to the app’s standard price of $12.99 per month. In addition, new users can sign up for a free trial that lasts for a week.

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