10 Best iOS Reminder Apps

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In this day and age, it appears to be that we all are occupied constantly. As a result, it isn’t easy to unwind sometimes.


Also, when you’re answerable for so much and monitoring so many tasks that need to be completed, it turns out to be very laborious! Luckily, we have our iOS gadgets, and they are staggeringly helpful in keeping us on track when we need them.

Therefore, we’ll be sharing with you the 10 best iOS reminder apps to use, meaning some don’t work for Android users.

Instead of failing to remember what should be done on schedule and paying the price afterward, it’s wiser to make organized timetables and remain cautioned through custom updates.

Although iOS accompanies an implicit update application, it needs adaptability. For example, the stock reminder application doesn’t offer a lot regarding managing tasks and projects.

Furthermore, it lacks devices that can allow you to customize your reminders.

1. Any.do

Suppose you would like an overall solution for both your timetable and reminders, then, Any.do is a great reminder app for that. Any.do permits iOS users to make a rundown for all they require.

Also, it puts together everything into an ordered timetable, so it’s not difficult to perceive what you need to do now and what’s coming up straightaway.

Furthermore, best of all, Any.do is cross-stage so that you can get to it on your iPhone, Apple Watch, web, and even Android.

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2. Alarmed

Alarmed made it to the list of the best iOS reminder apps because it is a mix of reminders and timers. While reminders can assist you with staying in the circle about the arranged things, timers can empower you to finish your jobs before the specified time.

Including a perfect UI, Alarmed has put more accentuation on effortlessness. This allows you to make pop-up reminders with repetition of the schedule.

You will not neglect to complete fundamental things when you arrive at exact spots because of the location-based reminders on offers.

For example, you can set the application to remind you to purchase something when you arrive at a close-by shop or fill petroleum on your car when you arrive at a petroleum siphon.

Besides, it allows you to add notes to guarantee something critical doesn’t leave your psyche.

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3. Due

Due is a great reminders app you’ll encounter on the App Store. The sort of customization offered in the application makes you want to make use of the application frequently.

However, it has an ‘Auto Snooze’ feature, which tells you of missed updates at various times until they are checked, done, or rescheduled. Adding exercises to the rundown is direct, with a lot of customization highlights accessible at any time.

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4. Fantastical 2

Fantastical 2 is another paid Apple’s reminders app at a similar cost as Due. However, it is one of the best iOS reminder apps which permits you to deal with every one of your exercises in a single spot.

Notwithstanding, unlike Due, it has a considerable load of customization and is ideal for individuals who need more authority over their assignments.

The best thing about the application is the capacity to switch among occasions and reminders with the flip of a switch and another parser highlight that people can utilize to make reminders or occasions with everyday language.

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5. Google Keep

You should investigate Google Keep if you are a frequent Google user. It’s a widespread application for your notes, records, and google task. When making records and reminders, you can even make them so that they’re location-based and remind you as you’re close to the planned area.

In fact, you can choose the standard time-sensitive update also. Also, Google Keep allows you to impart your rundowns and notes to others. Thus, there’s no compelling reason to message each other to and fro.

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6. MinimaList

When you have the proper instruments combined with the convenient alarms at any time, completing things at the ideal opportunity will, in general, turn into a habit.

What’s more, that is actually what you get with MinimaList. In addition, however, the application is more equipped to assist you with getting engaged and completely coordinated, which can improve your general efficiency.

MinimaList made it to the list of the best iOS reminder apps because it permits you to set time-sensitive and area-based reminders. MinimaList has a calendar app, a list app, and an appointment reminder – all in one. As it upholds Siri, setting up an update stays simple in a hurry.

Also, you will get continuous alarms about the things that you need to do. Furthermore, the application offers syncing with Apple Calendar to help you watch out for your upcoming occasions.

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7. Todoist

Todoist is the application where you invest less energy coordinating and really getting things done. In Todoist, you can add reminders and tasks with the standard language input through the “Quick Add” feature without much stretch.

This is enough reason to list it among the best iOS reminder apps. Furthermore, as you add due dates and complete things, Todoist learns your habits and assists you with sticking to them since it amuses reminders and tasks with a streak framework.

Lastly, Todoist allows you to focus on specific things over others and impart records to other people.

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8. Evernote

Evernote is one of the well-known note-taking applications on the App Store. It is also one of the best iOS reminder apps to add assignments and set reminders for the tasks to remain valid.

Moreover, the application adjusts the additional notes, projects, or agendas across numerous gadgets. Furthermore, it permits you to look for any of the postings inside the application.

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9. Capsicum

This application belongs to the list of the best iOS reminder apps as it will help you plan out your day, track your beneficial routines and help to remember them on your iOS device.

In fact, it will recount your story. Also, the application is suggestive of a computerized organizer, as you can set up various journals for different subjects, and everyone can be tweaked to suit your own style.

Additionally, Capsicum coordinates with your schedule and different tasks. So, the entirety of your significant arrangements, assignments, reminders, and habits are in an isolated spot.

Thus, making it one of the best iOS reminder apps.

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10. Things3

Things 3 is a renovation of the initial task manager app, and it won the Apple design award in 2017. The application is one of the best iOS reminder apps because it permits you to do projects for your objectives.

Afterward, add the means to accomplish the purpose. Furthermore, to differentiate clearly, it allows you to add headings and group works by areas of obligation, for example, “Wellbeing,” “Family,” “Work.”

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