10 Best Harley Davidson Motorcycles for You

Best Harley Davidson Motorcycles
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Many motorcyclists throughout the world consider a Harley to be their ideal vehicle. Nothing compares to the Best Harley Davidson motorcycles, which are as American as they come.


They are exquisitely constructed and strong enough for all the two-wheeler pleasures in the world. More than a century ago, the Harley Davidson motorcycle empire was established.

Since the company’s founding, they have kept making recognizable, enduring, and legendary motorcycles. These motorcycles have made it into the annals of the industry. 

Interestingly, Harley Davidson was one of the only American motorcycle manufacturers to prosper throughout the Great Depression.

Along with product quality difficulties, subsidiary agreements, ownership changes, and intense international rivalry, this brand persevered.

This exceptional brand has created several amazing motorcycles. Because of this, deciding which motorbike models this firm produces are the best might be difficult.

Therefore, we will discuss the Best Harley Davidson motorcycles in this post.

1. Sportsters 2007-2013

For a long time, Sportsters have been regarded as one of the most affordable and best Harley Davidson motorcycles. They can excite both novice and seasoned riders.

Previously, to keep the price point low, you had to find a dilapidated old Ironhead. Ir pick from a few solid-mount five-speeds from the 1990s. That is no longer the case. 

Sportsters that are relatively recent, fuel-injected, and rubber-mounted are available for about $3,000 and $4,000. This isn’t much more than the cost of junk Ironheads.

Customers may choose from the edgy Iron, Nightster, and 48, the sophisticated Custom, or the sporty Low series from the fantastic choice of motorcycles available since the late 2000s in both 883cc and 1,200cc trim the model that best fits them.

The 2007–2013 Sportsters contain many of the same technology as the current models (apart from the enhanced CAN bus electrical system), are simple to work on (not that you should have to), and differ from the current versions in terms of aesthetics very slightly.

The aforementioned models may be obtained for $4,500 to $6,500. This depends on condition and mileage, and frequently, they’ll be well-kept low-mileage specimens. 

Of them, less than 10,000 kilometers are typical, and the majority have less than 20,000. On them, it is advisable to steer as close to stock as possible because inexpensive motorcycles sometimes have inexpensive modifications with inexpensive installs.

2. 2009 FXSTB Night Train

The 2009 FXSTB Night Train is one of the best Harley Davidson motorcycles. But this model’s performance wasn’t the only thing that set it apart from the competitors.

2009’s FXSTB Night Train had an all-black exterior. Its driving belt sprocket, wheels, engine, and frame were all finished in a stunning black hue.

Riders who desired independence and the wide road made investments in this model. The expanded front-end comfort allowed drivers to enjoy motoring around town.

It possessed a customized six-speed Cruise Drive gearbox and a massively remarkable 1,584 twin-cam 96B engine. With the help of these characteristics, the bike produced 87.9 pounds of torque per foot at a speed of 2500 rpm.

3. 2016–2017 Dyna Low Rider S

This motorbike is one of the best Harley Davidson motorcycles and a potential collectible. When it was first released in 2016, the Low Rider S represented the peak of Harley-Davidson performance.

With only a two-year manufacturing run, this last model Dyna has significant collectibility potential in the future.

It’s no secret that Harley riders expect more handling and power from their machines than ever before. The Motor Company’s launching of the Dyna Low Rider S in 2016 marked the apex of the performance-focused Big Twin.

The S has a 110ci Screamin’ Eagle engine, improved brakes, tires, and suspension, aggressive SoCal aesthetics, and a sporty riding posture. The Low Rider S was only available in 2016 and 2017.

They gave fans what they had been paying a lot of money for with their Dynas in a stock package. The only Dyna ever to have electronic cruise control is the S. This 2020 Low Rider S aims to build on the success of 2017.

These twin-shock marvels have high secondhand pricing. It hovers dangerously close to the bike’s original MSRP of $17,499, so it’s hardly a bargain. 

However, the bike’s potential for future collectability enables consumers to purchase and retain extremely low mileage specimens today.  H-D manufactures a hard-hitting 117ci kit for them if the 110ci engine doesn’t feel huge anymore.

4. Harley Davidson Street 750

In 2020, the Harley Davidson Street 750, Street Rod (which had the same engine), and Street 500 were all retired.

It was created with the Street 500 as a Harley Davidson brand entry-level motorbike. This is to draw in new riders and a younger audience.

Street 750 is a fantastic motorbike for beginning riders seeking the Best Harley Davidson motorcycles. You can get a great deal on one on the secondhand market. It’s also a fantastic bike for new riders.

Although Harley may have stopped making the Street 750, eBay always has a wide range of old motorcycles.

The Street 750 and Sportster 883 were taught in Harley riding schools in the US. For individuals who are smaller in stature, it is a fantastic motorcycle.

With a 750cc engine, it has a relatively modest power output. Also, it is lightweight (514 lbs. ), upright with a seat height of 25.7″, and low to the ground.

From a comfort standpoint, the Street 750 wouldn’t be the best Harley for taller people. The low seat and mid-mounted controls would rapidly feel claustrophobic.

5. 2002 Harley Davidson VRSCA V-Rod

A few models stand out due to their speed, even though the best Harley Davidson motorcycles are recognized for their cruising personalities.

One of these motorcycles is the Harley Davidson VRSCA V-Rod from 2002. It is one of the quickest models produced by a respected company. 

Unsurprisingly, this model was a notable participant in many drag racing competitions as one of the brand’s best speed performers.

Its distinctive looks and high-performance characteristics had rapidly set a benchmark for motorbike producers all over the world.

Many motorcycles could not attain high peak speeds in the early 2000s, but the 2002 Harley Davidson VRSCA V-Rod did so. This is due to the 1,1130 cc liquid-cooled V-twin Revolution engine. This engine had a 115 horsepower and 74 lb-ft torque rating.

6. 2012 Harley Davidson FLHR Road King

The 2012 FLHR Road King may be the best contemporary Harley Davidson motorbike produced recently. It has numerous contemporary amenities and a wide range of customization choices. This Road King model is unquestionably the king of the road.

This design provided a smooth driving experience for passengers. It had a six-speed Cruise Drive transmission and a twin-cam 103 1,690 cc engine.

Further notable contemporary features include an electronic cruise control system, ABS brakes, adjustable touring rear suspension, and a detachable windscreen.

These are just a few of the many outstanding characteristics that have made this model one of the best Harley Davidson motorcycles for riders.

7. 2012 CVO Softail Convertible

To capitalize on the expanding domestic custom motorcycle industry, Harley Davidson launched the CVO series. When the Softail Convertible debuted in 2010, it immediately became popular.

But every biker’s heart belonged to its 2012 model. The 2012 example was unique at the time since it had a lot to offer. 

This convertible motorbike had a windscreen and a back seat that could be removed. It also had a rear passenger seat. Since the seat height is suited for female riders who are not tall, this bike has a large following of female fans. 

Finally, it is one of the most well-liked and Best Harley Davidson motorcycles among motorcycle club members. Men like it for its rough attractiveness and commanding presence.

8. 2008 FXDWG Dyna Wide Glide

In 1993, Harley Davidson unveiled the FXDWG Dyna Wide Glide, one of the Best Harley Davidson motorcycles. In comparison to its siblings, this motorbike was significantly longer.

It stood apart from its relatives with Tommy Gun 2-1-2 exhausts, a bigger back end, and a cut rear fender. Its seat was positioned lower than that to allow one to glide freely.

To create room for the newly redesigned Softail series, Harley had to abandon the Dyna platform in 2017. The Dyna Wide Glide is now regarded as legendary in the motorcycle industry.

9. 2009 FLHT Electra Glide Standard

The 2009 FLHT Electra Glide Standard included a Twin-Cam V-Twin motor with Electronic Throttle Control (ETC). The dependability of its engine was among the best Harley Davidson motorcycles ever produced. 

This motorcycle had a four-stroke engine with a 1584 cc air-cooled engine that could produce 96.6 lb-ft of torque at 3,500 rpm per minute.

It is one of the most stable Harley Davidson motorcycles ever produced. This six-speed cruiser functioned as the perfect tow and commuter motorbike.

10. 2007 XL1200N Sportster Nightster

Despite having a bobbed back fender, front fork gaiters, and a license plate placed to the side, Harley Davidson’s XL 1200N Sportster Nightster is most recognized for its performance.

The 1200cc Evolution V-Twin engine used an Electronic Sequential Port Fuel Injection (ESPFI) system. It was air-cooled and rubber-mounted.

During its four-year manufacturing period, the reliable engine and 5-speed gearbox made it a versatile cruiser.


Of course, Harley-Davidson motorcycles are heavier. They have larger engines than some people consider standard entry-level motorcycles.

The engine capacity is significantly less important than your level of comfort, confidence, and respect for the bike you select.

After purchasing one of the best Harley Davidson motorcycles, you need to know your limits and riding skills. This is to be able to travel as far as your Harley is capable of.

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