13 Best Family Boats for a Family Adventure

Best Family Boats
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Choosing a boat to hire for your family holiday might be difficult. It would help if you matched the proper ship with your family’s needs to acquire the best family boats for the money.


Because different ships are better at other things, you should first decide what kind of water adventures you and your family will partake in.  

Boating is a family tradition for many boaters. It is a way of life that includes shared events like the first time you took the helm, caught a fish, or trimmed a sail.  

Furthermore, moments like these are enjoyable for the entire family. But they also draw parents and children closer together as the family becomes a “crew” through collaboration and shared responsibility. 

However, if you want everyone in the family to join in and participate, you’ll need to choose a boat that everyone can enjoy to their best capacity. 

Additionally, which is best for you and your family will be determined by various criteria, including the boating you, your spouse, and your children.  

What size should it be, and what kind of accessories should it have? As you consider these questions, keep in mind that one of these 13 best family boat styles is likely to be perfect.

1. Sailboats

Sailing is a centuries-old hobby that many families still enjoy. Because of the boat’s slower speeds and more complicated operation, it differs from powerboating.  

But one thing is sure: sailing is a fantastic family vacation. Additionally, the cherry on top is that because sailboats do not require large, powerful engines, they are less expensive than other types of vessels.  

Furthermore, a superb example of the best liveaboard sailboat for family activities is the Catalina 30. Although it first set sail in 1972, the Catalina 30 is still one of the greatest family sailboats.  

This is due to its sturdy construction, dependability, and ample storage space. While the Catalina 385 is currently out of production, it is one of its most recent options.  

Because sailboats are essentially floating dwellings, they are the best family boats for ocean holidays and retreats. 

2. Bowriders

If you and your kids enjoy taking joyrides around the lake or bay, towing water toys, swimming at the beach, and just relaxing on the water, a bowrider might be the boat for you.

Because of its adaptability, ample seating, and quick access to the water, this is one of the most popular family boats.  

Furthermore, Bowriders come in a wide range of sizes and price points, from modest 16-foot runabouts to 30-footers. With every comfort feature imaginable, from enclosed head compartments (full bathrooms) to complete outdoor kitchens (though we call them galleys on a boat).  

While bowriders aren’t perfect for hobbies like fishing or overnighting, they can be a fun way to travel. 

3. Cabin Cruise

The cabin cruise is one of the best family boats right now. They are excellent for entertaining since they have full galleys, private bathrooms, plenty of seating, and protection from adverse weather.  

The number of guests you can invite aboard will vary based on the size of your cabin cruiser. Although in most situations, there will be enough room for a half-dozen to ten, twelve, or even more people. 

4. Pontoon Boats

Wide-open decks characterize pontoon boats, relying on floats for stability and buoyancy. This boat is most commonly seen in freshwater environments and can be utilized for cruising and water sports.

The Godfrey Sweetwater 1886 C is a superb example of a cheap pontoon boat.  

Additionally, one of the best things about pontoon boats is their adaptability. As a result, you can have these most excellent family boats for your specific requirements. 

5. Fish And Ski Boats

Fish-and-Ski boats are made to do exactly what their name implies. They have all the essentials for chasing those finned critters in the morning and then enjoying water skiing, wakeboarding, and other watersports in the afternoon.  

Furthermore, most have a bowrider-style layout with the addition of fish-friendly features like live wells, rod holders, an electric trolling motor, and tow-sports features like ski-tow pylon and ski lockers.  

Valid, for a boat to be constructed for multipurpose use, some compromises must be made (that Livewell could be a drink cooler on a dedicated watersports boat, and that bow seating might be a casting deck on a ship meant purely for fishing).

However, the fish-and-ski package is ideal for families who want to partake in both activities. 

6. Center Console

While many individuals pick a center console because they want to go saltwater fishing, others like them because of their spacious interiors and enough seats, making them great for parties.  

Meanwhile, many center console designers offer models with amenities such as outdoor barbecues, ice makers, and wet bars more suited to social gatherings than fishing.

In this situation, the size of the boat will be the limiting element in terms of the number of parties you can throw.  

However, because many center consoles have chairs and sun pads, they can accommodate more passengers than cabin-style boats of comparable size. 

7. Deck Boats

The deck boats are next on our list of the best family boats money can buy. Are they trying to decide between a pontoon boat and a bowrider? Then a deck boat might be the best option. Deck boats, like pontoon boats, have ample seating space.  

They can, however, hold more people than a pontoon boat. Furthermore, they’re designed for cruising and other water sports, just like bowriders.

Deck boats, such as the Bayliner Element Series, are also very economical due to their simplicity. 

8. Jet Boats

Though the number of options for jet boats is limited, and jet propulsion is slightly less efficient than traditional options, they offer one advantage that many family boaters appreciate: they don’t have a propeller.  

Additionally, Propeller injuries are infrequent in any event. Still, removing the propeller instead of powering the boat with a forceful jet of water provides many parents with essential pieces of mind.  

Furthermore, Jet boats also offer excellent handling, a shallow draft, and all other features and extras that runabouts have. 

9. Motor Yacht/Power Cruiser

A motorboat or large power cruiser is unbeatable for entertaining large audiences in elegant surroundings.

What more could a host ask for than many cabins, indoor and outdoor gathering rooms, full cooking facilities, and all the comforts of home? Depending on the size of the yacht, your guest list could be several pages long. 

10. Walkarounds

Walkaround boats are the best family boats for families that like fishing and day cruising and desire the ability to stay overnight.

The aft cockpits usually are spacious and open, allowing you to swing a rod or set a trolling spread, but the bow is enclosed, providing sleeping quarters and weather protection.  

While center consoles may be the most practical design for many types of fishing, many angling families with young children, especially those who may go fishing in chilly or rainy conditions. Choose walkarounds because of the added protection. 

11. Dual Console Boats

The dual console boat is another attractive option for family sailing. These boats combine the offshore capability of center console boats with the comfort and amenities.  

Additionally, they are multipurpose boats that may be utilized for almost any water activity. Take, for example, the Scout 175 Sport Dorado. It’s the most incredible family boat in this category for the money. 

12. Personal Watercraft

Why did we put personal watercraft on this list when they only hold one to three people and have no extra capacity for things like blenders or cocktail tables? Because they’re a hugely popular source of entertainment for individuals of all ages.  

Additionally, you won’t be able to have a party on a PWC by yourself, but whenever boaters get together with friends for larger gatherings, someone nearly always brings a PWC or two.

Consider adding one or more to your fleet to ensure that all of your guests have a good time in the sun. 

13. Trawlers

Trawlers are the last on our list of best family boats you should consider buying. They have more excellent interior space than they do exterior space.  

While they may not be suitable for large groups looking for summer fun, they are perfect for year-round entertainment. Plus, larger aircraft frequently include huge flybridges where your visitors may relax and take in the views. 

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