9 Best Electric Motorcycles to Buy

Best Electric Motorcycles
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Imagine driving down the highway with the wind blowing through your hair, people admiring your beautiful ride, and no choking exhaust emissions in your wake.


And that’s a taste of what riding one of the top electric motorcycles will be like. The best electric motorcycles have advanced significantly, inviting you to join them on the journey.

Electric bicycles were once heavy, cumbersome, expensive, and had short battery lives. That has gradually changed. Now more than ever, e-bikes are sleeker, more powerful, and lighter.

To ride one, you don’t have to be physically fit. They bring you outside, ease traffic, and lessen your carbon footprint.

Additionally, they’re enjoyable! Electric bikes, which have a longer range and higher top speeds, are among the growing number of options.

These options are made available to riders as the best electric motorcycles’ performance and economy continue to advance. 

There is an electric motorcycle on the market for everyone, whether you have the more practical necessity of going from A to B (who are we fooling, we mean home to office, of course), or you have the dream of boundless highways, never-ending horizons, and lush wilderness.

This article analyzes the best electric motorcycles available, ranging from sporty models competing with the quickest superbikes to relaxed, low riders for commuting.

1. Energica EGO+ / RS

With no negative emissions and all the flair, speed, and power? Doesn’t this sound like it may be true? Say hello to the Energica EGO+/RS electric motorcycle, which is giving gasoline bikers a serious run for their money, for our friends who live for speed.

The EGO+ / RS is the market’s greatest full-production electric sports bike. It has a massive battery that supports an incredible range of 261 miles (420 km). 

For comparison, that is just less than the distance between Paris and London. Awesome, no? The already impressive range has expanded by 10% due to the new EMCE motor (which will be available this year). You’ll go a long way and get there quickly on top of that. 

With a top speed of 150 mph (240 km/h), you will be on an even playing field with Porsches on the highway. The Energica EGO+ / RS checks all of our boxes a thousand times over, making it equally good for driving to work and going for a race (safely, please).

2. Zero SR/S

The best electric motorcycles can ride by commuters and sports tourers. The Zero SR/S, with its top speed of 124 mph, is no exception among the best electric motorcycles.

This Zero Motorcycles-designed electric motorcycle has a ZF15.6kWh lithium-ion battery and a ZF75-10 improved thermal efficiency motor. This enables it to accelerate impressively from 0 to 60 miles per hour in under 3.5 seconds. 

Also, it has a color TFT dashboard display that shows the battery state of the bike, your current speed, and the distance. You can travel before the battery needs to be recharged.

The Zero SR/S morphs into a quick electric motorbike for city riding with excellent handling, despite a 30–40% performance loss when switching to Street Mode.

You didn’t need Elon Musk’s fortune to get one when it originally went on sale for under $20,000. When you compare it to other electric bikes on the market, the price is reasonable given its extensive specs and performance.

3. Damon Hypersport

We’ll likely commute more than we’ll fly across countries, even though we all secretly want to zoom across the world on our motorcycles like Mad Max.

The Damon Hypersport is the only choice if you intend to use one of the best electric motorcycles for general commuting: You can whip to work regardless of where you live or work, up to a maximum range of 200 miles (321 kilometers). You can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in as little as three seconds. 

Thanks to the car’s exceptionally lightweight design, it’s a matter of powering up and saying goodbye, baby. Naturally, you’ll desire dependability if you commute to and from work by car. Fortunately, Hypersport has it in spades.

With a design that requires (almost) no maintenance, those who aren’t big DIYers can always travel without fuss by skipping the oily palms and tedious fiddling.

4. Pursang E-Tracker

Imagine you’re searching for the best electric motorcycles for off-road use. The Pursang E-Tracker electric bike, one of the most adaptable and best electric motorcycles on the market in this situation, offers all-terrain versatility. 

This motorcycle boasts an eco-friendly powertrain and a body made of carbon fiber over a Chromoly frame for a smooth ride on unpaved roads.

You can travel 87 miles on one charge with a top speed of 75 mph. This is enough for a day of racing on your local dirt tracks. 

The Pursang E-Tracker has some exceptional features that you won’t find on its competitors, like the Crawl mode. This enables the bike to follow you while you walk gently.

It is a great choice for novice riders who seek a shorter learning curve because it has additional smart rider support features like a clear TFT screen that glows when you turn to provide directions on pulling away.

5. Arc Vector

The Arc Vector was constructed with high-quality materials throughout, and its performance attests to this: it has a top speed of 125 mph (200 km/h) and can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph (0 to 100 km/h) in 3.2 seconds.

Fans of vintage motorcycles will like Arc Vector’s adjustable cruise control and varied power modes because it does not have a clutch or gears. 

This bike is incredibly enjoyable, thanks to its clever chassis and superb shocks. It has a lengthy lifespan and performs with bragging rights thanks to the Samsung battery that drives it. (And if accessories are what you’re after, the Arc Vector comes with a chic, tech-enabled helmet and jacket.)

6. Johammer Jl.200

With its corrugated fairing and white ribbed plastic clothing, this new electric motorcycle from Austrian company Johammer is as much a work of art as it is a motorcycle.

Due to the absence of a petrol tank, the Jl.200, which has a top speed of 75 mph and a range of 125 miles, is lighter than other electric vehicles.

With a rapid electronic motor brake suitable for the stop-start nature of heavy traffic, it can accelerate through metropolitan regions. 

Still, its greatest capabilities lie when used in urban traffic. High-resolution color screens on the rearview mirrors, which also display your speed, charge level, range, and even the battery pack’s temperature, complete the vehicle’s overall futuristic appearance.

7. Lightning LS-218

Say hello to the Lightning LS-218. It is constructed with speed and can go as fast as 218 mph (350 km/h). It can reach 100 km/h in 2.2 seconds when accelerating from 0-60 mph. This electric motorcycle should have won prizes with that type of power, right? It has. 

This motorcycle shattered all prior records for electric motorcycle speed in 2011 as it blazed through Utah’s Bonneville Speedway.

No other motorbike has contested its dominance for more than ten years since that incident. The speed, strength, and durability of lightning bikes are well recognized. 

Their LS-218, however, features a classy, lightweight design and is among the world’s fastest and best electric motorcycles.

The Lightning LS-218 must come first when looking at electric motorcycles that provide excellent craftsmanship and exciting speed.

8. Harley-Davidson Livewire

The world-famous manufacturer’s transition away from gas-powered bikes and into the world of high-quality electric bikes is symbolized by the Harley-Davidson Livewire electric motorcycle.

This electric motorcycle is not the fastest one available, but that might be expected from this company. But what it loses in top speed and acceleration, it makes up for with excellent performance and top-notch mechanics. 

With its outstanding suspension and shocks, you can travel up to 146 miles on a single charge and reach high speeds of 95 mph without losing comfort.

You may select between the four normal riding modes of rain, range, road, and sport using the Harley-Davidson smartphone app, which is also connected to the bike.

9. Gogoro Smartscooter 2

Gogoro is owned by HTC, one of the largest manufacturers of smartphones in the world. The best electric motorcycles made by HTC, such as the Smartscooter S2 Adventure, are built with the same meticulous attention to detail and superior engineering that has recognized their phones worldwide. 

The Smartscooter S2 Adventure is the ideal motorcycle for any terrain. Thanks to the features that Gogoro added to their best-selling standard S2, replicating the best qualities of the cherished model while also introducing new ones.

With a 57 mph (92 km/h) peak speed and a 2.5-hour recharge time, the Smartscooter S2 Adventure boasts a 68-mile (109 km) range. 

Although this positions it in a different class from the high-performance cars above, its tough suspension and powerful braking system make it ideal for recreational off-roading and amateur exploring.

In addition to having waterproof storage bags, remote service, and fingerprint verification, this electric motorcycle also performs remarkably well in muddy or damp circumstances.

The Smartscooter S2 Adventure was created for you if you seek an environmentally friendly companion for your off-the-beaten-path investigation.


Whether you’re searching for fast highway sprints, off-road adventures, or a relaxing commute to work while dodging rush hour traffic, this article should help you narrow down the finest electric bike for your riding needs. I hope you may choose the one that best suits your requirements from the list of best electric motorcycles.

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