10 Best Eco-Friendly RV to Start Your Green Adventure

Best Eco-Friendly RV
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If you’re ready to start living an eco-friendly lifestyle, you don’t want to sacrifice your love of the great outdoors. RV might be the perfect way to go. There are many great benefits to traveling in an RV.

For instance, having your kitchen, saving money on hotel rooms, and getting out and seeing the world! However, if you have been considering buying an RV and making it eco-friendly.

You can view these few things when you want the best eco-friendly RV on the market.

What Are Eco-friendly RV?

If you’re still unsure of eco-friendly vehicles, learning as much as possible about them is a good idea.

A great place to start is a list of cars that experts have rated. For instance, using the best eco-friendly RV can be an option.

You may also want to conduct your research. Some people find it useful, for example, to compare gas mileage per dollar or gram of CO2 emitted per mile.

Once you understand what eco-friendly vehicles are and why they’re essential. However, this should be able to give you an informed decision about which model is suitable for you.

Best Eco-friendly RV

1. Prevost Conversion Vans

Prevost Conversion Vans are extremely popular with families and groups that want the best eco-friendly RV experience.

They’re designed to convert into a house-on-wheels mode easily. It can be where all your home comforts and necessities are available right in your mobile home. 

Though they cost over $1 million, they can be used as full-time residences or recreational vehicles. These green RVs use both solar power and wind power. Therefore, you can charge them up without burning any fuel yourself!

2. RV Fleetwood Flair

The thi’70s-era trailer is a perfect fit for anyone who wants to turn their passion into the best eco-friendly RV. They can turn their power into a mobile reality.

At the same time, vintage trailers aren’t known for having energy-efficient appliances. Though don’t let that scare you off just yet.

The seller of a used Fleetwood Flair may have gone through many of its original components and made updates. All this is an effort to make it one of the most energy-efficient vintage trailers on the market today.

 However, these have made them become experts in helping others transform their classic vehicles into environmentally-friendly ones.

3. Lance 1685 Travel Trailer

The Lance 1685 trailer is a 27-foot camper that sleeps four people. It comes with solar panels that can power your cell phone, laptop, and tablet while you’re out exploring. The tankless water heater saves up to 6 gallons of fresh water per shower.

 Additionally, it also uses low-flow faucets and shower heads throughout. To top it off, all Lance products have lifetime warranties.

Their warranties include corrosion, quality artistry, materials, frame, and sand structural components. It’s also the best eco-friendly RV you will ever need 

4. Forest River Flagstaff E-pro

The Flagstaff E-Pro is a rooftop tent trailer with a solar panel and generator. It features an energy efficiency rating of 19 and weighs 3,200 pounds. The trailer also comes with two axles that are 10,000 lb each. 

 Meanwhile, you can learn more about this best eco-friendly RV on Forest River’s website.

5. TAXA Mantis

For those looking for an alternative energy option. TAXA Mantis is a hybrid camper trailer with solar power and a diesel generator. The design allows for dry camping—no hookups are required.

Therefore, when coupled with solar panels, they give extra eco-friendly points. TAXA Mantis can accommodate four adults and comes with standard RV features.

For instance, air conditioning, wet bath, galley kitchen, and more. Moreover, it’s also the best eco-friendly RV you can ever get!

6. Coachmen Apex Ultra-Lite

This lightweight but durable camper weighs about 1,500 pounds. This means you can easily haul it behind just about any vehicle. Weighing a fifth of other motor homes, you can even tow it with a Prius if you want! 

 Meanwhile, it has two sizes (both 16′), two lengths (both 5’6), and four trims available on both models. There are six different Apex Ultra-Lites for your shopping pleasure. The base model starts at $13,699.00. 

 Moreover, It includes standard amenities like an entry step-in door, a residential refrigerator/freezer combo, and three power outlets.

Upgrades get pricier; we recommend looking into this best eco-friendly RV if money is no object.

7. Thor Motor Coach A.C.E. diesel

Thor Motor Coach’s A.C.E. diesel is a class B coach with all you need for comfortable traveling.

It also has plenty of space for storage in your new, best eco-friendly RV! Traveling with a family can be difficult, especially if you want to minimize your environmental impact. 

 However, it has come up with a great solution. Their A.C.E.Diesel model not only allows you to bring everyone with you. It again makes sure that you’ll have zero emissions while doing so! 

 Therefore, this revolutionary diesel-powered motorhome makes it possible to travel around in comfort while minimizing your carbon footprint!

8. Lance 850 Truck Camper

The Lance 850 Truck Camper is the best eco-friendly RV and offers a flexible and comfortable home away from home for two people.

At just 29 feet long, it packs all of your essentials into a small trailer. They are towed by cars, trucks, or S.U.V.s alike. 

 Furthermore, this camper has three queen beds and one single bed with room for up to five people. You can also add an optional annex package (sold separately). These provide an additional sleeping area or storage space on its collapsible trailer. 

 Likewise, the fridge and microwave are both ENERGY STAR certified for maximum efficiency. With standard solar panels, batteries provide 110 watts of power when plugged in at campgrounds.

Meanwhile, it still keeps you off-grid during road trips where there aren’t any available outlets nearby.

9. Winnebago Brave Diesel Pusher

Suppose you’re looking for a fuel-efficient, best eco-friendly RV with real eco chops. Check out Winnebago’s line of Brave Diesel Pushers.

These stylish models run on clean diesel—they can go up to 1,500 miles without refueling. 

 However, because they’re more compact than most motorhomes, they take up less space at home and are lighter In resources when it comes time to tow them.

Winnebago also provides several Brave Hybrid models that rely on electric or L.P.G. (liquefied petroleum gas) power. Meanwhile, when parked, they can operate solely off diesel once you hit the road.

10. Newmar Berkshire Diesel

If you need the best eco-friendly Rv, Lance has it. The Lance 855 Truck Camper is an excellent choice for families. Regardless, don’t be fooled by its massive size.

 Moreover, it lacks fuel economy (13 MPG) and storage space (5ft.). It makes up interior space (up to 11ft.) and is durable. You’ll get enough space and comfort for a long trip through any terrain. 

On the other hand, while on a mission to become better as an industry leader. Lance is always looking for ways to improve performance.

In addition, it’s also lower operating costs and reduces the environmental impact of the production of all of its trucks campers

11. Holiday Rambler ALLEGRO Class C

Small and compact but loaded with amenities. The Lance 850 comes in two different sizes. For instance, a 9-foot bed that can fit up to four people or a 6’6 ′′ bed that fits two people comfortably.

Besides its small camper, weight is not an issue. The entire trailer weighs only 3,290 pounds! You can tow it behind a relatively small car or truck.

And you won’t have trouble packing everything you need for your adventures into one of these little guys.  

Likewise, there are also tons of storage compartments in every nook and cranny.

More so, if you worry about space, rest assured you will have plenty of room in your best eco-friendly RV camper!

12. Roadtrek E-Trek

There are several reasons why consumers choose a Roadtrek. When you purchase a Roadtrek, you’re buying more than just an RV; it’s your ticket to freedom.

No longer will you have to worry about being tied down by big mortgages and house expenses. 

Sometimes, taking the best eco-friendly RV trip is about seeing new places and owning an experience.

For these customers, buying a Roadtrek may be their first step toward exploring nature and disconnecting from electronics and technology.

13. Itasca Navion Diesel Pusher

The Itasca Navion is a beautiful, luxurious, and best eco-friendly RV! It takes advantage of its lightweight and incredibly efficient diesel engine.

The 656-horsepower turbocharged Cummins V8 gives it fantastic performance, with 0 to 60 mph taking just under 10 seconds. 

In addition, it gets about 8 miles per gallon and produces only 121 grams of carbon dioxide per mile.

Suppose you’re looking for comfort, style, and efficiency in your new camper. Look no further than one of these diesel pushers from Itasca.

14. ELITE Diesel Pusher by Pleasure-Way

Pleasure-Way has been making high-quality, luxury best eco-friendly RV since 1954. The 2018 ELITE Diesel Pusher is no exception. It is equipped with a 6.7L Cummins engine and two 24kW Onan Generators.

 Meanwhile, the generators are virtually silent and produce zero emissions. It even comes standard with a 100% solar power system.

It can power your home while you’re away or extend your camping experience by up to 10 days. 

 Each of Pleasure Way’s new models meets California emission standards and is backed by an industry-leading 5-year warranty!

Whether you want to go off-the-grid for an extended amount of time. Or either enjoy some weekend getaways in local campgrounds. Pleasure-Way has you covered.

15. Airstream Flying Cloud Travel Trailer

The Flying Cloud comes with all of the amenities of the home. It makes it an attractive option for families looking for a weekend getaway.

It’s equipped with easy-to-use solar panels and doors designed with heat retention in mind. 

At the same time, you’ll have plenty of hot water when you need it. Its traditional design makes it feel comfortable and familiar.

As a bonus, since Airstream trailers are built like tanks, they’re one of the best eco-friendly RV 

Additionally, It’s also the longest-lasting vehicle on earth. With quality that will come in handy down your adventure road! $90K – $170K+

16. Airstream Atlas Van

Don’t let its size fool you because you don’t get any bigger than Airstream. A four-person, lightweight caravan with several best eco-friendly RV options, including solar panels and a power management system. But don’t let its efficiency fool you.

 Moreover, it still has all of the comfort and luxury that Airstream is known for. So you can travel in style without compromising your environmental values!

17. Palomino Puma XLE Lite

The 2018 Palomino Puma X.L.E. Lite travel trailer model 10009 offers a surprising amount of space for its size.

If you want quality, luxury, and the best eco-friendly RV, that still comes at an affordable price. It’s hard to go wrong with the Palomino Puma X.L.E. Lite travel trailer.

Nevertheless, this is a highly versatile option that is exceptionally durable and capable of handling any terrain!

No matter what kind of road you choose to take your home. You’ll find that it provides a smooth ride with virtually no maintenance. 

Meanwhile, its tires are prepped with multi-directional wheels that increase traction in various environments.


RVs are a popular way for families, retirees, and vacationers to travel. Most of us know that traveling by RV requires far less fuel than flying or driving. And can allow travelers to get off beaten paths and out into nature. 

However, do you want to enjoy all those benefits still but also have a smaller carbon footprint? If so, consider one of these ten vehicles as your next best eco-friendly RV.

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