9 Best Drone Apps for iPhone and iPad

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You just got yourself a drone? That’s great! You must be excited about flying it.


With your smartphone, you can quickly be a drone pilot as most of these drone apps have great features such as identifying fly zones, map location, weather forecast, and lots more.

Drone apps can make your flying experience a whole lot better! There are various best drone apps for iPhone suited for beginners or advanced users.

Whatever choice you make largely depends on what you need. However, you should know that each drone app has its pros and cons, so to use them, you have to learn all there is to know about each one.

A list of up-to-date drone apps has been compiled to help you get familiar with the features suitable for you as a drone pilot.

Check out this list of the best drone apps for iPhone you can download to help give you a fantastic flight experience.

1. UAV Forecast

UAV Forecast is an original tool for a drone pilot, and beginners and advanced users can use it quickly for the best flight experience.

These best drone apps for iPhone have an average of 5 stars on the app store. All you need to do is tell the app the parameters of your drone.

You get detailed information on cloud cover, visibility, GPS satellites, solar activity, no-fly zones, wind speed, temperature, and flight restrictions. UAV Forecast is what you need to know when it’s safe to fly.

2. Aloft (Kitty Hawk)

The Aloft app, formerly known as kitty hawk, is free and easy to download and create an account, and it’s available for download on the Apple store.

When you talk about the best drone app for iPhones that can give you information on the weather forecast, map listings of no-fly zones, help you keep flight logs, track drones, and have active air traffic information.

These fantastic tools are just what you need to have a smooth flying experience as a drone pilot. You can ensure accurate information from your pre-flight checks to your post-flight analysis.

3. Litchi

Who says that your DJI drones can only function perfectly with DJI drone apps? Litchi is an alternative drone app software solution compatible with your DJI GO 4, DJI GO, DJI MAVIC, and many DJI fly apps.

You can pre-program your flight path in Google Earth before you fly; then, you load your pre-programmed flight path and hit start when you’re ready to fly.

Many drone pilots enjoy this drone app for iPhones for its simplicity, and others for its waypoint functionality.

It gives you almost the same experience as a DJI, but even its mode of operation is a bit different.

Litchi unlocks autonomous missions and helps you use intelligent flight modes like a panorama. Thinking that you can access all of these features for just $24.99 is fantastic!

4. Sun Surveyor

In photography, the direction of the sun or the moon is of utmost importance. If you’re a drone photographer, you need this app more like you need food every day.

A Sun surveyor helps you locate the perfect sun or Moon position at a particular location, and you can plan the perfect shot with the perfect height as you fly.

It also helps you visualize sunlight and shade throughout the year for a particular location and saves the stress of always looking for the perfect light spot to take your shots.

Need I mention that you can also view augmented reality projections of the location of the sun or moon at a particular location? You have all these fantastic benefits for just $7.99 on the app.

5. AirMap for Drones

These best drone apps for iPhone are free and available for easy download on your mobile phone.

However, this tool is more concerned with the commercial piloting business, but it can also help you with your basic needs as a drone pilot.

They have the support of companies like Microsoft and Qualcomm. The app provides geo-fencing, flight logging, drone mapping, and commercial piloting tools.

However, a real-time traffic alert is needed in the mobile app if you’re not into commercial piloting.

It can do more than just flight logging and mapping out potential flight locations; you can also harness it for your own basic needs.

6. DroneDeploy

The fantastic features of drone deployment include automated flights, data capture, and sharing of high-quality interactive maps.

It would be best to program your flight path or select coordinates for your drone to fly in your preferred flight direction and watch through the app control camera exposure.

The mobile app is available on the apple store and is free to use, and all users have access to a 14-day free trial plan.

The free trial drone deploys explorer plan will enable you to create 2D maps and 3D models without paying. With just two taps on your IOS device, your drone is ready to fly.

7. Tesla Field Recorder

Although there have been no records of drones crashing and killing people, drone pilots can admit that they’ve once or twice crashed a drone.

Since you don’t want to crash your drone due to inexperience or an avoidable mistake, It is expedient that pilots have firsthand information on unsafe maneuvers, problematic areas, and zones to avoid unnecessary drone crashes.

These free best drone apps for iPhone use the magnetometer sensor in your android device or tablet and transform it into an easy-to-use electronic, magnetic scanner.

This helps detect metals and electromagnetic fields, which helps to prevent drone crashes and ensure the drone’s complete safety.

You might want to keep records of magnetic fields or strongholds in a particular area for future reference or purposes.

8. Google Earth

There are so many apps that can you help you find safe places to fly. Google Earth, however, offers you unique, adventure-filled, and exceptional places to fly.

It helps you see cities and landscapes from a different view such that you cannot help but marvel. Sure sounds like an excellent app to have on your device as a drone pilot.

You have access to the 3D representation of the earth by satellite imagery. You can explore by using a mouse or a keyboard or if you’d like addresses and coordinates. Download Google Earth for free on the app store and start your flight adventure. Download

9. Hover

These best drone apps for iPhone are excellent for adding weather info alongside mapping and location awareness, and it also takes into consideration visibility and wind direction. It is a vital tool for drone and quadcopter pilots.

Additional features of these best drone apps for iPhone include weather data, flight readiness indicators, an industry news feed, flight logs, etc.

If you’re looking to have just one drone app on your iOS device, you should go for hover; it has incredible features in just one app. Download


There are so much more you can do with drone apps for iPhone and so many things to explore in your journey as a drone pilot.

This list has compiled some of the best drone apps for iPhones, and hopefully, these suggested apps will help you know where to start if you’re beginning and, if you’re an advanced user, help you have a better experience.

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