21 Best DNS Servers in the World

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This article will discuss some of the best DNS servers available today. We will also provide some information about configuring them so you can easily access your favorite websites from anywhere. 


DNS stands for Domain Name System, a protocol that helps you find the right website on the Internet by translating your domain name into an IP address. 

It’s like a phone book of the Internet, where you can type in any domain or subdomain and get its corresponding IP address. 

The best part about DNS servers is that they are free and easy to use for Domain Name systems, and it is a protocol that helps to resolve the domain name of your website or any other web resource on the Internet. 

Additionally, it’s an address book that maps IP addresses with their corresponding domain names. The best part about this protocol is that you don’t need to know anything about networking to use it.  

It would help if you typed the domain name into the browser, and the DNS server will do all the work. After reading our guide, we hope you can choose the best DNS servers for yourself. 

1. Cloudflare

Cloudflare is the best option if you require a DNS with super-fast speeds. Gamer gamers looking for fast DNS servers will be pleased with this one. 

Additionally, you have 200 servers to choose from that are dispersed throughout the globe. Additionally, each server in the network is resistant to DDoS attacks and cache poisoning, an attack that uses web cache behavior.  

Finally, you can manually block or filter specific content if you create a free account with Cloudflare. Some of your data is logged by Cloudflare.  

However, the good thing is that they still keep your IP address a secret from others. Every 24 hours, the service deletes all of the logs. 

2. Google Public DNS

Google Public DNS is also one of the best DNS servers for those who want fast DNS servers. It has over 1 million users worldwide and provides a very reliable service.  

Since its launch in 2009, Google Public DNS has given millions of internet users an excellent online experience. 

You may meet all requirements to set up an IPv6 connection because Google Public DNS provides full support for IPv6 connections. 

Additionally, it provides excellent security and works well for customers who don’t always have access to fast internet speeds. The benefit is that everyone can use it for free. 

You can connect to the public DNS servers using the standard port 53. Additionally, there are no limits on the number of queries per day or period. 

3. OpenDNS

OpenDNS is another popular choice among people who want to use DNS servers. It offers many features, such as parental controls and malware protection. 

With this DNS server, you can control what kind of sites your kids can visit. You can even prevent them from accessing certain types of websites. 

Additionally, you can limit the amount of bandwidth used by your children. Finally, you can configure your router to redirect requests to OpenDNS automatically. 

Personal and Business options have specialized parental controls, outstanding speed, and superb phishing defense. 

The Personal edition is free, but a payment schedule is in place if you want to try out the extra features. The only drawback is that customers who aren’t powered users might find it a little complicated. 

4. Quad9

Since August 2016, the startup DNS company Quad9 has offered a quick and cost-free DNS solution. The Business prides itself on its capacity to identify harmful domains and ban them by gathering information from “a mix of public and private sources.” 

Although the website claims Quad9 used 18+ “threat intelligence providers” as of December 2018, it is unclear what these sources are. 

That sounds a little too nebulous to us, and we’re not sure how many threat intelligence providers will be of use. Furthermore, the quality of intelligence is typically more crucial than the quantity. 

5. CleanBrowsing

CleanBrowsing is also one of the best DNS servers right now. It’s been around since 2011 and was founded by two brothers who wanted to make browsing safer. 

They offer a free product version, allowing you to block ads, trackers, and other malicious elements. However, the paid version gives you additional privacy settings, advanced filtering tools, and more. 

This DNS Server is compatible with Windows 7, 8, 10, macOS Sierra, iOS 11, Android 5.0 Lollipop, and Chrome OS. 

6. OpenNIC DNS

The fact that OpenNIC DNS is a nonprofit organization maintained by a network of volunteers sets it apart from every other DNS network on our list. 

Everyone should have unrestricted access to the Internet, according to the organization. As a result, the OpenNIC servers don’t censor anything at all. 

Therefore, if you want to utilize them, you should add a browser extension that will block adverts, malware, phishing attempts, and trackers because freedom always has a cost. 

Additionally, the network’s speed is adequate. However, we discovered constant time-outs in DNS requests, which can break your connection. 

Another drawback is that OpenNIC’s servers gather your IP address and other personally identifying information for analytics purposes. But if you’re connected to a VPN, that doesn’t matter. 

7. Level3

The best DNS servers list should provide Level3 with a prominent position, and it gives a smooth performance that is incredibly dependable. 

Furthermore, this may be because Level3 also offers a network service that necessitates top-tier technology to give a premium user experience. 

The user experience and speed are praised as being among the best available. Although Level3 works well with all kinds of routers, there may be some slowdowns occasionally. 

8. Comodo Secure DNS

It is no surprise that Comodo Group, the firm behind many superb security products, now provides its public DNS service. Furthermore, Comodo Secure DNS places a lot of emphasis on security, as you might imagine. 

It notifies you if you attempt to visit websites with malware, spyware, or even parked domains that could overburden you with advertisements in addition to blocking phishing websites (pop-ups, pop-unders, and more). 

Additionally, you can test out the Comodo Dome Shield service, which enhances Comodo Secure DNS with new capabilities. 

Comodo’s solution is also more brilliant than the norm, spotting attempts to browse parked or “not in use” domains and immediately reroute you to your intended destination. 

9. Alternate DNS

Alternate DNS is another excellent option for those looking for an alternative to Google Public DNS. It’s a bit different than most others on our list, and for starters, it only supports IPv4 addresses. 

But it does come with a few perks. First, it allows you to set up multiple DNS servers to switch between them when needed. Second, it automatically detects changes to your current settings and ensures they remain intact. 

10. CyberGhost

Next on our list of best DNS Servers is the Cyberghost DNS. One of the most excellent VPN services available is CyberGhost’s primary reputation. 

Additionally, they don’t charge fees or require anyone to register an account to access the DNS servers they utilize for their VPN customers. 

These DNS nodes offer top-notch speeds and unrestricted access to the Internet, and they don’t record your behavior unless you pay them. 

11. Yandex DNS

Some of the most seasoned high-speed DNS servers are available through Yandex DNS. Additionally, since there is rarely any downtime, websites often function correctly and without significant issues. 

Furthermore, it is helpful for people who want to block harmful domains that occasionally appear while you are browsing the web and also offers good speed. 

It still has a high level of popularity, surpassing many of the more recent services that have emerged. In addition, Yandex DNS does not have that many security protections in place, so part of your browsing activity may be exposed, which is a severe drawback. 

12. AdGuard DNS

AdGuard DNS is one of the most popular DNS providers around. It’s been around for quite some time and continues to grow in popularity. 

This is due to its excellent performance and reliability. You can choose from several free, ad-free, and paid versions. 

Two sets of DNS servers from AdGuard DNS are used to prevent advertisements in games, films, apps, and websites. 

Furthermore, the “Default” servers are the default setting, preventing trackers and advertisements: There are two types of DNS: primary and secondary. 

13. Neustar UltraDNS Public

The Neustar UltraDNS Public is also one of the Best DNS servers. A good option for family-friendly home networks is Neustar UltraDNS Public.

Unfiltered, Threat Protection and Family Protection are the three different levels of content filtering. 

Unrestricted internet access is available with the cheapest plan; malware will be blocked with the second, and pornographic content will be secured with the third. The filtering tiers all have good speeds. 

Meanwhile, your data, including IP addresses and other identifying information, will be logged and stored by Neustar UltraDNS Public under the logging section. So if you choose this, be mindful of those facts. 

14. UncensoredDNS:

One of the services that are run privately is UncensoredDNS. This indicates that it can provide various characteristics, including very high-security standards, dependability, and speed.

Denmark-based users can use to get an even more optimized online experience.  

Furthermore, these IPs, 2001:67c:28a4:: and 2a01:3a0:53:53::, will allow anyone with an IPv6 connection to connect to the server. Although it continues to function quite well for consumers worldwide, Danish users will gain the most. 

15. GreenTeam DNS

We thought it prudent to note that some DNS servers, like GreenTeam DNS, genuinely concentrate all of their attention on first-rate security because there are numerous. 

DNS servers, each with different primary features. It is so adept at this that it has managed to prevent its users from accessing thousands of malicious websites. 

Additionally, these malicious websites include the usual viruses to adult-related websites and bots. GreenTeam DNS still gives customers many choices over their online behavior despite solid protection. 

Furthermore, you may create premium accounts for even greater power, albeit you’ll have to pay for them. 

16. SafeServe

Next on our list of best DNS Servers is the SafeServe. SafeServe does not require an account to use. Furthermore, the website also includes clear instructions that will allow you to utilize it on any device of your choice. 

Therefore, there are several drawbacks to consider even though the ease of usage with any device or operating system is advantageous. 

First off, there is no virus defense. Your IP address and browsing history will be shared with Namecheap, the service’s parent firm, despite being anonymized. 

17. SafeDNS

With SafeDNS servers, you’ll get good connection speeds. But what stands out most is the absence of critical essential privacy elements. 

Moreover, the free plan should protect you from trackers and worms because it stops malware. But it records and retains your private information. 

Meanwhile, the data won’t be sold per the company’s privacy policy but will be used for analytical purposes. 

18. FreeDNS

Like UncensoredDNS, FreeDNS is more effective for users in one nation than in any other. In this instance, Austria benefits from the use of this DNS server. 

Anyone in the neighborhood who wants excellent uptime and internet speeds for their online activity would do well to select this server. 

The server also makes a lot of privacy claims, such as not logging any data to keep your search results and online activities private and guaranteeing that none of your information will be sold to outside parties without your knowledge. 

The main drawback is that individuals far from Austria may not have a good experience. 

19. Verisign Public DNS

The Business has gone to great lengths to clarify that they won’t gather your data, preventing you from being included in lists of unwelcome companies. 

It also takes care to safeguard users from risks or harmful websites by providing information on them so that users don’t unintentionally browse these websites and risk infecting their machines with malware. 

Furthermore, there isn’t any drawback because the server is highly stable and offers such respectable speeds in addition to the other capabilities. 

20. SafeSurfer

Usually, SafeSurfer provides its public DNS servers to shield children. The supplier seeks to specifically meet the demands of parents at home, individuals, and schools for internet surveillance by offering a variety of price plans. 

Additionally, the program provides screen-time monitoring, social media monitoring, and custom alert options for enhanced control. 

However, those are not the service’s only use cases. SafeSurfer provides specific subscription options for companies and ISPs to use content monitoring. 

21. SmartViper

SmartViper is the final option on this list of the best DNS servers. Linux is supported by many platforms, including this practical tool. 

As a result, it makes it easier for many internet users to surf freely, enjoy online privacy, and get around content filtering. This service’s most significant benefit is its fast speed, which makes it ideal for gamers. 

In conclusion, we’ve found the best DNS servers for 2022. Some handy features can help you stay safe while surfing the web. 

If you’re looking for a reliable DNS provider, you should consider using one of our recommended services. 

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