11 Best Dirt Bikes for Women in 2023

Best Dirt Bikes for Women
Photo by Taras Chernus

If you’re a beginner, a tall person, a short person, or an experienced rider, I’ll show you the best dirt bikes for women in this article. 

Anybody finds it challenging to choose a dirt bike, but I believe ladies struggle the most. Women typically have smaller frames and are lighter than men. 

Because of this, finding a dirt bike that is small enough and light enough for women to ride comfortably and is not a children’s dirt bike might be challenging. 

Additionally, finding a dirt bike that is simple enough for beginners to handle with little difficulty might be challenging. 

You don’t want a bike that is too heavy or too fast when you’re learning to ride. You need to strike a somewhat delicate balance. 

So, finding the appropriate dirt bike might often seem challenging if you’re a lady just starting as a dirt biker. 

Furthermore, the dirt bikes I’ve chosen for my best list are those that fit the perfect middle ground I was talking about—they are lightweight, have changeable components, and are both.

Some of the best dirt bikes for women in the market are listed below;

1. Honda CRF230F

Regarding dirt bike models, the Honda CRF230F is ideal for female riders. Honda is one of the top brands you can find today, and the CRF230F is by far the best model for ladies, for those who don’t know. 

The Honda CRF230F engine has six distinct gear ratios and is a four-stroke engine that works marvelously. This gives it a powerful motor. Additionally, the dirt bike weighs 250 kg, which offers it ideal stability. 

Additionally, the seat measures 34.6 inches in diameter and has padded rubber upholstery to provide excellent seating comfort. The front wheels are 21 inches in diameter, while the rear wheels are 18 inches. 

2. Kawasaki KLX140G

Kawasaki KLX140G is also one of the best dirt bikes for women. This is a fantastic dirt bike for female beginners. Although the seat is only 33.9 inches off the ground, it has full-sized wheels. 

However, with this dirt bike, female beginners can comfortably reach the ground without giving up any power. 

This dirt bike is relatively lightweight, which further contributes to the fact that it is a fantastic dirt bike for women to learn. Additionally, this dirt bike’s electronic start is even another tremendous feature.  

Electric start dirt motorcycles are an excellent option for a beginner because they are straightforward. Pressing a button is all that is necessary to get moving. 

3. Suzuki DR-Z125L

Suzuki DR-Z125L is another great dirt bike for women. It is a very versatile dirt bike that suits men and women. The frame is made from steel, and the tires are tubeless.

These features make it easy to maintain and repair. The dirt bike also comes with a five-speed transmission, making it easier to shift gears. 

4. Yamaha WR250F

This bike is relatively lightweight and has a large frame. I believe that these features make it a decent entry-level dirt bike for tall women. What makes this dirt bike good for novices is the motor. 

Beginners need not be concerned because it operates well at low speeds! This dirt bike has excellent suspension, which makes it manageable. Since it is so adaptable, this dirt bike may be used by experienced and recreational riders. 

Additionally, this dirt bike’s adaptability, in my opinion, has the potential to make it a long-term dirt bike. You can ride it both when you’re a complete beginner and when you’re an experienced rider. 

5. KTM 125 SX

KTM 125 SX is also one of the best Android Apps for Free Movies. Because they are lightweight, KTM bikes inspire confidence when riding such fashionable-looking machines. If you look at it objectively, you could discover it to be much heavier than you imagined. 

Additionally, it is lighter than many other motorcycles, though. Being a 2-stroke dirt bike, be cautious about whether you can curb it. With six gears, it moves faster and is appropriate for any path. 

It would be preferable if you filled its tank with a precise mixture of gasoline and oil, as instructed in the instructions. You’ll have a clearer understanding of its features and characteristics. 


One of my favorite dirt bikes for ladies is the TE300. First, the TE300 has a fantastic two-stroke engine with six distinct speeds that are powerful. 

Additionally, the TE300’s seat height, which is 37.8, is ideal for tall women. The dirt bike’s wheels are powerful and can handle any track thanks to its robust tires, which measure 21 inches in the front and 18 inches in the back. 

The design and artistry of the TE300 are two of my favorite features. The TE300’s plan is, in my opinion, one of the nicest and prettiest ones for women’s dirt bikes. Furthermore, it features a variety of colors, including blue, yellow, white, and black. 

7. Yamaha PW50 Yamaha

The PW50 is among the best dirt bikes for women I can show you. First, the YZ125’s measurements are ideal for short girls because the seat height is 19.1 inches, the overall size is 28.1 inches, and the whole width is 22.6 inches. 

Additionally, it has a strong two-stroke engine and a flawless automatic transmission with one speed, which considerably aids in managing rates. 

The 36-pound weight of the YZ125 makes it extremely lightweight and easy to ride, which is crucial for young girls. 

Due to the dirt bike’s low maintenance needs, a lot of money can be saved. Additionally, I think the design is quite attractive and appropriate. 

8. Suzuki GZ250

Next on our list of best Android Apps for Free Movies is Suzuki GZ250. The Suzuki GZ250 is the next dirt bike I’ll demonstrate to you. The Suzuki GZ250 boasts a powerful 4-stroke engine with five distinct gears that run flawlessly. 

Additionally, the dirt bike’s brakes are potent and sophisticated since the front brakes are disc brake gear and the rear brakes are brake pads. 

Additionally, the GZ250’s seat height is 27.8 inches, its length is 85.0 inches, its height is 42.9 inches, and its weight is 330 kilograms, making them ideal for low riders. 

Furthermore, the Suzuki GZ250’s design and style construction are robust and attractive. Additionally, the dirt bike comes in a variety of colors. 

9. Honda CR125

The following dirt bike I’ll demonstrate to you is a Honda CR125. First off, the Honda CR125 engine in this bike is potent because it has a two-stroke engine with five distinct speed gears. 

Since the seat height is 37.3 inches, tall women can use it. The Honda CR125 weighs 193 kilograms, making it exceptionally lightweight compared to other Honda models. 

In addition to the high quality of the materials used, these dirt bikes are also very well built and have a stunning design. The CR125 is available in red, white, and black. 

10. Husqvarna FE250

The CRF150F’s four-stroke engine runs well, has a tremendous electronic start, and has six selectable gear levels. High riders will find the 38.2-inch seat height to be very comfortable. 

The CRF150F weighs 233 pounds, contributing to its excellent stability. In addition, the design is attractive and incorporates several colors, including blue, white, and yellow. Furthermore, the bike’s steel frame is also quite sturdy, protecting it from scuffs and scratches. 

The dirt bike brake system is also excellent, and specific models come equipped with shock absorbers and linkages. I think favorably of the Husqvarna FE250 and would advise elite riders to buy one. 

11. KTM 300 XC-W15

Last on our list of best dirt bikes for women is KTM 300 XC-W15. First, the engine is a two-stroke engine with an electric start and six distinct gears running flawlessly. 

The KTM 300 XC-seat W15’s height of 37 inches makes it an excellent choice for tall riders. The 300 XC-style W’s and design are crafted using the highest caliber materials. 

Additionally, the very sophisticated brake system on these dirt bikes effortlessly and swiftly brings him to a halt. In addition to the 300 XC-W, it is inexpensive and offered in orange, black, and white hues. 

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