11 Best Cruiser Motorcycles for Beginners

Best Cruiser Motorcycles For Beginners
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Are you looking for the Best Cruiser Motorcycles For Beginners? The cruiser motorcycle subgenre is ideal for beginning riders for several reasons.

Low seat heights on cruisers make it simple for riders with short stature to feel grounded and maintain their feet on the ground. 

In contrast to sportier machines that can encourage the user to accelerate faster, the genre also lends itself to casual, unhurried riding.

Additionally, because many models still maintain the iconic profile developed in the 1960s, the best cruiser motorcycles for beginners have a flair and attitude that cannot be found in other forms of motorcycling.

In our blog post, we will compile a list of the best cruiser motorcycles for beginners that will assist in introducing motorcyclists to the sport while not breaking the bank.

What we have is as follows:

1. 2022 Triumph Street Twin

Triumph Street Twin is the first on our list of best cruiser motorcycles for beginners.

It has managed to dominate the retro standard bike market despite the presence of other motorcycle manufacturers. 

The Street Twin’s 900cc liquid-cooled parallel-twin engine is incredibly adaptable, offering plenty of performance from a red light while traveling smoothly and easily at highway speeds.

It also features a low seat height, which is unusual for the standard motorcycle genre.

In a review of Triumph’s 2016 Street Twin model best cruiser motorcycle for beginners, we noted, “The Street Twin is an affordable, approachable bike with a muscular, torque-rich engine, stable suspension, robust brakes, and timeless, unquestionably appealing appearance.”

A bike that unaware new enthusiasts would purchase because of its appearance and pricing, but one that they can develop into over the years to come. No matter your experience level, it’s easygoing but never dull and fun.

2. 2022 Harley-Davidson Iron 883

In America, it is impossible to discuss entry-level motorcycles without mentioning the Harley-Davidson Sportster 883.

Okay, so it’s no longer referred to as a “Sportster,” but that 883cc Evo V-twin will always be Sporty to us. 

Although it is the biggest, heaviest, and most costly bike on this list, compared to the other Harley-Davidson models, it doesn’t seem as enormous, heaviest, or expensive.

As one of the best cruiser motorcycles for beginners, it can be upgraded to provide great power, shed pounds, or do anything else you might imagine.

Since it was rubber-mounted in 2004, the 883 hasn’t undergone many alterations, and even older models share many of the same fitments, making parts fairly accessible.

If you prefer to go that route, many extremely reasonably used versions are available because Evo-powered Sportster has been available since 1986. 

Do you need your engine fixed? Almost any motorcycle mechanic who has received training since 1986 should be able to service your bike.

3. 2022 Honda Rebel 1100 DCT

Is 1,100cc the best cruiser motorcycle for beginners? In keeping with the Rebel moniker, Honda designed the Rebel 1100 DCT to be friendly to riders of almost any ability level.

The 1,084cc parallel twin’s power output, engine braking, and shift points on the DCT variant are all adjustable on three levels, allowing you to choose whether you want the large engine to howl or purr softly.

Honda’s Dual-Clutch Transmission is a feature that enables automatic or clutchless shifting.

It eliminates one technical aspect of learning to ride a motorbike, allowing new riders to concentrate more on the road in front of them.

1100 feels nimble and spry, especially around other large-displacement cruisers, weighing in at 512 pounds when it’s ready to ride.

This bike makes a terrific first cycle that riders can grow into and use for a long time. Its ride modes, engine flexibility, appropriate suspension on a well-designed chassis, Dual-Clutch Transmission, and good braking performance contribute to this.

4. Yamaha Bolt R-Spec

Next on our list of best cruiser motorcycles for beginners is the Yamaha bolt R-Spec. To compete with the Harley-Davidson Sportster 883, the Yamaha Bolt was first announced in 2014 and has since been available for purchase. 

With its low seat, compact petrol tank, and vintage design, it is a traditional cruiser, yet some elements of it still feel extremely Japanese in the nicest sense.

On the Bolt, ascending a winding canyon is a tremendous thrill. The rider has more control over their weight and how it moves around the bike thanks to mid-mounted foot controls, which are often not possible with forward controls. 

Although the front and rear suspension cannot be adjusted, it has worked effectively in tests with riders of different sizes. The Bolt also offers customization, despite what the name might suggest. 

Many components, including the handlebars, risers, and footpegs, have universal fittings and are compatible with different models and brands because they are easily customized to the owner’s preferences.

It makes you consider the possibilities, even the tubular steel frame allowing owners to utilize almost any vintage gas tank with minor alteration.

5. 2022 Indian Scout Bobber 60

The Scout Bobber Sixty from India is a six-speed, 1,133cc Scout Bobber with five speeds and 1,000cc.

It has a low seat and foot controls that face the front, keeping with the American cruiser aesthetic. And it can go at highway speeds while the engine is still running at a lower rev range. 

It is a great choice for motorcyclists who enter into primarily American cruisers because it has the lowest starting price between Indian Motorcycle and Harley-Davidson at $8,999. Due to two factors, we chose the Scout Sixty over the Scout for our list. 

The first is its lower power output, but don’t be fooled; this 60ci liquid-cooled V-twin revs up quickly and has plenty to give with a claimed peak torque of 65 pound-feet and 78 Newton-meters.

The Sixty model is $2,000 less expensive than the Scout Bobber, making it considerably more affordable. The Sixty is nearly identical to the more expensive Scout model, except for the engine.

Therefore, it handles well and has a strong stopping ability. It also enables you to invest less money into a range of more expensive bikes.

If you frequently travel interstates, you might long for the Scout model’s sixth gear as you pass 75 mph and the Sixty begins to buzz.

6. 2022 Royal Enfield Meteor 350

The Meteor from Royal Enfield debuted in 2021 and has the lowest MSRP of any bike at $4,549 (color options can raise that to $4,699). It has a single-cylinder SOHC 349cc air/oiled-cooled motorcycle with traditional styling. 

It’s compact, uncomplicated, reasonably priced, and the retro design is appealing. The Meteor’s underpowered motor won’t blow anyone away.

Still, thanks to its affordable pricing, it’s available to a wide spectrum of novice riders who might not otherwise be able to buy a more expensive bike.

The 2021 Meteor 350’s test results showed that it could generate 17.4 horsepower, 18.2 pound-feet of torque, and travel at a top speed of 75 mph on the highway.

The Meteor is nicely balanced and remains nice and smooth during our rides, unlike many single-cylinder engines that can be buzzy and vibrate excessively.

This bike is available in various colors and has a useful selection of accessories in the typical Royal Enfield style.

It’s a rather simple, no-frills cruiser, but it’s a chic way to start riding the best cruiser motorcycles for beginners.

7. 2022 Royal Enfield INT650

The Royal Enfield INT650 is a fantastic standard motorbike and a perfect choice for many beginner riders, despite not being a conventional cruiser.

The INT650’s most appealing features include its classic design, adaptable two-cylinder engine, and reasonably low pricing.

The INT650’s 648cc parallel-twin engine is air-and-oil cooled and comfortably capable of traveling at highway speeds, which is more than many $6,000 bikes can say. It also doesn’t feel like a cheap motorcycle; rather, it feels sturdy and high-quality. 

There are numerous color options, most of which are vibrant and entertaining, enhancing the retro-fun atmosphere.

The INT650’s bench seat sits a little higher up at 31.7 inches because it lacks the usual dropped-seat design of cruiser models, which may not be appropriate for riders with short legs.

Although a tad on the soft side, the suspension functioned more than admirably during our tests, and the brakes were surprisingly powerful, given the bike’s price.

With this 650, you truly get a lot of the best cruiser motorcycles for beginners for your money.

8. 2022 Honda Rebel 500

Honda’s Rebel series has welcomed new riders into the motorcycle world for many years.

If you asked a group of seasoned street motorcycle riders who they first learned to ride on, you would almost probably get a couple of hands raised. 

Since being updated from the 250 models to the 300 and 500 models in 2017, the new Rebels have substantially improved in all areas.

The Rebel 500 has a 471cc parallel-twin engine as opposed to the 300 model’s single-cylinder engine. 

Because of the low seat height and adaptable ergonomics, shorter riders can put their feet down comfortably, while larger riders won’t feel too confined.

Saddlebags, windshields, USB chargers, and other accessories are easily accessible to enable you to customize your ride, thanks to Honda’s comprehensive accessory portfolio for the Rebel 300 and 500 models.

The Rebel 300 and 500 models are nearly identical except for the engine. Therefore we opted for the 500 twins because it can go at highway speeds while turning fewer revolutions.

The 300 is also a terrific choice, although riders could discover that they soon want to move up to something bigger.

9. Scout

One of the best cruiser motorcycles for beginners to hit the market in recent years is the Scout from Indian Motorcycle.

It is attractive out of the box, produces a lot of power, has a low seat height, and is yet quite simple to adjust. 

Popular with both cruisers and hooligan racers, Indian asserts that the 1,138cc V-twin engine produces over 100 horsepower.

This nimble small cruiser is a fantastic choice for individuals new to motorcycles and is available as a Bobber, the 999cc Scout Sixty, or the standard model Scout.

See our initial assessment of this fantastic entry-level cruiser motorbike for additional information.

10. Yamaha Virago

The 535cc v-twin engine and five-speed transmission of the middleweight Virago 535. Which was built from 1987 to 2003, sending power to the rear wheel via a nearly trouble-free shaft drive. 

Used models are frequently available for fair prices, but as with any previously owned bike, be sure it has been well maintained.

Tire, battery, oil, and tune-up replacements can drastically raise the cost of purchasing.

The business still produces a 250cc version of the middleweight 535cc motorbike that was the Virago before it was renamed the V-Star series.

The V-Star 250 has ample power for a beginner rider thanks to its traditional 249cc v-twin engine that generates 15.2 ft-lb of torque and its five-speed transmission. It weights 324 pounds when fully hydrated and also provides

11. Suzuki S40 Boulevard

Lastly, The Suzuki S40 Boulevard has been around since the middle of the 1980s, much like the Honda Rebel, but when it first appeared, it was known as the Suzuki LS650 Savage.

The bike’s 652cc single-cylinder engine was mated to a 4-speed transmission in the initial models, but a fifth gear was added in 1993 to make it a 5-speed machine. 

It has a power output of 31 hp and 37 lb-ft of torque and is mounted in a frame with a seat height of 28 inches.

With all fluids, the bike weighs 381 pounds, and maintenance is a little bit simpler because it has a belt final drive rather than a chain.


Because of their low seat height and loose sitting, the best cruiser motorbikes for beginners make excellent first vehicles.

No matter your degree of riding experience, there is a cruiser out there for you because they come in a wide range of engine and chassis sizes.

Here in our blog are a few new and ancient machines that a novice would want to consider. Our best cruiser motorcycles for beginners buyer’s guide also contains some excellent choices if you’re an experienced rider.

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