20 of the Best Cheap Motorcycles That Won’t Break the Bank

Best Cheap Motorcycles
Photo by Sead Dedić

If you love motorcycles but don’t have much money to spend, it can be hard to find cheap motorcycles that meet your needs without breaking the bank.


However, plenty of motorcycle companies out there make quality bikes without charging an arm and a leg.

Here are the best cheap motorcycles that won’t break the bank!

Yamaha V Star 250

The first on our list of best cheap motorcycles is V Star 250. It is an excellent starter bike for anyone with motorcycle experience looking to upgrade from something more minor.

It’s built using Yamaha’s custom-like V Star 650 and 1300 frames and powered by a 249cc liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, fuel-injected engine.
According to reviews and owner testimony, this particular model has drum brakes up front, but that doesn’t mean it won’t stop on a dime.

It lacks horsepower, and chrome is made up for in style and value. At $3,999 MSRP, you’ll have plenty of cash to buy all your gear.

Honda CB300R

One of the best cheap motorcycles if you are starting. The CB300R is affordable, inexpensive to run, and great for beginners.

As you progress in your riding skills and want more performance, it will be an upgrade path to another Honda model. 

In addition, the Kawasaki Ninja 300: One of the cheapest ways to get into the Supersport 300 class of motorcycles.

It is also one of few super sport bikes available under USD 7000 new. This makes it cheap and highly desirable among motorcycle enthusiasts with strict budget constraints.

Honda Rebel 300

One of Honda’s most affordable motorcycles is also one of its best sellers. The Rebel, designed to be beginner-friendly, lives up to its name with its gentle engine.

It also has excellent handling and low seat height. But, it’s not going to win any races, but for riders who want cheap motorcycle brands.

They are also reliable for commuting around town, and it does the job. Plus, it looks cool as hell! (Price starts at $3,999)

Honda 2020 Grom

Billed as Honda’s most miniature, lightest motorcycle ever built and weighing in at just 125 pounds, Honda’s Grom is perfect for young riders.

And it won’t break your bank account; they are some of the best cheap motorcycles. These bikes sell for around $3,800-$4,200. 

In addition to being affordable, they’re also fun to ride—according to reviews from owners and reviewers who have tested them out.

Are you looking for a cheap motorcycle but don’t want to sacrifice performance or safety features? Like ABS brakes and airbags? You might consider buying one of these little Hondas.

Yamaha 2020 TW200

One of Yamaha’s most affordable bikes comes with an air-cooled, fuel-injected, 199 cc, single-cylinder engine.

At the same time, it can be more difficult to start than gas-powered motorcycles due to their small size. But there’s no denying that these are hardy little bikes with simple maintenance requirements.

What’s more, you can find them for as little as $2,000. Honda XR50R: Lightweight, affordable, and easy to maintain – what more could you ask for?

These 50cc machines are perfect for new riders who want to start motorcycling without spending too much money.

You can even find some used models going for less than $1,500! Honda CB300F: If you want something more significant but still cheap, check out Honda’s CB300F. It has a 286 cc engine and plenty of power.

While still being light enough to handle easily. You might pay anywhere from $3,000-$4,000 or so, depending on where you buy it and how new it is.

Aprilia SR Motard 50

The next on our list of best cheap motorcycles is Aprilia. It is an Italian manufacturer with over 25 years of experience making motorcycles.

Though Aprilia produces scooters, mopeds, ATVs, and cruisers, its SR Motard 50 is a proper motocross bike for beginners. 

Also, SR Motard has an air-cooled, two-stroke engine with four gears and hydraulic disc brakes front and rear. It can go up to 50 miles per hour but isn’t designed for extended freeway use. It’s meant to ride around town or at slow speeds in dirt or grass.

BMW Motorrad G310R

If your first bike is an entry-level model, it doesn’t have to look like one. The G310R uses bodywork and components designed by BMW but at $3,000.

It costs considerably less than other high-end motorcycles and scooters from BMW. The G310R has two riding modes to help new riders ease into their first bikes: Sport and Rain. 

Meanwhile, in Sport mode, you’ll get better acceleration; in Rain mode, you’ll get optimal traction control. Another feature of interest for new riders is optional ABS—the safety system can be engaged or disengaged in Sport mode only.

Kawasaki Z400 ABS

 Kawasaki’s Z400 is a perfect starter bike for those looking into motorcycling. It’s also good enough to keep you riding even after you’ve moved up to something more significant. It’s not new, but it won’t cost you an arm and a leg either. 

Furthermore, It is one of the top cheap motorcycles; expect to pay about $5,000 for one in good condition. The bike boasts excellent handling and strong acceleration, and more than adequate stopping power. 

SYM Wolf CR300I

This mini bike is both attractive and fun to ride. It features 16-inch alloy wheels, a digital display, and turn signals. It has an anti-theft system and seat belts, and automatic transmission. Its air-cooled engine requires little maintenance.

Additionally, The CR300I has disc brakes on both front and rear wheels; this gives you more control over stopping power than drum brakes do. If you want an affordable bike but still want it to look good and function safely, consider buying SYM WOLF CR300I today!

KTM Duke 200

There are much smaller and top cheap motorcycles, plus affordability and durability; KTM is one of your best bets. This brand is widely available, inexpensive, and well-known for its high quality. For under $7000, you can get a new or used KTM DUKE 200. 

Cleveland Cyclewerks Hooligun

The Hooligan is an all-black motorcycle with two wheels and plenty of attitudes. It’s one of Cleveland CycleWerk’s most popular models, and it comes in at just $1,845. It has an electric start and kickstart capability if your battery dies.

So you don’t have to wait around for someone to help you. It is one of those best cheap motorcycles that have an optional speedometer.

In addition, there is a kit that turns signals so you can keep track of your speed legally. Like other Cleveland CycleWerks bikes, it comes standard with Rinehart pipes and Biltwell controls.

If motorcycles are going to take off in popularity again, cheap motorcycle brands like these will be critical. With top cheap motorcycles like these, we might see biking become affordable for everyone again!

Benelli TNT135

With a price tag of $6,999, you get an incredible motorcycle for not a lot of money. The bike has been named one of Motorcyclist magazine’s 2011-2012 Bikes of the Year for practical, stylish, and durable.

Benelli offers three versions of its TNT135 model–Classic Sport Touring ($6,999), Sport Enduro ($7,199), and Street Fighter ($7,499).

So riders can customize to their needs. Other benefits include lightweight aluminum fuel tanks and forks made from Magnesium castings. Benelli also has some high-quality options for first-time riders or those looking for cheap motorcycles

Kawasaki Ninja 400

The Kawasaki Ninja 400 is one of two entry-level sports bikes from Kawasaki built for urban commuters. The cheapest way to get your hands on a Ninja is by buying a used example; prices start at around $4,500.The price can go up to around $7,000, depending on how well-cared-for.

You’ll need to pay more if you want it in mint condition (with just 1,000 miles) or are looking for an excellent specimen (under 500 miles).

Price range: $4,500 – $7,000 #5 KAWASAKI NINJA 250R. The most affordable way to get your hands on one of these best cheap motorcycles will be through used examples

Yamaha V-star 250

The V-Star 250 is Yamaha’s least expensive cruiser, but it’s still a fantastic machine for new bikers. The seat height is 27.4 inches, and gas mileage in the mid-40s. Plus, it looks just like something from Detroit. 

In addition, Yamaha claims you can buy one with your eyes closed—and it might be right! It starts at around $5,000 new, but expect to find one used in excellent condition for $2,000-$3,000. 

Royal Enfield Himalayan

Are you looking for your first motorcycle and aren’t ready to take out a small loan to make it happen? Then Royal Enfield’s Himalayan is perfect for you.

This fantastic entry-level bike comes in at less than $5,000. It also looks good with plenty of power thanks to its 411cc engine (though mileage won’t win any awards).

Furthermore, It has plenty of upgrades available through Royal Enfield dealers. Including adventure accessories like saddlebags, they are making it one of the only motorcycles recommended by name by adventure rider Amelia Allen.

This bike is one of the best cheap motorcycles. It is great for riders looking to have their first adventure or get into motorcycling with little cost.

FB Mondial HPS 125

This small, 125cc motorcycle is French-made, and its power plant is a carburetor for simplicity. It’s easy to ride, making it ideal for beginners or riders who don’t have much experience with motorcycles.

Also, it’s comfortable and lightweight at 220 pounds, so you can easily maneuver it and store it. Price: $1,695 (read more) No one knows motorcycles like MONDIAL HPS 125.

Their CBR125R model is excellent for bikers looking to buy cheap motorcycle brands while still getting excellent performance. 

Additionally, the bike comes equipped with front and rear disc brakes. As well as liquid cooling, giving you added safety when riding.

The motor is air-cooled, which makes maintenance easier. This also means you won’t get quite as good performance out of your engine.

So, even if speed isn’t your priority, check out this affordable option, MONDIAL HPS! Price: $2,700 MONDIAL HPS offers another cheap motorcycle in their NC series line—the NC700X DCT model.

Husqvarna Vitpilen 401

The Vitpilen 401 is built in partnership with Italian motorcycle designer Massimo Tamburini. And Husqvarna hopes to capitalize on some of Ducati’s success by making it accessible to younger riders. It’s described as a retro-style streetfighter for today’s sophisticated rider. 

Also, It features an air-cooled 400cc single-cylinder engine, belt drive, and suspension designed to work with smaller wheels.

There are two models in its lineup – one of which is € 5,799 ($7,930). You can rest assured that VITPILEN is one of those best cheap motorcycles. 

Suzuki TU250X

The Suzuki TU250X is one of those top cheap motorcycles affordable for almost everyone. Although built for beginners, it is pretty powerful and fast, with an engine power of 21 kW/ 29 hp at 7500 pm. Also, with peak torque of 23 Nm/ 17 lb-ft at 6000 pm. 

However, Its design is truly remarkable, and it offers impressive performance in terms of off-road motorcycling. You can scoot around town with these cheap motorcycle brands when used with a modern helmet and full-face shield.

The bike weighs just 106 kg (235 lbs), making riding easy. This is especially in hilly terrain or simply if you have many bags placed in your panniers.

Yamaha MT-03

For someone new to motorcycling, or those looking for their first bike, Yamaha’s MT-03 fits every need. It offers a comfortable ride, solid brakes, and low maintenance with reliability, not found in cycles in its price range.

This class of motorcycles comes from the best cheap motorcycles. Sure, you don’t get all of the bells and whistles as some other models at around $5,000 brand new.

Also, you don’t pay for features that you may never end up being too uncomfortable with when riding long distances. Plus, it gets excellent gas mileage and has enough power to be fun, but not so much to where it could cause issues for newer riders.


This is the last on our list of cheap motorcycle brands. The G310R is BMW’s entry-level motorcycle. Originally unveiled as a concept bike at Intermot in 2016, it made its public debut at EICMA later that year.

BMW wants to draw new riders into motorcycling by creating an easy-to-ride bike with low running costs. For an entry-level bike, it’s certainly got good looks.

However, it might not be as exciting as some of its competitors, 34 PS and 27 Nm are available from just 349 cc’s and a single-cylinder engine. This should make for decent enough performance.

Things to Consider When Buying a Cheap Motorcycle

A motorcycle is an investment, but it doesn’t have to be an unreasonable one. There are many affordable options available in both brand-new and used motorcycles. However, just because you’re looking for a cheap bike doesn’t mean you can afford to go with anything less than well-made and reliable. 

What Makes Good Cheap Motorcycles?

You should avoid cheap motorcycles if they don’t come from a reputable manufacturer. And also if they were built before about 1980.

There are some brands out there known for making inexpensive models—the trick is knowing which ones to look at. 

Therefore, consider choosing from one of these top cheapest motorcycle brands: If your preferred manufacturer isn’t listed here, look at their model history. This will help you to know what they’ve offered over time.

In addition, as far as specific models go, read reviews (if possible) and try to steer clear of bikes with engine problems.

Or significant defects that have been reported over time by owners or service technicians who work on them regularly.


Are you looking for best cheap motorcycles? You’ve come to the right place. Of course, we’re biased—we made up our list of best cheap motorcycles under $5000 (which is as far down as we could go before bikes started getting ugly).

But even if you don’t buy one of these beauties, reading through our list might help. After all, you can figure out what you want in your first bike.

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