5 Best Cheap Motorcycle Brands

Best Cheap Motorcycle Brands
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If you’re a motorcycle enthusiast, it can be easy to spend more money on your bike than you can afford. After all, it’s one of the most expensive purchases many people will make, aside from their home or car. 


But if you’re just getting started with motorcycles and want a good-quality bike that won’t leave you drowning in debt, plenty of the best cheap motorcycle brands are out there.

They will get you on the road fast without breaking the bank.

1. Moto Guzzi

Moto Guzzi is an Italian motorcycle manufacturer founded in 1921 by Rodolfo and Giulio Guzzi. Moto Guzzi is headquartered in Mandello del Lario and produces its motorcycles entirely in Italy.

The company’s lineup is quite impressive, ranging from street bikes to dirt bikes and motocross bikes.

Moto Guzzi can get you for those looking for the best cheap motorcycle brands without breaking their budget.

It can get you where you need to go at a relatively affordable price. Additionally, it’s one of those brand names that will always come with motorcycle credibility.

2. Suzuki

Suzuki is known for their motorcycles and scooters. Suzuki vehicles are very affordable, especially when compared to other brands.

Additionally, Suzuki focuses much of its resources on research and development; as a result, its products are innovative and well-designed.

A new motorcycle or scooter from Suzuki costs as little as $4,000 for an economy-level bike to about $10,000 for a higher-end model.

The company is one of the best cheap motorcycle brands because it offers financing options. This offer is for those who may not be able to afford the purchase up front.

3. Kawasaki

Kawasaki motorcycle is among the best cheap motorcycle brands for beginners as an option. The Ninja 250R is considered one of the most reliable entry-level bikes in its class, and it’s also one of Kawasaki’s most popular models.

If you’re serious about getting started quickly and efficiently, a used 250R could be your best bet. 

Additionally, it’s priced much lower than a new motorcycle but still comes with many modern amenities like fuel injection and anti-lock brakes.

Plus, this specific model comes with two gear ratios. This is so that riders can choose whether they want to cruise around town or hit the highway.

4. Honda

Honda is also one of those best cheap motorcycle brands that most people have heard of. Honda bikes are known for their high level of quality and great value. They offer new and used models, but you can often find great deals on a pre-owned Honda. 

They also have exciting options, like their CB300F motorcycle with a semi-automatic transmission, making it easier to ride than ever before. Honda’s lineup includes cruisers and sportbikes, so there’s something to fit everyone’s lifestyle. 

They even have smaller motorcycles available if you’re looking for a bike to get around town quickly and easily. Honda should be your first choice if you want a reliable, low-cost option from an established company.

5. Yamaha

Yamaha, an American brand with a Japanese name, has been making motorcycle parts since 1955. Although they are one of the smaller Japanese brands in terms of market share in America. They are still reliable and affordable for first-time riders looking to get on their first bike. 

The R3 is an entry-level sports bike that comes equipped with some impressive safety features. Features such as ABS and traction control (essential when riding on less than ideal surfaces or during inclement weather). 

The R3 costs about $4,990.00. New but used ones can be found for around $2,500 to $4,000, depending on the condition. Overall, it’s a great starter bike from one of the best cheap motorcycle brands known for its reliability and longevity.


There are lots of the best cheap motorcycle brands out there. While a $3,000 motorcycle might be expensive for some people, that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t buy a bike! Like any other purchase, you should research first and see which model is suitable for you. 

Also, for many new riders, a cheap bike is perfect. This is because it allows them to learn all of the nuances that go into motorcycling without getting in over their heads. At any price point, choosing something that fits your needs is essential. 

With that in mind, here are the five best cheap motorcycle brands we think will get you riding without taking too big of a bite out of your budget.

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