10 Best Bobber Motorcycles

Best Bobber Motorcycles

In the realm of motorcycles, a factory-built Bobber is an oxymoron. The best Bobber motorcycles sprang from the desire of motorcycle owners to remove any unnecessary components from their machines.  

Furthermore, any bodywork was released, as well as the passenger seat. And, in most cases, the rear suspension.

Everything is done in the name of purity. Bobbers first appeared in the 1950s, but they didn’t last much longer than the 1970s because most people love development. 

In addition, this simplistic style, on the other hand, has recently had a resurgence. Factory-ready Bobbers have been manufactured by manufacturers eager to get on the customizing bandwagon.  

However, these motorcycles aren’t as stripped-down as the originals from the 1950s. Instead, they cleverly cover all of the modern conveniences we’ve come to expect.  

Such as rear suspension to give the bike a pared-back appearance without sacrificing the back-breaking ride.

Here are the ten best bobbers motorcycles on the market right now. 

1. Indian Scout Bobber Twenty

The Twenty is a new-for-2020 special edition built to commemorate the Scout’s 100th anniversary.

The first of which was built in 1920, hence the name. It’s based on the punchy, proven, and all-around excellent 1133cc Scout Bobber.  

As a result, it’s essentially a Scout Bobber, but with a slew of new features, accessories, and stylistic cues inspired by the original.  

For an extra £900, you receive a special “floating” leather seat, black-rimmed wire wheels in place of the stock Bobber’s cast items, new “mini ape-hanger” bars for a more comfortable ride, and a commemorative paint job. 

2. Honda CMX 500 Rebel

Is this a bobber or a cruiser? In actuality, it’s a bit of both. But the fact that Honda calls their A2-licence-compliant twin a ‘bobber.  

As well as the fact that it’s so amazing meant we had to add it. CMX is one of the best bobber motorcycles. It’s the most recent (fourth) addition to Honda’s 471cc.

A2-licence compatible parallel twins (joining the CB500F roadster, CBR500R Sportster, and CB500X adventure-styled bike). 

Additionally, it’s based on the same Thai-built, flawlessly flexible parallel twin as those. But it’s been significantly altered for more torque. And is housed in a new frame with a lower (690mm) seat height.  

Furthermore, that explains why it was the last one to arrive at the gathering. It’s a breeze to ride, unexpectedly entertaining, and ripe for personalization – which is probably just as well, given that it’s a Honda and has the least convincing ‘Bobber’ design of the bunch. 

3. Harley-Davidson Street Bob

The majority of the Bobbers currently on the market and featured here are either sub-1200cc or middleweight bikes, which is interesting because the 1940 originals were never smaller bikes, despite being trimmed down for lightweight.  

Thankfully, Harley-Davidson has you covered if you want a full-bore, huge V-twin Bobber experience. When it was first debuted in the twin-shock ‘Dyna’ version way back in 2006, H-Street D’s Bob was the first of this new generation of Bobbers. 

4. Kawasaki Vulcan 5

There are so many variations of Kawasaki’s mid-range Vulcan now available. It’s worth putting this one here, which is distinctly “blacked out” and minimalist. It is one of the best bobber motorcycles of all time.  

Kawasaki’s version is based on the ER6n parallel-twin chassis, but with a detuned engine and a new, low-slung twin shock frame for an ultra-low seat height, similar to the Honda (705mm).  

Additionally, its peak power is 61bhp, so it’s not A2 compliant. Yet, it’s also a piece of cake to ride, and it’s unintimidating efficient transportation.

However, On the flip side, the emblem and ‘jelly mold style doesn’t have the same cachet. And customization choices are restricted.  

5. Triumph Bonneville Bobber Black

A year after the successful 2017 Bonneville Bobber, the British business released the Bobber Black.

Triumph Bonneville Bobber Black is one of the best bobber motorcycles, with even more hardcore Bobber styling and enhanced performance. And spec for an extra £1000.   

The Black has a more realistic 16-inch front wheel with a fat front tyre, uprated 47mm front forks.

It has an additional front disc, cruise control, and, of course, fully blacked-out gloss or matte black paint schemes. 

6. Moto Guzzi V9 Bobber

Are they interested in donating a bike to the Italian team in the bobber sweepstakes? Unfortunately, while Guzzi’s V9 bikes were introduced as all-new models in 2016, no previously stock machines were altered to create them.  

Furthermore, The V9 Bobber, the darker and chunkier of the two V9 models, interprets the Bobber to feel in stile Italiano with its fat tires, stubby exhaust, and thin narrow seat.  

The 850cc V-twin stands front and center, with black accents throughout the bike and a pseudo-bobber vibe conveyed by the cut fenders and slim tight seat.

The fat 130/90 and 150/80 16-inch tires separate this Italian Bobber from its Roamer stablemate. 

7. CCM Spitfire Bobber

This is an unusual bobber. They still fall in the category of one of the best bobber motorcycles. Alan Clews purchased parts and supplies from BSA’s off-road racing section, which was being shut down.  

CCM was born in the 1960s as an off-road specialist. Since then, CCM has been on a bit of a roller coaster. especially with off-roaders, but more recently with road-going singles.

It has a modest, hand-made frame, loads of lovely detailing. And it manages to catch the current retro/café racer vibe dead on. 

8. Yamaha XV950

The XV is the only authentic Japanese Bobber on the market right now (Honda’s more cruiser CMX500 Rebel, though balloon-tired, hardly counts, and Kawasaki’s Z650-based Vulcan doesn’t either). It is one of the best bobber motorcycles.   

Additionally, It combines smooth and easy Japanese manners and reliability with authentic West Coast styling. It has decent 51bhp performance and, in this R form, upgraded suspension.  

And impressive handling, or, as Yamaha puts it, “The XV950R takes the relaxed attitude of a bobber. and injects an element of sporting ability with upgraded suspension.” 

9. Honda CMX 1100 Rebel

For 2021, there’s a huge newcomer to the bobber scene – so new that we haven’t even ridden it yet. Additionally, we also know enough about Honda’s new huge Rebel to include it here without hesitation.  

Moreover, the newcomer is based on a detuned version of the 1084cc parallel twin motor from the Africa Twin adventure cycle. It is based on the popular, cheap A2-class CMX500.

However, As a result, it generates a respectable 86bhp at 7000rpm and a hefty 72ftlbs of torque at just 4750rpm. 

Additionally, Honda’s groundbreaking DCT Dual Clutch Transmission semi-automatic gearbox makes it the only ‘twist n go’ Bobber now available.  

10. Indian Scout Bobber

Indian’s Bobber version of its outstanding Scout arguably has it all if you’re looking for a genuine, premium Bobber.

It was introduced in 2017 as a lower-slung, somewhat restyled version of the 1133cc Scout, and it certainly checks a lot of boxes.  

However, because it is the total 1133cc Scout, you get the entire 94bhp. We are making it one of the finest and best Bobber motorcycles.   

 Conclusively The rise of the ‘bobber’ has been one of the unique fads or fashions in recent years – but what precisely is it? It’s essentially a cruiser or custom, but it’s a pretty specific one. 

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