15 Best Boat Brands in the Market Right Now

Best Boat Brands
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Because there is a big difference between the best fishing boats, cruisers, and daysailers, picking the top ten best boat brands is tricky.  

On the other hand, certain brands unmistakably stand out from the throng. While many boat brands may make a strong case for inclusion on our list, these fifteen boat brands come out on top when looking at consumer satisfaction surveys, average resale values, overall sales, and search popularity. 

Additionally, the other hand, choosing a boat is similar to purchasing a car. Some manufacturing companies have a higher market reputation than others.

For example, we are all aware of the grandeur of buying a Mercedes-Benz over a Volkswagen Golf or a Ford F150 truck.  

The same is true for boats; some manufacturers provide a more luxurious boating experience. If you’ve never worked in the boating industry before, you’re probably unaware of the differences between boating brands.  

So, which boat provides the most pleasing combination of performance, design, dependability, and luxury for your time on the water?

The best boat brands in the market right now are;  

1. Bertram

Bertram continued to create widespread loyalty and was the winner of Boat Trader’s “Boating Madness” popularity competition.

Although it no longer builds nearly as many boats or as diverse a range as it previously did (now it only makes the 35, 50, and 61).  

Additionally, the continuing demand for historic versions like the 28 and 31, constantly refinished, repowered, and resold for astronomically high prices for boats of their age, confirms Bertrams’ iconic reputation.

If you doubt the Bertram brand’s fame, look at the postings for “vintage” 31 Flybridge models. 

2. Sea Ray

Sea Ray is arguably one of the most well-known and best boats brands of deck boats, bowriders, and yachts globally, and no list would be complete without it.  

Furthermore, Sea Ray is one of the largest companies in this boat category, with over 40 models in their fantastic lineup and a legion of happy and devoted clients.  

In addition, Sea Ray boats are available in various sizes, from a 6-meter bowrider to a 20-meter luxury yacht, and both new and secondhand Sea Ray boats are popular on Rightboat.com. 

3. Boston Whaler

Boston Whaler’s motto is “the unsinkable legend,” They even boast that you can cut a Boston Whaler in half and drive away in half with the motor!  

Additionally, the  Boston portion of their name refers to its Massachusetts origins in the 1950s, but the Brunswick Corporation has been producing the Boston Whaler series in Edgewater, Florida, since 1996.  

Furthermore, there are 28 fiberglass models in their current lineup, ranging in size from the 13-foot 130 SuperSport to the 42-foot 420 Outrage center console. 

4. Chaparral

Chaparral is one of the best boat brands in the market right now. It takes pride in its athletic, fun, and sophisticated-looking sports boats.  

Wakeboarding and watersports lovers who respect an exquisite profile as much as the absolute latest in technology will adore their outboard and inboard versions.  

Chaparral’s line includes 12-meter family cruisers and the famous 8-meter Signature. But their towable Surf Series and Outboard performances are ideal for smaller day boats. 

5. Grady-White

Grady-White is one of the most well-known names in the boating world for fishing boats. Every third-party measure or study of boat brands in modern times has given this corporation the most excellent possible customer satisfaction rating.  

Additionally, Grady-White earns a hearty thumbs up from Marine Matrix, J.D. Power and Associates, and the NMMA CSI awards. Oh, and did we mention that as a result, Grady-Whites is one of the most sought-after brands on both the used and new boat markets? 

6. Chris-Craft

Chris-Craft is one of the more well-known and best boat brands. Founded in 1874, the company has built some of the most prestigious watercraft in the industry for more than a century and a half.  

Additionally, a fantastic example of a top model from this brand is the Chris-Craft Corsair 34. In 2014, the Chris-Craft Launch 36 was named Boat of the Year, and it is one of the brand’s best-selling models. With an open-plan and stylish design, you get the most of everything a cruiser offers. 

Furthermore, the brand’s recent models, such as the Chris-Craft Catalina 26, are examples of class-leading boats with exceptional design and build quality.

The range’s resale value isn’t as substantial as B.W. or Bertram’s. However, they are better than most brands in the pre-owned market. 

7. Mastercraft

MasterCraft Boat Holdings, Inc. is a subsidiary of MasterCraft. Rob Shirley founded the Vonore, Tennessee-based business in 1968. NXT20 and NXT22 are well-known boat models.  

Recent Innovation: It has partnered with ‘Give,’ an exceptional digital coaching service. Due to this cooperation, MasterCraft has begun offering personalized video coaching and feedback sessions.  

Since its debut, Mastercraft boats have been a well-known trendsetter, maker, and advertiser of MasterCraft branded sport boats.  

Additionally, MasterCraft’s illustrious reputation has been built on a long history of industry-leading innovation. Furthermore, after forty years, MasterCraft’s mission is to continue manufacturing the world’s best ski, wakeboard, and powerboats for its illustrious clientele. 

8. Wellcraft

Wellcraft is a well-known and best boat brand with a stellar reputation. All of the Wellcraft boats have a lot of features and deliver exceptional performance. One of the best-dedicated fishing boats is the Wellcraft 352 Fisherman.  

Furthermore, this model is an excellent choice if you want to go angling on deep seas or the lake. Boats are popular among boat owners because of their ease of use, rigorous safety standards, and high-quality finishing.  

With four models to choose from, Wellcraft hand-builds their boats to the most excellent quality standards. Wellcraft offers alternatives for its Sportsman, Coastal, Scarab, and Fisherman models for specific use on the water.  

The Coastal is an express cruiser with world-class amenities and a level of comfort that will satisfy even the most discerning boating enthusiasts. The 290 Coastal is one of Florida’s most popular boats, and you can find one in practically every marina along the state’s coast. 

9. Yamaha

Yamaha’s world-famous jet boats are frequently seen flying across the seas, notably in their home market of the United States.  

Yamaha has recently entered the fishing boat market with an exciting first-of-its-kind jet-powered center console model. Yamaha is well-known for its extensive range of bowriders and watersports boats.  

Furthermore, Yamaha is constantly pushing the boundaries of motorboat innovation, from open boats and RIBs (not to mention their iconic jet skis) to larger day cruisers. Rightboat.com has a large selection of Yamaha boats for sale. 

10. Star-Craft

Starcraft, the world’s leading manufacturer of pontoon boats, and a diverse selection of fishing and small pleasure boats incorporate fun, adventure, and dependability into every model.

Starcraft’s portfolio appeals to families, fishing enthusiasts, and watersports junkies and is often rated one of the best boat brands for lakes.  

However, their models are easily towable, ideal for weekend excursions to inland waterways or launching in various coastal areas for exploration. The 2021 models can all be customized, and Rightboat.com also has a large selection of used boats. 

11. Lund

Lund is one of the best boat brands in history. It has been building aluminum boats since 1948, and it consistently ranks among the most popular brands (particularly in the north/mid-Western regions of the country).  

However, it recently won an NMMA Innovation Award, and one of its models was named a “Best Boat For Your Money” buy by BoatU.S. Magazine.  

Additionally, Lund manufactures a variety of fishing boats, ranging from Jon boats to species-specific models, a few cross-over watersports boats, and a minor pontoon boat line. 

12. Vikings Yacht

Bob Healey founded Viking Yachts in 1964. It sells to people all over the world. Its headquarters are in New Gretna, New Jersey. Open Bridge and Motor Yachts are two well-known boat models.  

Furthermore, Viking 75 MY is a world-class motor yacht designed following the spread of megayacht-level luxury and Viking engineering. 

Viking Yachts has been in the yachting industry for over five decades. Since its inception, the American boat brand has produced better boats every day. For more than fifty decades, Viking’s thinking style has remained constant.  

Meanwhile, this is why Viking stands out today in terms of quality boat artistry, advancement, design, and luxury. Viking intends to steer the boat towards the next septennial. 

13. Jeanneau

Jeanneau has been building motorboats and sailing yachts for more than 60 years. Their collaborations with world-renowned interior designer Andrew Winch and Philippe Briand’s technological competence have catapulted them to the top of the boating industry, and rightfully so.  

Furthermore, their motorboats range from 5 to 14 meters, with the new Cap Camarat family of center consoles ideal for fishing, water skiing, and cruising to the larger N.C. weekend cruisers.  

The Merry Fisher and Sport, a mid-range model, is one of their most popular models, with creative interior designs that make it ideal for family coastal cruises and fishing. 

14. Tracker

We refer to their Sun Tracker pontoon range when we say Tracker Boats. When you combine their fishing boats with pontoons, you get one of the most popular brands in the country.  

Trackers are among the most famous ships on boats.com, and they’ve won NMMA CSI honors for the past six years. 

 Aside from the ‘toons,’ their line comprises primarily fishing and utility boats, with a few hunting-specific models thrown in for good measure.  

Additionally, all are made of aluminum, and the tracker comes with a five-year guarantee from stem to stern and limited lifetime structural coverage and ownership transfer provisions. 

15. Bayliner

Last on our list of best boat brands in the market is the Bayliner brand. In 1957, the company was founded. For decades, Bayliner has made some of the most popular deck boats, center console boats, and bowriders.  

Today, as part of Brunswick Corporation, it continues its tradition by giving clients a sleek and athletic range of vessels ranging from 5-meter models like the popular Element on one end to a 14-meter family cruiser. 

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