9 Best Bitcoin Wallets for iPhone and iPad in 2023

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Are you looking for the best bitcoin wallets for iPhone and iPad? When you hold Bitcoin, it’s crucial to store it safely, especially as its value increases. 


Many different wallets are available, but few function safely on cell phones. You may require an additional wallet to keep your Bitcoin, depending on which trustworthy cryptocurrency exchange you’ve selected to purchase it from. 

Although your exchange may have a free built-in wallet, it is advised to keep significant amounts of cryptocurrency there only for a while.

While hardware wallets are available for purchase, iOS wallets offer an alternative if you own an Apple device.

Any device that runs this operating system can use these storage alternatives, which are referred to as mobile wallets. 

Finding the best BTC wallets for an iOS smartphone can be challenging. Particularly now, when hacks on cryptocurrency exchanges that originally seemed impregnable are common. 

Since keeping cryptocurrency in general or Bitcoins on exchanges is no longer secure, we’ve compiled a list of the best bitcoin wallets for iPhone.  

1. Ledger Nano X

Despite being a cold storage device, the Ledger Nano X is iOS compatible, allowing you to access your Bitcoin using an iPhone or iPad wallet.

The most recent bitcoin wallet from Ledger, the Nano X, is regarded as the series’ safest and most useful model. 

This wallet is considerably more expensive than the other top iOS wallets at €119. You may save your pick of more than 1,100 currencies and tokens for this amount, though.

Additionally, there is a far lower chance that your iOS device will be effectively compromised because it is very briefly connected to the wallet. 

The Ledger Live mobile app and Bluetooth link your Apple and Ledger items. Users have praised this smartphone app for being simple, quick, and intuitive. 

2. Edge

Edge, a non-custodial hierarchical deterministic (HD) wallet once known as Airbitz, was released in 2013.

It has won praise and is regarded as one of the first iOS crypto wallets. For secure access and to help you recover your wallet in the event of theft, Edge features Seed words/Backup phrases and a PIN code option. 

Additionally, you can import or sweep private keys and estimate transaction fees before starting a transaction. Edge is among the best bitcoin wallets for iPhone users overall. 

3. Ledger Nano S

Next on our list of best bitcoin wallets for iPhone is the Ledger Nano S. The Ledger Nano S is the Nano X’s predecessor and has several features in common with the latter. 

The cold storage device provides a recovery option if the password or code is misplaced or forgotten, but it does not grant the user access to the private key.

This is particularly crucial in light of the endless number of users who fully lost access to their wallets after forgetting their passcode. 

A Bitcoin wallet for the iPhone called the Nano S is about half as expensive as the Nano X. It works with more than 1,100 coins and tokens and pairs with your Apple device via Bluetooth and Ledger Live.

This implies that you can only use a mobile device to access your wallet if the physical wallet is nearby. 

However, carrying it should be easy because the Ledger Nano S is small and light. Connecting your Nano S to your iPhone or iPad wallet is quick and easy.

The Ledger Live app will walk you through connecting your wallet after downloading it. Once connected, sending and receiving Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies will be simple. 

4. Jaxx

One of the best bitcoin wallets for iPhone users is Jaxx. It is a non-hosted multi-cryptocurrency wallet that, among other things, supports QR codes and estimates transaction fees. 

Additionally, you may use the PIN feature and convenient seed words/backup phrases to secure access to the wallet or to recover your keys or wallet. 

5. eToro Mobile Wallet

Many people have certainly heard of eToro as a Bitcoin CFD trading platform. Still, fewer are likely aware that the trading titan has made an iOS-compatible, fully-functional iPhone Bitcoin wallet available.

The eToro mobile wallet has the crucial advantage of being supported by a regulated business, but this limits its current availability to many nations. For US customers, there are only genuine assets available. 

There is no cost to download and set up the wallet, which is available for both the iPhone and iPad. eToro is one of the best bitcoin wallets for iPhone.

You may exchange one cryptocurrency for another using the built-in trading mechanism of the eToro mobile wallet. 

Furthermore, this Bitcoin wallet for iOS allows you to buy Bitcoin immediately using a credit card. You may send and receive money using the wallet’s user-friendly interface, which supports more than 120 coins and tokens.

It is not surprising that eToro’s mobile wallet offers practical functionality and a stylish appearance, given that its trading platform app is among the best in the world.

6. Blockchain

Blockchain wallet, one of the first mobile wallets for cryptocurrencies, has over 23 million users and is an HD wallet.

Therefore, it has a ton of features. The self-hosted Blockchain wallet is quite helpful for iOS users seeking a secure storage alternative. 

7. Guarda Wallet

Software wallet Guarda is accessible on various digital devices and operating systems. It is free to set up and has many benefits, one of which is a built-in bitcoin exchange.

Additionally, you can use a card to purchase Bitcoin and other money from this wallet immediately. 

Using the Guarda wallet, you can only save from a selection of about 50 currencies and tokens. It is the Blockchain itself that stores the keys and data, not this non-custodial wallet.

Also, users can generate and utilize their ERC20 tokens and have access to their private keys. This wallet is the ideal choice for experienced bitcoin users. 

Setting up a Guarda wallet is easy, but you must keep your password and code safe. It would be best if you remembered it to be able to access your money. 

8. Muun

Muun, one of the best bitcoin wallets for iPhone, provides an excellent alternative for non-tech savvy people who wish to refrain from taking a backup of seed words.

It allows you to retrieve your wallet using your email address and a password. It is ideal for sending Bitcoin payments in a flash. Muun is another non-custodial wallet that works with Segwit and Legacy addresses. 

9. Trust Wallet

Last on our list of best bitcoin wallets for iPhone. Trust wallet, a well-liked BTC wallet for iPhone users, also enables users to store Ethereum, Solana, Litecoin, Polkadot, BNB, XRP, Tron, and several ERC-20 tokens. 

Most users should be able to browse thanks to the UI’s organization and simplicity quickly.

Unusually, a Trust wallet maintains your private keys locally and shields them from unauthorized access with numerous security layers, unlike most crypto wallets. 

There you have it! Nine best bitcoin wallets for iPhone and iPad. After selecting the best bitcoin wallet for iPhone from the list mentioned above, make sure to also adhere to the following security procedures: 

  • Don’t keep a lot of Bitcoins in your mobile wallet. 
  • Remember to back up your seed keys. 
  • To unlock your mobile wallet, always set a PIN. 
  • To defend against brute-force attacks, make your PIN and password difficult to guess. 
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