11 Best Battery-powered Impact Wrench

Best Battery-powered Impact Wrench
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When you are buried under a mass of tangled wires that won’t let you concentrate on the frustrating chore of tackling stubborn bolts and nuts, you comprehend the value of the best battery-powered impact wrench. 


With a battery-operated impact wrench, you can escape those unsightly wire tangles.

As well as the constant need to look for switchboards and the horrifying realization that there are none nearby where you can plug your tool in. 

All you need to do to use a battery-operated impact wrench is insert a few batteries and presto! In a flash, the machine will be operational. 

An impact wrench powered by batteries is made more accessible to transport to the “crime scene” due to its compact and lightweight construction. 

Additionally, you should know that your impact wrench’s modest size does not diminish its usefulness. It can still deliver significant torque to free those stuck nuts. 

But finding a reliable battery-powered wrench can be a laborious endeavor that calls for extensive research and testing. 

However, to assist you in choosing the best battery-powered impact wrench for the job, we’ve compiled a list of some of the top ones along with a buyer’s guide.

1. Milwaukee M18 Fuel 1/2-In. Impact Wrench

Strong hitters include models like this Milwaukee when it comes to impact wrenches. They have greater size, weight, and torque (1,400 foot pounds for the M18 Fuel here). 

Additionally, the M18 has two enormous 5-Ah batteries because its torque takes a lot of energy. 

However, removing the lug nuts off our F-250 Super Duty with this impact wrench was no problem. It didn’t even pause much before releasing them. 

According to how much battery power was used during our test, the two batteries should be sufficient to change tires for an entire day. 

Furthermore, it is simple to set the speed/torque for the task thanks to the four modes, three-speed settings, and the bolt Removal mode. 

It’s also a pleasure to use the Bolt Removal mode because it reduces speed and torque when a nut or bolt comes loose, so it won’t run off the end and shoot off. 

Furthermore, the rusty old bolts on the agricultural machinery were quickly freed by the M18.

Using the Bolt Removal mode also minimized the damage by spinning the nuts off excessively rusted threads. 

2. DEWALT DCF899M1 Impact Wrench Kit

The Dewalt DCF899M1 kit is also on our list of the best battery-powered impact wrench. They include everything you need to start working right out of the box. 

Do you want the maximum power from the smallest available cordless impact wrench? Dewalt is the route you should take. 

This model costs a little bit more than typical, but it is well worth it because it includes a carrying case and batteries

Reviewers are in awe of the model’s powerful torque and practically never have anything negative to say about it. It’s the ideal option for use at home or in the shop. 

This kit includes a 2-year warranty, a charger, a battery pack, a charging stand, a carrying case, and a user manual. 

The impact wrench weighs only 4 pounds, making it easy to carry around. The impact wrench worked very well on all nuts and bolts, including the ones on our Ford F-150 pickup truck. 

We also liked that the impact wrench had a built-in LED light that let us see what we were doing without fumbling around in the dark. 

3. Neiko 10878A Battery Powered Impact Wrench

This battery-operated impact wrench is designed to make your tasks more accessible by enabling you to release stuck bolts and obstinate lug nuts quickly. 

A powerful motor includes 20 volts and 4.0 Ah lithium-ion batteries. Pro-grade lithium-ion rechargeable batteries deliver optimal performance and long-lasting life. 

Additionally, you will have more than enough power from the motor to do all the attaching and unfastening tasks. 

The strong motor offers a maximum torque output of 300 lb-ft. Due to its tremendous torque, it can handle demanding and heavy-duty tasks. 

4. Ryobi 18V One+ 1/2.In. Impact Wrench

Ryobi’s 18V One+ does everything we asked during testing while also hitting a pricing point that is difficult to match. 

Additionally, it impacted for a fraction of a second before breaking them loose and spinning them off when we used it to remove lug nuts. 

It took a little longer when we took out corroded bolts from a farm tool. Additionally, we drilled pressure-treated lumber with 6-inch lag bolts. 

Furthermore, we discovered that using the three speeds helped us most prevent overtightening fasteners.

Although we wouldn’t expect it to withstand everyday use because it lacks a brushless motor, this is a valuable tool that will aid in completing many household jobs. 

5. ENEACRO ENIW2006 Cordless Impact Wrench

ENEACRO ENIW2006 Cordless Impact Wrench is also one best battery-powered impact wrench. Why add to the cost? Especially when you can get great power for far less money. 

Despite its small size and lightweight, this great compact cordless impact wrench from Eneacro is powerful. 

Additionally, it has three different RPM rates to let you control the tightening, releasing, and nut-busting processes. 

ENEACRO’s ENIW2006 has been tested and proven to be a great choice if you’re looking for a quality impact wrench. It has a powerful 3 amp motor that delivers up to 400 ft.-lbs. Of torque. 

The impact wrench has a high-speed gearbox that allows you to operate at speeds as low as 0 rpm.

You’ll get plenty of time to complete your task thanks to the impact wrench’s 10-hour runtime. 

6. Ridgid r86011b Battery Powered Impact Wrench

Thanks to this battery-operated impact wrench, you can put those tug-of-war encounters with stuck bolts and nuts behind you. 

However, with its brushless motor, powered by 18-volt lithium-ion batteries, you can tighten all the loose nuts and remove the difficult ones in seconds. 

A brushless motor also increases your device’s lifespan and working duration by 50%.

This wrench has a maximum torque output of 485 ft/lbs in forward and 620 ft/lbs in reverse for heavy-duty applications. 

There are four different speed settings available. You may easily switch between these options with the click of a button and select the one that best fits the situation. 

Meanwhile, with an adjustable speed, you may use it for all fastening and unfastening tasks and won’t just need to take it out of the storage for a specific type of nut. 

7. Bosch Freak 18V 1/2-In. Impact Wrench

The Bosch “Freak” combines an impact wrench and impact driver. Use it with impact sockets or hex driver bits. 

A quarter-inch, quick-change hex-shank holder is located through the center of the square, half-inch impact drive.

It is a reasonably versatile tool with three rpm settings, suitable for various mechanical and fastening tasks. 

On paper, the Freak appears deficient with only 150 foot-pounds of torque, but it generates the most hits in our test at up to 3,400 rpm, exceeding 4,200 per minute. 

Furthermore, the plus side is that it could still drive deck screws, which is a much more delicate task, even if it could readily remove 1316-inch lug nuts on our F-250. 

8. 20V MAX Battery Powered Impact Wrench Avid Power

Next on our list of the best battery-powered impact wrench is the 20V MAX Battery Powered Impact Wrench Avid Power.  

This impact wrench from Avid Power has a lot of power packed into a relatively small body.

Its 5.8-pound weight is so light that you won’t even notice carrying it, which is quite significant. 

Additionally, this beast will complete any replacement work on a building site more quickly than your pneumatic air tools, regardless of the difficulty of the task at hand. 

Furthermore, it can quickly drive massive fasteners thanks to its motor’s 20-volt lithium-ion batteries, which have a maximum speed of 2200 spins per minute. 

It has a maximum torque of 2213 in/lbs for attaching diverse applications. This battery-operated impact wrench has a rubber mold coating on the handle, offering two benefits. 

First, it allows for a secure and pleasant grip, and second, it protects the wrench.

It has a variety of speed settings that not only make the tool’s use clearer but also provide you with more control. 

By using the speed button, you can change the speed. Red light has also been incorporated into the design to help you view the area in which you work. 

9. Ingersoll Rand W7150 Cordless Torque Wrench

Anyone who needs a little extra strength to remove nuts and bolts from large pieces of machinery will appreciate the Ingersoll Rand W7150 Cordless Torque Wrench. 

In addition, the equipment is made of durable materials and won’t let you down while you’re at work. You can concentrate on finishing the task without worrying about your tools. 

Furthermore, the steel-lined aluminum hammer case that houses this wrench is robust and portable.

If you drop the machine or use it in an environment with extreme conditions, you won’t have to be concerned about the internal mechanisms being harmed. 

10. Hart 20-Volt 1/2-In. Impact Wrench

The Hart 20V 12-inch impact wrench is as straightforward as they come, with no speed or drive mode options. The good news is that for many people, it will be sufficient. 

Additionally, it could complete all of the typical jobs we tested it against rather effortlessly, and there wasn’t anything it couldn’t do. 

We removed the lug nuts on an old piece of farm machinery and broke away big, rusted nuts and bolts. Additionally, we installed a few lag bolts in pressure-treated lumber. 

Furthermore, it doesn’t have a brushless motor, so it might not withstand frequent use, but it might be perfect for homeowners who require an impact wrench. 

11. Metabo HPT 36V 1/2-In. Impact Wrench

Last on our list of the best battery-powered impact wrench is the Metabo HPT 36V 1/2-In. Impact Wrench. 

The Metabo HPT’s 36V utilizes the company’s MultiVolt power technology, allowing you to use a 36-volt lithium-ion battery or an AC converter for the best of both worlds. 

Furthermore, the wrench is on the heavier end of the twists we’ve tried and has some weight. This makes sense, given that it is professional-grade equipment for industrial use. 

It completed all the tasks we gave it without hesitation during our testing. Our F-250 Super Duty pickup’s lug nuts came free immediately, and spinning them off at the highest speed was simple. 

Additionally, it took a second or two of striking for rusted nuts and bolts on our farm equipment to come loose. 

In conclusion, these are some of the best battery-powered impact wrenches available today. Hopefully, one of them will suit your needs perfectly.

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