8 Best Augmented Reality Games for Android

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Augmented reality (AR) is a concept where real-world characteristics are fitted into a digital environment.


It is an advancement of the physical world made possible with digital stimuli and delivered through technology. It has become one of the biggest trends in our world today.

Augmented reality is used in creating business applications and mobile computing. It also plays a vital role in medical training, education, designing, modeling, and many others.

Among these, it is also used extensively in the field of gaming as well. Indeed, augmented reality is still a new concept and there’s still much to be harvested from the idea.

However, as it develops, companies and organizations adopt this method to create new games and animations.

Presently, there are several games that are the best augmented reality games for android out there. 

Top augmented reality games for android

If you have an android phone and want to partake in playing augmented reality games, this post is for you. You can now enjoy the best augmented reality games for android using just your device.

The following are some of the best augmented reality games for android phones:

1. Pokemon Go

If you loved the Pokemon movie while growing up, then this is just the game that rewards your passion. The Pokemon game remains one of the most brilliant augmented reality games for android.

In addition, it remains one of the first games to introduce AR to the world. 

Pokemon Go is now one of the largest AR games for android mobile, with a massive user base monthly. The entire idea of the game has to do with real-world players going against other pokemon and capturing them.

The battle doesn’t just end with Pokemons but you battle against Gyms as well. All these brilliant features are just the beginning as the game is still evolving and upgrades are ongoing.

Some upgrades include Pokemon trading and others demanded of the company by fans.

2. The Walking Dead: Our World

The setting of this game is similar to the one found in top-notch AR games like Pokemon Go and Ghostbusters.

The world in this game is very similar to that of the mentioned games. However, this AR game introduces an entirely new perspective with the use of zombies.

The game gives you the task of eliminating these zombies using several weapons. To survive, you must eliminate all the zombies in your perimeter and come out safely.

It creates tension within you as it takes your environment and overlays it with zombies. The game takes on the movie storyline with lots of missions derived from the movie to play.

It also introduces characters to choose from. The game is full of life, fast-paced, and best for lovers of shooting and zombie productions.

Added to this, you can put your mark on the map to inform other players of your achievements. Though the game is free, it consists of some bugs which should not disturb your play.

3. Batman: Bat-Tech Edition

DC has always been a guru in terms of movies, cartoons, comic books, and other children’s entertainment items.

In terms of gaming, they’ve proven to be a jewel after all with their Batman’s Bat-Tech Edition. If you’re a fan of DC, then this is the perfect game for you.

This short game comprises just ten missions with ten minor games among other creations in the app. It operates using your camera to create the game map in the physical world.

Interestingly, it also includes some face filters and sticker packs for snapping and decorating selfies.

Again, DC made their game a free one with no in-app purchases. This is prettily impressive as it saves your budget when using the game.

In summary, this game is the perfect play when you want to understand just how powerful AR can be.

4. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

Harry Potter is an evergreen brand that keeps igniting that magical spark in every field. Since the giant progress of the novel, Harry Potter has not ceased from being a masterpiece. In gaming, the brand also has a respectable place among the higher-ups.

Niantic produced Harry Potter: Wizards Unite as their most recent AR game. Like Pokemon Go and other excellent AR games, it projects the magic into the real world. Players can move around the world, collecting items and dueling with opponents. 

It also introduces a disaster that has supposedly hit witches and wizards all around the world. During the game, you are to deal with this pandemonium as well.

It’s the perfect game for ‘Potterheads’ as it derives characters from the original book, even as it introduces new ones.

5. Jurassic World Alive

The thought of ‘Jurassic’ takes you back in time to the ancient creatures we all know today as Dinosaurs. Since the huge success of the Jurassic Park movie, there have been numerous production of games to complement it. One of such exciting games is Jurassic World Alive for android

This captivating game uses similar workings as Pokemon Go and Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. It is that game that brings the most treacherous of monsters to life. 

Players navigate the real world in search of dinosaurs to collect and equip themselves. This is then followed by duels with other players and a struggle to dominate.

Interestingly, the game features a lab mode where players can create hybrid dinosaurs for war.

Another unique part of the game is the room is created for subscriptions. Once you subscribe to the game, you open the doors of additional rewards. This makes it cool as you do not need to rely on in-app purchases alone. 

Though the game reportedly had some bugs, it is doing well and efforts are being made to renovate it. You can get the game instantly on Google Playstore. 

6. Zombies, Run!

Here comes one of the zombie apocalypse games with augmented reality for androids. Of course, how could this list be complete without an addition of one of these survival mode games?

Zombies, Run is the perfect game if you’re a fan of zombie survival and those aiming at staying fit.

The game simply entails the run for your life. To play, you will need to move out to an open space or use a treadmill. With each progressive run, you unlock new pieces of the story.

With exciting audio files to draw you into the scenery, this game can be very interesting. You can also play missions in free mode or pay to unlock more services.

7. Ingress Prime

Following the success of Pokemon Go, Niantic Studio launched Ingress to complement it. This makes Ingress the perfect alternative for those not really into the Pokemon idea. It is in fact, one of the earliest augmented reality games on Android that did well.

The gameplay features portals that are supposedly in the real world. You are to hack these portals and build them for your team before other teams do so.

These portals give you more power and control and enable you to dominate your opponent.

The game underwent some thorough improvements in 2018 which led to it becoming ‘Ingress Prime’. The original Ingress can still be found on Playstore as well if you search for Ingress (REDACTED).

8. Knightfall AR

If you want some gothic game, then Knightfall AR is just perfect. Created by A&E, the game is short like the previous version. 

The game is like a board game you play with your phone. To play the game, you have to set it on a table or a flat surface for a good projection. You are to then defend your city against the warriors of an enemy known as Mamluk.

As you progress in the game, you can strengthen your defenses against the breaching of your walls. You can as well zoom in and out when the action of the game begins, among other features. The game is free and demands no in-app purchases to operate.


There’s a high tendency that you have not tried out augmented reality games before. That’s okay knowing that, as earlier said, these types of games are still fresh in the industry.

However, the interesting part is that with nothing but an android, you can now partake in the fun of AR. Once you have your android phone ready, you can select any of the best augmented reality games for android. Have fun playing.

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