6 Best Alternatives to Jeep Wrangler

Best Alternatives To Jeep Wrangler
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Are you in the market for off-roaders? The jeep wrangler should be on top of your list, but still, some cars similar to the jeep Wrangler are also worth your attention, grouped as the best alternatives to jeep Wrangler.

The best alternatives to jeep Wrangler include; The New Ford bronco, Toyota 4Runner, Land Rover Defender, Jeep Gladiator, Mercedes Benz G-class, Chevrolet K5 blazer, and international harvester scout.

The list of America’s favorite SUVs isn’t complete without the jeep wrangler. The wrangler manufacturers have been consistent with their products and have made it difficult to find fault with the modern Jeep.

Continue reading as we look at the best alternatives to jeep Wrangler.

1. New Ford Bronco

 When Ford opted to challenge the wrangler line from the Jeep, it didn’t use half-measures. That is why it is one of the best alternatives to jeep Wrangler.

The bronco sport is the recently added version of the bronco by ford, which became one of our all-stars. The bronco is the ticket if you want a direct competitor to the jeep wrangler.

One unique aspect of the wrangler was its ability to disconnect the front sway bar for more suspension articulation in ridiculous situations. The skeleton of a bronco can be stripped just like the wrangler, and it has cool removable roofs.

2. Toyota 4Runner

If there has been one aspect in which the wrangler has demonstrated a need for improvement, it is reliability.

Check out the consumer reports ratings for the Wrangler, and you will find only ⅕ and ⅖ ratings, which are poor scores; by contrast, the Toyota 4Runner has earned higher ratings year after year hence why it is seen as one of the best alternatives to jeep Wrangler.

 An off-road SUV that tops the field based on reliability is the Toyota 4Runner. Jeeps wrangler and the 4Runner have traded the top spot for a decade, and both are highly valued in the used vehicle market.

The 4Runner is also very capable off-road. Its TRD pro-series is the one for the most enthusiastic off-roaders, but all 4Runners are rugged-body-on frame SUVs.

Like all Toyotas, the 4Runner is a value and reliable alternative hence considered one of the best alternatives to jeep Wrangler.

3. Land Rover Defender

 In recent times, the price of a Land Rover was twice the price of a Jeep wrangler. The top trim Wrangler is now in danger, close to $90,000, and Land Rover’s new Defender is priced right in line with the Wrangler today.

The defect also offers similar engine options to the Jeep, hence why it is one of the best alternatives to  Jeep Wrangler.

The super horsepower of the land rover is more potent than what jeeps give the wrangler 392 owners something to aspire to.

Land Rover even offers queen trims just like the Jeep, another reason why it is on the list of the best alternatives to jeep Wrangler.

4. Jeep Gladiator

What if you want a wrangler but need a pickup truck too? Jeep has your answer. It’s been two years since the new gladiator has been out, and it’s building legions of fans.

Although the construction of the gladiator does not resemble that of the wrangler, it is still considered one of the best alternatives to jeep Wrangler.

This pickup has the same formula as the Wrangler but with a pickup bed, another important fact that proves why it’s one of the best alternatives to jeep Wrangler.

5. Mercedes Benz G- Class

The list of the best alternatives to jeep Wrangler Won’t be complete if we don’t mention the G-class or the G-wagon as it is known because this off-roader is one of the best out there, but what is terrible is that it costs a ton of money to be owned.

6. Chevrolet K5 Blazer

After a few years, Chevrolet got into the game following the Ford Broncos launch, but the k5 blazer is a worthy entry. The k5 blazer rolled out of the 1969 model year on a shortened pickup truck frame.

While more massive than the jeep Wrangler, it is regarded as one of the best alternatives to jeep Wrangler because of its original engine choices, including a pair of inline sixes, along with 307 and 350 cubic-inch small-block V8s.

Are Jeep Wranglers Unreliable?

Jeep owners say so. In the consumer surveys of Jeep owners, the wrangler consistently scores near the low end of the range.

Is Buying A Jeep Worth It?

Yes, Jeep delivers on its promise of off-road excellence, fun, and real-world utility, and Jeeps have traditionally held their value as well as any mobile.


The above-listed cars still carry the off-road DNA and incorporate most of the technology in the wrangler, so they’ll easily fit in as the best alternatives to jeep Wrangler.

For jeep lovers who want to know what is out there, you can take a good look at these aforementioned cars and choose your best alternatives to jeep Wrangler. Have an excellent time reading this article, and let us know how useful it was.

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