12 Best Adventure Motorcycles for Your Next Outing

Best Adventure Motorcycles
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The adventure bike craze that began in the 1980s is undoubtedly known to the thrill-seekers who enjoy the pleasures they get from riding motorcycles.


This adaptable vehicle provides transportation and makes you a wonderful travel companion for weekend excursions. Adventure bikes are the SUVs of the motorbike world

They are motorcycles that can do just about anything. They can comfortably transport you across the country, navigate rough terrain, and even handle much better than anticipated on a winding canyon road.

These best adventure motorcycles are the Swiss Army Knives of the motorcycle industry and have recently gained much popularity.

You must own one of them if you want a bike that can go through just about any environment composed of pavement and handle loose soil, hard-packed trails, sand, mud, boulders, and more.

The top adventure bikes currently being produced and sold are listed below.  

1. Yamaha Tenere 700

This Yamaha model may be mistaken for a dual-sport bike because it is an affordable, highly capable off-road motorbike. This sleek bodywork, which weighs 454 pounds, is not only attractive on the outside but also a tough machine. 

The bike has outstanding features. Features include a Daker-style navigation tower, a 689cc parallel-twin engine with liquid cooling, and 72.1 horsepower. This is among the best adventure motorcycles.

2. Honda CRF300L

The Honda CRF250L soon established itself as more than simply a new trail bike despite its small size, thanks to its powerful engine.

It evolved into a true adventure motorcycle, evoking the time when overlanders traveled the globe on cheap, basic best adventure motorcycles with limited storage space. And because of that, it gained appeal worldwide, becoming a machine that could do anything and go everywhere.

Despite its modest size, Honda’s single-cylinder CRF series is a genuine deal for vacation and adventure riding. The CRF300L deserves to be at the top of this list.

This is because it is portable, simple to maintain, reliable (HONDA), and capable of doing everything.

3. Triumph Scrambler 1200 XE

This Triumph scrambler motorcycle, a much-anticipated off-roader, doesn’t disappoint you. The Triumph provided the best of both worlds, outfitted with cutting-edge technological features.

Features like rider modes and contemporary connection options. A 1200cc twin engine, improved cornering traction control, ABS, and six riding modes are just a few of the incredible features of the new model.

4. Honda CB500X

Yes, the CB500X sports a less powerful engine than the middleweight 600cc cutoff we established for this article. However, the fact that it has two cylinders and weighs 200 kg means that it must enter school a year early and with the middleweight boys. 

The new Honda CB500X, updated and reintroduced in 2022, is a smooth, entry-level motorcycle designed more for road riding than off-roading.

It’s ok, though, since with its 19-inch front, respectable ground clearance, new, large Showa USD forks, and dual twin-piston calipers up front. It can still transport you off-road with ease and comfort.

 Want to ride primarily on roads with a few trails thrown in, and want to learn the ropes on a laid-back, enjoyable twin? This is one of the best adventure motorcycles for you if you’re searching for your first large bike (it complies with A2 standards).

5. 2022 KTM 1290 Super Adventure R

The 2022 KTM Super Adventure R is stunning, practically bred for romping through the mud. You can tell from one glance at this motorcycle that KTM spent a lot of time and effort creating the best adventure motorcycle available.

The R version of the 1290 Super Adventure S is the 2022 off-road-focused sibling. It has many amenities designed to make the bike comfortable for extensive off-road use. 

Although the 1301cc engine is still present, several of its touring-focused components have been replaced with offroading-oriented ones.

You will probably notice the absence of a windscreen when comparing the S and the R side by side. On the trails, there is no need to block 90 mph wind walls.

The WP XPLOR suspension, which is fully adjustable, will aid in controlling and absorbing some of the ruts and divots one would encounter on a dirt trail. That is a formula for some fantastic adventure cooking combined with knobby tires.

6. MV Agusta Turismo Veloce 800

You may have style and power on this Italian adventure bike with better performance and a road focus. It makes sense why it is the preferred vehicle of the Milano police force. This street bike is an ideal off-road variant.

Also, it comes with a liquid-cooled 798 inline-three engine producing 125 horsepower and weighing 462 pounds at the curb. Modern models have Bluetooth communication, traction control, and integrated control systems.

7. Suzuki V-Strom 650XT

It’s unlikely that the Suzuki V-Strom will blow you away. You won’t lose an arm to a throttle twist, and you won’t be using it to compete in off-road rallies. But neither is it intended for nor what it claims to be. 

Instead, you have a straightforward machine that is simple to use and excellent at everything. With a dependable and tested engine, outstanding fuel efficiency, a large tank, and enough power to put a grin on your face, it is reasonably priced.

It’s a capable workhorse that becomes an outstanding all-around adventure bike. This happens when accessories like wire wheels, baggage racks, and crash protection are added.

8. Harley Davidson Pan America 1250 Special

It’s the first Harley Davidson adventure model bike made specifically for that purpose. Among the best adventure motorcycles, it is powerful enough to carry you across even the most difficult terrains thanks to its liquid-cooled 1250.3cc V-twin engine, which produces 150 horsepower and 94 ft-lbs of torque. 

Some include heated grips and a real-time tire monitoring system to give you an idea of its many features. Also, an aluminum skid plate and a multi-position rear brake pedal.

9. 2022 Ducati Multistrada V2

A more modest version of Ducati’s revolutionary Multistrada V4, the V2 offers half the engine’s power without sacrificing performance.

The 950 Multistradas have always managed to fall into the shadow of their considerably more opulent V4 big brother despite having a far lower price tag at the cost of a 300cc reduction.

Ducati has added significant upgrades to this batch of V2s to share some of the limelight while still attempting to compete with the V4 titan. 

Ducati has contributed by optimizing the V2 to get every last bit of performance from the chassis without completely reimagining their renowned middleweight ADV bike from scratch.

The L-Twin engine produces 113 horsepower and 71 lb-ft of torque, which deliver a satisfying low-end grunt. The ADV lords at the Ducati factory have been listening to your prayers to produce this Multistrada V2, the best iteration yet, evidenced by a more comfortable riding position, a 3.7 lb unsprung weight drop, and a lighter clutch.

10. BMW F850GS Adventure

The original F800GS came out in 2008 and had been going until 2019, when the F850GS Adventure replaced it with an all-new bike.

First up is the obvious 55cc engine capacity increase and engine tweaks for a smoother ride, especially in the low to mid-range.

It gets a trickle of more power and torque and better fuel consumption, too. One should note that the fuel tank has been moved up front from under the seat.

It’s also treated to a new frame, better suspension, and a host of other tweaks and mods to make the new F850GS Adventure more user-friendly, smoother, and better off and on the road.

Want a big BMW GS but without all the weight and expense? This is your middleweight option when looking for the best adventure motorcycles.

11. Honda Africa Twin

With this motorcycle, Honda has raised the bar for ADV riding. They boosted the bike’s engine power, giving it a 1084cc liquid-cooled parallel-twin engine with a 6% increase in power, or 100.5hp. This makes it one of the best adventure motorcycles in this category. 

The technological features include a touchscreen, dynamic suspension and damping, and four preset modes. Many others are also quite amazing.

12. 2022 MV Agusta Lucky Explorer 9.5 and L.E 5.5

Who said that expensive Italian cars don’t belong off the road? Both the designers at MV Agusta and I can assure you that we didn’t. To illustrate this idea, if we’re going to utilize automotive metaphors… Picture fitting a Ferrari with a raised package and muddier tires.

The Lucky Explorer family from MV Agusta is warmly welcomed in 2022. MV Agusta normally creates highly detailed, overly styled works of art. 

Still, with the launch of their first completely developed ADV motorcycles, the Italian motorcycle maker has chosen a more difficult and well-traveled path.

To keep up with the release of varied-size models by the majority of major OEMs, the Lucky Explorer is offered in both 931cc and 554cc versions. Even though these two motorcycles are related, other variations exist outside the engines.


These are the best adventure motorcycles according to our rankings. We sincerely hope you were able to get all the motivation you needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Best-selling Adventure Motorcycle?

A special edition of Pan America 1250. At present, the Pan America 1250 Special has surpassed all other adventure touring motorcycles in sales in North America.

What is the Difference Between Dual Sport and Adventure Bikes?

Adventure bikes are more convenient for lengthy road excursions and are only minimally designed to handle off-road conditions. Dual sport motorcycles, on the contrary hand, are genetically designed to thrive off-road and have very few trappings for lengthy distance, paved cycling.

Can an Adventure Bike Go Off-road?

When individuals consider off-road motorbikes, they frequently picture adventure bikes. These can easily go between pavement and off, especially if the tires are excellent. Even simple models like Royal Enfield Himalayan have baggage racks, engine guards, and long-travel suspensions.

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