An Overview of Bella Vita Yacht

Bella Vita Yacht
Image by Dimitris Vetsikas from Pixabay

The Bella Vita Yacht is one of the most exciting new vessels on the marina circuit. And it’s easy to see why!. 
However, it’s the epitome of luxury, from its palatial staterooms and private dining areas to its high-end amenities and all-you-can-eat cuisine. 

Therefore, just read on to learn more about this yacht’s features. And to find out if the Bella Vita Yacht will be sailing near you anytime soon.

Bella Vita Yacht history

The history of Bella Vita Yachts is rather intriguing. The yacht company was formed in 2001 by Lamberto Naviglio. A Sicilian-born entrepreneur who had already made a fortune in various industries.

Nevertheless, having earned his degree from USC’s Marshall School of Business. Naviglio founded one of southern California’s first investment firms. As well as several prominent companies along with famed architect and designer Peter Marino.

However, after eight years since its inception, Bella Vita yachts has become one of Southern California’s fastest-growing yachting companies. In 2009, it became clear that Mr. Naviglia needed to expand his business outside of Los Angeles.

More so, His solution? Open an office in New York City. They are now boasting six locations throughout North America (including New York City). Bella Vita Yachts has over $100 million worth of luxury vessels on delivery between 2011 and 2013.

Details of Bella vita yacht

The Bella Vita yacht is beautiful and new. And you are perfectly designed to provide all of your guests with a comfortable, relaxing time on board.

However, you’ll also have access to one of our many perks for chartering through us. We provide free meals and snacks for each guest staying aboard.

Free wireless internet throughout your trip; onboard showers in every cabin (if something gets overboard); an open bar.

Therefore, we can only offer our services at special rates because of our vast network within the industry. This allows us to bring it all together quickly, with your comfort, luxury, and convenience, all at once. Your friends will be blown away by how wonderful they feel while on board. 

Nevertheless, it’s important to remember that if you’re looking for a yacht rental service, there are plenty of options. However, none of them can beat what we offer here at Bella Vita Yacht.

We’ve got years of experience behind us and thousands of satisfied customers who can attest to our ability. To deliver quality service and excellence.

For example, you don’t need any prior boating knowledge or skills when you rent from us, as we make sure that everyone feels safe and secure throughout their entire stay on board.

Moreso, if you want more information about what makes Bella Vita Yacht so great. If you’d like some help choosing which package would work best for your needs, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Design and construction of Bella vita yacht

State-of-the-art technology, superb design, and modern accommodations rival a five-star hotel. Bella Vita Yacht is outfitted with everything you would expect from a luxury yacht, including a spacious main suite. The VIP stateroom and two guest suites.

However, the yacht also features a professional crew of 4 supporting staff to attend to your needs, with 14m (46 feet) in length and 3m (10 feet) wide. Bella Vita Yacht provides plenty of space for guests to unwind and enjoy their time on board.

Whether by sunbathing on one of her many decks or lounging by one of her five swimming pools. All of which are set against an unforgettable backdrop. The beaches of Saint Martin await.

In addition, to its beautiful design and sleek exterior, Bella Vita has been constructed using only top-quality materials and components.

Her hull is fiberglass reinforced plastic, while her superstructure consists of a steel plate. She was built at shipyards around Europe before being transported via cargo ship to St Maarten.

Therefore, she underwent final assembly at a boatyard there. Her interior was designed by world-renowned designers who spared no expense to ensure that every detail was perfect.

The experienced crew on Bella vita

Although only a handful of staff runs Bella Vita Yacht, she is equipped with an experienced crew made up of sailors and skippers. Who are at your service to make sure you have an exciting and safe time.

However, they’re able to take care of any issue that might arise so that you can enjoy your trip. They also act as hosts and are always there to provide recommendations or answer questions.

In addition, each yacht has a captain who guides guests through their adventure with expertise. Knowledgeable in both sea navigation and local waters.

Chef on Bella vita yacht

One thing that we want to showcase on Bella Vita Yacht is our fantastic chef. His expertise is unquestionable. Every meal he cooks has a special meaning, and each ingredient was carefully selected.

Also, if our passengers don’t know what they are eating, they will undoubtedly enjoy it. For example, did you know that almost all seafood in Italy is caught locally? That’s why seafood makes up the majority of our menu.

Moreso, every bite means excellent Italian food that reminds us of home. No matter which part of Italy you come from, Bella vita yacht can cater to your needs. Just let us know about any allergies or dietary restrictions, and our chef will take care of everything! 

How Bella vita yacht works

Bella vita yacht is similar to a bus in that it does not have cabins. But it has a dining room and bathroom facilities. It cruises from port to port in Italy, offering various themed dinners and sightseeing excursions.

Nevertheless, that caters to whatever interests you have at any given time. You can choose from over 60 tours available or relax aboard the ship.

One night aboard a ship will probably feel like a luxury vacation on its own. Most yachts sail for about five days and four nights every month. However, select dates are also available for longer trips and shorter two-day round trip options.

Luxury dining options on Bella vita yacht

An experienced chef will cook gourmet meals to order. So there’s no need to dine on fine seafood in a four-course meal in a candlelit restaurant. There are five restaurants, each offering something different and delicious for every mealtime of your trip.

However, if you don’t have time to eat one of your meals at one of these restaurants, all food is available 24 hours a day. Snacks can be delivered to your stateroom or balcony whenever convenient for you.

Therefore, chefs draw inspiration from local ingredients, including fish fresh from our aquarium, when creating menus. To create dishes that are both exotic and familiar at once.

Great swimming and diving spots on Bella vita yacht

Swimming is a fun and relaxing way to enjoy your day on vacation. There are two pools on board, a hot tub, and even a waterslide. If swimming isn’t your thing, no worries.

Therefore, you can still enjoy some time in our poolside lounge chairs. Sail away from shore for an afternoon of snorkeling, or just lay out in the sun. You’ll be amazed at how much fun you can have on a luxury yacht. Don’t miss out!


The Bella Vita Yacht is a gorgeous yacht that offers you a luxury vacation around any of your chosen destinations. Whether you decide to go for a swim or take it all from above on one of their multiple decks, it will be hard to find a breathtaking view than what you can see from up here.

However, you’ll feel like royalty as you lounge in one of their comfortable sun chairs with your glass of champagne.

While gazing at sailboats miles away, vibrant tropical colors flashed between them. The Bella Vita Yacht is truly something to remember.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns the Bella Vita yacht?

The yacht is owned by a young entrepreneur, Jack Stewart. Stewart made his fortune in Texas oil. After some successful investments, he moved to Florida to raise his family on one of Boca Raton’s finest private islands. However, he saw an opportunity to create a unique way for tourists. He was visiting his home state to travel between Ft. Lauderdale and Miami Beach. He started by refurbishing an old freight boat, which he promptly christened The Bella Vita Yacht. Therefore, his boat now has eight suites that feature stunning ocean views from glass walls—flat-screen TVs with Blu-ray players and today’s high-tech gadgetry.

How big is the Bella Vita yacht?

At 231 feet, The Bella Vita Yacht is a relatively small yacht by superyacht standards. For example, Roman Abramovich’s Eclipse (the largest ship in existence) is over 730 feet and can accommodate a crew of 70. The most significant advantage of renting something smaller (i.e., much more affordable) is that it’s easier to maneuver and has fewer passengers. Therefore needs fewer crew members. And for those of us who want to bring our families along for an unforgettable adventure. That means it’ll be cheaper and safer too.

How to book for Bella vita yacht?

You can book a charter or private tour through their website linked below. You’ll have to select from various options like # of people, day/time, dates, and location. Once all that’s decided, your trip will be confirmed and paid for through credit card checkout. However, the site will also walk you through some trip insurance options as well as ways to pay for additional items like beverages. Payment methods include American Express, MasterCard, and Visa.

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