A Step by Step Guide for Buying a Second-Hand Car

Second-Hand Car

Many users search for the used cars to save money but are also worried about its working conditions.


If you are confused in selecting a suitable used car in your budget, refer the below-mentioned step by step guide for buying a second-hand car in good condition.

Step 1: Decide what kind of car you need

Before heading to purchase a second-hand car, it is important to select what kind of car you are looking for.

Either it is a hatchback, sedan, retro model, or a loaded truck. Every type of vehicle has different features and qualities. So, it is important to examine what exactly are you searching for a used car.

Another point if consideration is that one should also specify the add-on features in the car. Features increase the value of the car like leather settings, alloy wheels, stereo system etc.

So, if you are more in saving money, try to stay away from these features which promote high price.

Step 2: Go for a deep research of the model and make you are considering

On selecting the model of the car, it is important to know more about the vehicle. Search for its reviews on different online portals, car magazines and even consult your friends who own that model.

This will give you a fair idea about the model you have selected will economic, driver friendly and easy in handling.

Step 3: Decide where to buy the car

There are various platforms for buying the second-hand car. It is better to review every single platform which gives you a rough idea of the price and you can check different vehicles of the same model.

-Online resources: There are a number of sites which sell used cars. Some are direct vendors and most act as a middleman. Try to select those who are certified second-hand car dealers.

-Second-hand car Stores: It is one of the best option to buy a second-hand car. Most of the stores are certified dealers and offer you a huge variety of vehicles.

But most of them demand a higher price, so always try to compensate the rate prior to making a final deal.

-Private owners: There is nothing good to buy the car of your choice from its direct owner. You can search for the direct owners on various online car deal websites or classified ads on newspaper.

This ensures you more in getting the car at less rate than the market, but it also becomes important to check the condition of the car.

Step 4: Check the vehicle history report

Before purchasing the second-hand car from any of the above options, it is vital to check the vehicle history report.

This report provides the information regarding the original owner of the vehicle, accidental history, services or any other records of major damages.

The value of the car highly depends upon its vehicular history report.

Step 5: Confirm its true market value

Most of the buyers often face the problem in knowing the exact price of the used vehicle. Different dealers offer different prices. It also depends upon the vehicular condition and the year of manufacturing.

For assistance, there are various online platforms which help in specifying the cars exact price. This way the customer gets to know the approx. price of the selected car model.

Step 6: Converse with the seller

Before purchasing the car to save time to converse with the car owner. This probing will help you in judging the exact car value, its performance, and other parameters. Also, one can get lucky enough when the owner is in need of money and he is willing to sell the car at a lower price.

Step 7: Go for a test ride

Never purchase a car without taking a test ride. Go for at least 5 km ride to check the vehicle’s performance.

It will give you the exact idea of how the vehicle is running and where are the problematic areas.

Step 8: Inspect the car

After you are done with the test drive, inspect every single visible part of the vehicle. To make it clearer, check out the points mentioned below.

-Interiors: The interiors of the car include a dashboard, seat cover leather, knobs, neck rest etc. Cleanliness is important, and it shows that the vehicle was in good hands before.

-Exteriors: Exteriors include body parts, exterior paint, headlights, backlights, fog light, wipers, water jet, glasses, side mirrors, indicators etc.

-Engine: While purchasing a second-hand car, it is important to check the underbody parts of the vehicle. An engine is a powerhouse, and if it is in a problem, the vehicle will not perform well.

If you are aware of the engine working, have a self-check. But it is advisable to get it checked by the mechanic. This ensures its working condition and the life left of the vehicle.

-Tires: Most of the people must be unaware but tires are one of the most expensive commodities in every vehicle. If they are not in a good condition, then it is important to get them replaced for a smoother drive. Also, you can take advantage of lowering the price of the car in this manner.

-Suspension: You can’t enjoy a smooth ride without a proper suspension of the vehicle. If there is an issue with the suspension, ask the owner to get it repaired or replaced before purchasing.

-Service record: The service records of your vehicle clearly explain the working condition of the vehicle. If all the records are maintained, it implies that the car is good to purchase and has been serviced on regular basis.

Step 9: Professional Inspection

Always try to take a professional person with you, who has a good knowledge of cars. It can be even more helpful if he carries a set of tools to take a quick inspection of some of the critical car parts.

Step 10: Price Negotiation

After you made all the inspections, try to set the minimum rate of the vehicle but it should be near the market price of the vehicle. Negotiation helps you in saving a good amount before the deal is done.

In conclusion, purchasing the used car is not that difficult at all. But it is important to check further points like its performance, condition, mileage, paperwork, vehicle history before you buy a second-hand car. Do consider the above steps if you are heading to purchase a used car.

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Mason Reynolds is professionally a trader and a part time blogger. He is working for Everise Auto which lets you sell or buy used cars online. He has more than 7 years of experience in Exporting used Car & cars Parts in Singapore and over the world.

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