8 Best iPhone Apps for Golfers

8 Best iPhone Apps for Golfers

Nowadays, almost all Apple iPhones have their own built-in GPS tracking devices.


Several golf GPS apps are available today if you own or are considering purchasing an iPhone.

Most provide a free version with limited functionality and a paid one with additional capabilities.

Naturally, not every golf app is worthwhile to download. Some of them have numerous problems or weren’t adequately designed at all.

But to bring you this list of the Best iPhone Apps for golfers, we researched and eliminated all the duds.

1. SwingU Golf GPS App

With over 6,000,000 users, SwingU is one of the best iPhone Apps for golfers. It is also undoubtedly the most used golf GPS software for the iPhone.

Although SwingU asserts that the app is compatible with every course worldwide, the database contains more than 34,000 courses.

SwingU’s four primary purposes are as follows:

  • GPS: obtain precise distances to each hazard and the green.
  • Scorecard: keeps track of your putts and score. Hole progression is automated.
  • Statistics: these include the number of putts made per hole, driving accuracy, scoring accuracy, and birdies made.
  • Instruction: Top 100 instructors provide a daily golf instruction tip.

After recording scores for three rounds, you are eligible for a free handicap. In addition, there are games like Skins, Stableford, Nassau, and match play.

An AI-powered digital caddy and instruction platform is SwingU Premium (monthly or annual subscription). It has several powerful features, such as “Plays Like” yardages depending on variables like height, temperature, humidity, wind, and barometric pressure. 

Additionally, SwingU Versus records every aspect of your game and provides you with a customized analysis of strokes gained.

It also provides additional course yardage data and “zoom-in” lengths for greens. SwingU uses Google Maps as its engine. Your scorecards can be emailed to friends using this app.

Sadly, it doesn’t keep track of fairway hits, has a SwingU Golf GPS App, and no support for Apple Watch.

2. 18Birdies Golf GPS App

The iPhone golf GPS software 18Birdies has one of the highest customer satisfaction scores on the market. Free and premium versions are available, but the free version has many features and all the course information you could need to improve your game. 

A GPS, rangefinder, scorecard, and statistics tracking are all offered by 18Birdies. The user interface is attractive and simple to read. In addition, of course, you may obtain distances to hazards and the green’s front, center, and back. 

Even better, you may calculate the distance to any location along the course that interests you. The software uses Google Maps to deliver information for over 35,000 global courses, each of which has validated GPS readings for the highest level of accuracy. 

The free version also has the following extra features: 

  • Side games for keeping tabs on wagers with friends. 
  • Games like Skins, Wolf, Dots, Targets, Vegas, and Nassau are also available. 
  • Instantly book tee times for more than 6000 golf courses. 
  • Golf handicap tracking using scorecard information from the past. 
  • Monthly contests with a chance to win golf equipment, course trips, etc.

Weekly, monthly, or yearly subscriptions to 18Birdies’ premium version, which is optional, include features like improved GPS yardages that simulate actual plays and club suggestions for each shot depending on elevation, humidity, temperature, and other variables. 

The premium version also comes with the following extras: 

  • AI Coach: send in a video of your swing, and an AI-based swing analyzer will give you immediate feedback and pointers for improvement. 
  • More detailed statistics with extra charts and personal filters. 
  • More skilled strokes led to scoring.
  • A tee shot planner that shows the fairway’s safer side.
  • Tracking of shots and putts.
  • Accurate GPS distances to every hole’s flag location.

Other characteristics exist that we haven’Overallsed. OveraBut, overallirdies is one of the best iPhone apps for golfers, designed with a few distinctive features and has an excellent user rating.

3. Mobitee Golf GPS Rangefinder Scorecard

One of the most popular iPhone golf GPS apps is Mobitee. Both the iPhone and iPad have versions.

It is free and offers video flyovers for several holes and satellite and aerial views of each course. Golfers appreciate the interface’s simplicity and use. 

Some of the features it provides are as follows: 

  • Track your playing distances at each club. 
  • Keep score for as many as four players. Get net scores by setting a handicap. 
  • The separation between the target and the hole.
  • Find, list, and display on the map nearby courses. 
  • Rangefinder view with distances on-screen. These amazing features make it one of the best iPhone apps for golfers. 

4. GolfShot Golf GPS

Golfshot is frequently considered one of the best iPhone Apps for golfers, and there’s a good reason for it. There are countless positive reviews for it.

In addition, Golfshot is the only golf GPS app entirely compliant and compatible with the new World Handicap System, with more than five million users (WHS). 

The program has over 45,000 courses from around the world and provides distances to the front, center, and back of the green, as well as information on hazards and other targets.

Before beginning a round, you can also see a 3D flyover preview of each hole or a preview of the full 3D course. 

The free version of Golfshot also comes with the following features:

  • A scorecard for up to four golfers that is digital
  • The monitoring of metrics like putts per hole, fairways hit, and greens in regulation
  • Voiced hole information and automatic hole advancement
  • Tracking of handicap index
  • GolfNow’s discounted tee times
  • Siri’s capability to request comprehensive information

Golfshot has the wonderful feature of not requiring data to operate once downloaded. Excellent customer service will assist you if you have any problems.

5. Hole19

More of a GPS app for golf, Hole 19, You receive the required digital scorecard, distances to the front, back, and center of the green, and full-color course maps for more than 43,000 courses worldwide.

But the feature we enjoyed the most about this golf GPS app is that it will always inform you how far you are from the hole, unlike some golf GPS gadgets that don’t even do that. 

This app’s GPS, rangefinder, and discover course functions are all included in the free edition. The app’s enhanced reality modes, distance monitoring, suggested clubs, and more sophisticated shot analytics are all included in the subscription version. Without any doubt, it is the best iPhone apps for golfers.

The premium edition costs $7.49 monthly, $29.99 for six months, or $49.99 for a year. Its compatibility with Apple Watch is one of its advantages.

You may read evaluations of golf courses on it as well. So there is a sizable user base. But the most basic features are free and consume a lot of battery.

6. The Grint

Another one of the best iPhone Apps for golfers is The Grint. It is an all-in-one stats package that provides USGA-compliant handicaps for 37,000 international courses.

In addition, the Grint has a golf rangefinder feature and lets you keep track of your scores and round statistics. 

Both a free and a premium version of The Grint are available. You may use the golf rangefinder, keep track of your scores, view other players’ scores, and more with the free edition.

In addition, you can access features like sophisticated performance analysis, scorecard transcription (take a picture of your scorecard, and the app will do the transcription and data storage for you), and USGA handicap indexes with the paid subscription.

The Grint is available in two paid variants. The annual cost of the Handicap Membership is $19.99, while the annual cost of the Pro Membership is $39.99. 

The advantages include its rangefinder feature and its great free features. Also, it has USGA certification. Cons include the pricey top-tier subscription and the difficulty setting individual handicaps.

7. Golf Logix

Golf Logix is best if you seek a highly precise golf GPS app. We discovered that Golf Logix was the most precise regarding the distance to the hole and hazards.

The Golf Logix app also has a unique function that allows you to see the green breaks, making it quite useful for approaches and putts. This makes it one of the best iPhone Apps for golfers. 

All of these capabilities are available during your Golf Logix free trial time. After that, to continue using these features, you must pay $9.99 per month or $49.99 annually. A scorecard tool is one of its features. 

Pitch and putt tracking is included, along with a target layup option. However, after the trial period has expired, none of the features are free. In addition, some functionalities require Apple Watch.

8. Zepp Golf

These last best iPhone Apps for golfers on our list enable you to capture your swing and emphasize it as you see fit using a sketching tool.

After that, you can transmit the video to the Smart Coach Training System or other Zepp golf users for general advice.

Your swing will automatically receive feedback from the Smart Coach Training System. You will also gain access to training resources created by prominent professionals through the Zepp app. 

The automated training feedback is easy to understand and offers suggested training videos, infographics, and in-depth data.

They gave this software a lot of effort and consideration. Some benefits include accurate and prompt feedback for swinging issues, swing analyses in 3D, and a digital scorecard. 

However, it takes up quite a bit of storage room. The Apple Watch also has some sensor difficulties (it keeps tracking when the session is over).


Golf GPS apps often run faster and more consistently on iPhones because they typically have faster processors and provide other advantages over Android phones.

This is why the ideal piece of equipment for any golfer to have in their toolbox is the most recent iPhone, a good golf GPS app, and perhaps an Apple Watch. 

The eight best iPhone Apps for golfers listed above have the technology that is redefining the game of golf by providing features like high-fidelity overhead maps, real-time leaderboards, shot tracking, and analytics, which makes it simpler for golfers to hone and improve their game. 

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